Do you believe this? Are you the author of your life? Am the author of mine?

I love my sign. I really do. I want to believe what it tells me.

It hangs above my desk in the corner of our bedroom where I have tried to carve out a small space to call my own and in which I try to work.

Currently my desk is covered in piles. It is ridiculous. It is barely visible.

I guess it is time for me to end this chapter and decide how the new one begins.

Do you have anything motivational in your work space?

Is it working?

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    • Oh that’s awesome! I actually have something to add to your WW collection. Now that CP is *not* going on strike, I can pop it in the mail with confidence. (kinda sorta. There’s still that whole everything-I-mail-goes-to-Hong-King-first thing to maneuver, but whatever. Keep your eyes on the mail.

  1. May space is the dinningroom table which really doesn’t have a dinningroom to live in as it’s an eat-in kitchen/dinning room combo thing. I need more of a space really

  2. My work office doesn’t have too much inspiration around there…but every spare bookshelf and desktop is filled with piles of wonderful books, so that’s nice. I dream of one day when I have a “grown up space” with a home office (that isn’t just my laptop on the dining room table) and I’ll have ALL the typographic prints and poems on every wall. *sigh*

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