Have you heard this?

I love it!

I think the first time I heard it was this summer when we were embarking on a road trip and it set the tone for our whole vacation. Happy. Sassy. Lots of attitude, but ultimately another totally awesome feel good tune from Serena Ryder.


Also, I really love her hair in this video.

Now I want to get my hair all chopped off and dye it summer blonde. 


Good thing I didn’t share a Sinead O’Connor video.

What have you been listening to lately?

Full disclosure. I am currently listening to the final concert of Celtic Colours International Festival from beautiful Cape Breton Island and now all I can think of is home and how much I miss it. (You can listen to it for the next 24 hours, but then it will go poof.)

Quick! Tell me something good! 

What’s your favourite genre of music?



5 Comments on My Current Mindworm : {A Semi-Regular Series} Got Your Number (Serena Ryder)

    • I love ABBA, too. In fact, I think there’s a whole post in here that’s about ABBA in a round about way. 😀 If I find it I am tagging you in the Twitterverse. 😉

  1. The best gig I ever had was a 9-month stint as a radio show host in my hometown Middle Musquodoboit. As long as I met CanCon regulations (33% Canadian music) and kept it all PG I had complete creative control. Now, I love music; my Spotify library can play uninterrupted for 6 months without repeating itself. So the opportunity to play whatever I wanted was a dream come true.

    My favourite genre? Easy: Dixieland, or jazz, or….ah, maybe this isn’t so easy after all.

  2. What a great question- I love all music but lately I’ve been hitting the classical pretty hard. Something about the holiday season makes me want to cranky up Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and dance around the room 😉

    I can relate to Andrew’s Spotify obsession though- I love letting Spotify pick my songs for me based on my mood!!!

    • Goodness! I am just seeing this now. So sorry for the delay.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. 🙂

      I loved Songza. Songza got me. I refused to switch to Google Play and then I was rewarded with Apple Music which is currently giving me life. 😀

      I have generally been going in with something in mind though… I wonder if it can predict what I wish to hear…

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