The weather, in Bedford, has been spectacular this week.

This very, very, very, long week.

I’m letting the photos speak for themselves.



*Not sorry.

2 Comments on Foto Finish Friday (Sorry*)

  1. #FFFF Fabulous Foto Finish Friday! We all know what is creeping in over the next couple weeks so best to relish all the spectacular sunsets. In O-town it has been a gorgeous week and I’ve been happily biking to work…don’t know how long Mother Nature will be cooperating w/ me and my “velo-commute” but I enjoy it every single morning and evening. Happy weekend!

    • Hee hee! It had to be done. I was a little bit sorry as it seems to short to post pictures, but look for preeetty! 😀

      Exactly, we are trying to take advantage of September’s beautiful offerings because they are fleeting!

      I think it is so inspiring that you bike back and forth to work. That is no teeny commute!

      Happy weekend to you, my friend. I wish I could teleport you here to NS. The weather has been stellar!

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