I have an uncanny ability to recognize faces.

It’s true.

I do.

I could give you lots of examples.

From being in a new city and spotting the one person from my hometown, to making a quick connection with a complete stranger while waiting in a line that makes him laugh which then imprints his face on my brain, to obscure actors (now made famous after a bazillion parts and cancelled TV shows, because of one popular American series – that I do not watch) who pop up in an old TV series on Netflix – such as Poirot. 

You remember Poirot, don’t you? Super.

Anyway. Where was I?

Oh, yeah! I know that guy!

Do you?

Just for fun, I’d love to see your best guesses** in the comments!


**I wish I could have captured an image from his first scene because now when I see this picture it is just so obvious. Oh well. 


4 Comments on I Know That Guy!

    • I love you. 🙂

      Remember “Life”?? It was so great and they cancelled it!

      His hair was very red in this episode of Poirot (which was called “Hickory Dickory Dock” and featured a mouse witnessing all the crimes).

      He looks just like him! 😀

      • I just ADORED Life. Watched every episode – it’s where I know Damian Lewis from. I wish they’d put that on Netflix – as well as other series that only lasted one or two seasons. I’m sure it’s more lucrative for them to put on TV shows that have 100s of episodes but I miss the little treasures that were cancelled too soon more than I miss things like Friends and The West Wing which ran in reruns forever.

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