After approximately 87,000* Facebook messages we** managed to go out to dinner and as expected it was fabulous!

I could go on and on about my friends and my night out, but you would have no point of reference, so I thought I would keep it extremely succinct.

We grew up (okay, okay, we were in our 20s and some of us were married already. Whatever!) at a time when coffee shops were novel and everyone wanted a shebob just like Rachel’s, so sometimes we reference these things.

Tonight our conversations were all over the place. Have you ever overheard four friends who are also mothers having a conversation across a table? It’s quite remarkable, really. We zig. We zag. We share insight. We reminisce. We listen. We lament. We give advice. We offer support. We celebrate successes. We feel comfortable sharing stories – loudly. 

What I am saying is you wouldn’t have over heard us. You simply would have heard us!

We also have a knack for witty remarks and pop culture references and that leads me to Friends.

At one point (and completely apropos of nothing) a conversation about crows turned into a conversation about birds that mate for life which then led to – wait for it – lobsters!

Because LOGICAL!



*Slight exaggeration.

**Four friends from high school – which was a lifetime ago – getting together once a month to vent, dish, and laugh. So much laughing!



6 Comments on The One Where There Is A Friends Reference

  1. I *had* a haircut just like Rachel, circa 1995 I guess. It took a long time to grow out! I also used to put it in a French roll just like she did in the show. And wear super short skirts with t-shirts. In other words, my style was Rachel all the way.

    • I *love* it! LOVE! I wish I had it all on DVD. It’s in reruns on TV somewhere, but that’s not the same as watching the entire thing from first to last, is it? Thank you for reading and commenting, by the way. I have no idea why I didn’t see it before now. I appreciate your taking the time to engage. 🙂

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