It’s been a while since I had a really sticky mindworm and even longer since I shared one here, but I have one and – as is outlined in the manifesto – it must be shared.

Can you say catchy tune? I can and have been saying it about this song by The Strumbellas.

I love it.

I cannot stop singing it!

I’ve got songs in my head and they won’t go. Strumbellas in my head and they won’t go! So good! I am loving this band.



What do you think?

Do you like it? Do you know what it’s about? Does it matter?

Are you an I-must-know-the-exact-meaning-of-these-lyrics kind of person or an I-like-the-beat-I-wouldn’t-buy-it-but-I’d-definitely-borrow-it-from-a-friend kind of person?

Tell me about your current mindworms?


6 Comments on My Current Mindworm {A Semi-Regular Series} : Spirits (The Strumbellas)

  1. I love this song and have to agree it sticks in your head a good long time. For me, so does anything by Magic, must be because it has a kind of Reggae Tropical feel so fab for summer.

    • It’s a good one!

      I like the Reggae feel of Magic, too, but I have taken to saying, “Oh,listen! It’s *the* Magic song!” because they’re starting to sound awfully familiar. 😉 Still though, excellent summer tune-age.

    • We (Thing 2 and I) heard a super-censored version the other night where the word “guns” was simply replaced with the word “dreams”. It was very, very, strange. I am so glad I heard the original first.

      Thanks for popping by. 😀

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