The B word.

No. Not that one. The other one. The really, really, really, horrible one.

Yeah. That one. You guessed it.


None of us can escape it these days it seems and so I thought maybe instead of apologizing for it or for not blogging consistently I would swing by and post something off the cuff with zero apologies for people who don’t understand and with the confidence that most of you are in the same boat and will absolutely be able to relate.

Also, because we are all very busy, I have decided that a numbered list is the most efficient way to share what it is I want to say. A list is so much easier to digest, right? (I mean BuzzFeed is practically 100%  made up of listicles and BuzzFeed would never steer us wrong.)

So without further ado, I give you ~

25 Things I Have Been Busy Doing That Have Prevented Me From Blogging 

(I may need to work on the name of the list. Meh. I’ll worry about that later.)

  1. Being consumed by the news of the world.
  2. Worrying about blogging.
  3. Worrying about not blogging.
  4. Eating too many carbs.
  5. Worrying about eating too many carbs.
  6. Missing lunch dates with dear friends.
  7. Worrying about missing lunch dates with dear friends.
  8. Missing coffee dates with some of my favourite people.
  9. Trying to find time to organize coffee dates with some of my favourite people.
  10. Worrying about never having coffee dates with some of my favourite people ever again.
  11. Trying to build a business.
  12. Worrying about building a business.
  13. Wondering who the heck I think I am that I can build a business.
  14. Worrying about why I don’t think I have what it takes to build a business. I do. Shut up brain!
  15. Working online all the time. All. The. Time.
  16. Worrying about working online so much.
  17. Not exercising.
  18. Not eating well.
  19. Forgetting to take my iron.
  20. Worrying about why my iron is low.
  21. Being tired.
  22. See number 19. Derp.
  23. Over promising and under delivering.
  24. Worrying about letting *everybody* down *all* the time.
  25. Flipping rapidly back and forth between ALL THE FOMO and considering hermitage as a valid lifestyle.

I have limited my list to 25 things because I know you’re busy, too. Who has time to read 26 things?!? Slackers! That’s who! (I’m considerate like that.) This list could easily have 100 things.

I have one husband and two children. A lot of my busy is for them and/or because of them. I know I’m not the only one delivering the occasional lunch to school, but waiting for nearly 30 minutes for a kid to come and fetch it might be a uniquely me experience. (This week. Grr. I was so annoyed. Totally learned a new thing, though. Apparently, High School lets out at 12:30 for lunch. Mmhm. It’s nearly the end of November, you’d think maybe someone might have mentioned that by now, but you’d be wrong.)

Anyhoo …

Life, right?

So, before I can think myself out of hitting publish I’m going to hit publish.

How has your Fall been? Are you also suffering from the B word?

How are you handling the news of the world?

Do you have a surefire remedy for wanting/not wanting simultaneously to do ALL the things?

Feel free to mull those questions over (and to post answers in the comment section!) while enjoying one of my favourite busy day mindworms.

16 Comments on 25 Things I Have Been Busy Doing That Have Prevented Me From Blogging

  1. The L word is the problem. Lazy. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

    I would like to blame the weather. It’s been grey and damp. Good stay in bed weather.

    I would like to blame my husband, who hasn’t been sleeping. When he doesn’t sleep, I don’t sleep well.

    I would like to blame the stuff in my house. There’s so much stuff, that I don’t know where to start.

    But really, when you come down to it, it’s me. I’m just too lazy to do what I should, knowing that it will get undone as soon as it’s done.

    I’m unstoppable once I get started. I just can’t get started!

    (But the children are fed, they have clean clothes and are getting to school, and the many appointments we seem to have lately, so that should count for something!)

    • Honestly, I don’t for a single second believe the “L” word applies to you. I’ll just leave it at that.

      Here’s to a 2017 where we all get our stuff together and become the best versions of ourselves so we can oust the worst versions of humans ever. 😉

  2. Lola- the ‘B’ word can be a crutch for some folks….there’s an old friend of mine that uses the ‘…I am so busy…’ excuse all the time, which is hilarious as it eludes to them being the only ones that are busy. We all busy and I love how you embrace it and write out your thoughts so eloquently- even in the midst of being *BUSY*. And I love your friend’s comment- at the end of the day there is food, clean clothes and shelter- life is GREAT! Kisses from the nation’s capital!

    • I promise it isn’t a crutch, but I get what you are saying.

      NS BFF and I have a FF (forced fun) initiative and it is kind of a you have to say yes thing, but we also are true besties and get when one or the other just can’t even, kwim? 26 years later, It’s working out. 😉

      Besos, chica!

      Much love! <3

  3. Oh the B word! I am B too but I also need to get our of my own way. This weekend my hubbie and I watched BADMOMS! and he said to me did you learn anything? I’ve delegated some things .I also may have had a “Mama’s lost her shit” moment and everyone in this house jumped and did. I need to do that more.

    • This B word sometimes winds up making people feel like the other B word. Not good. Unfair. Not cool.

      Bad Moms! OH MAH GAH! So good!!! I saw it with a big bunch of Moms at a screening and I think I developed an (singular!) ab from laughing so hard. 😀

      Good for you! I never lose my sh*t. Never. Maybe I should give that a whirl. I am so bad at it.

      Oh well. Muddling through. 🙂

  4. I’ve missed your blog posts! But I totally get the business factor. And as for points 13 and 14 – how exciting! That’s awesome that you’re building a business! Of course you can do it. You’re amazing and smart and powerful and you can run the world! What’s your business anyways? Whatever it is, you can count on my support as your bloggy fan!

    • Thank you! (the fact that it has taken me this long to reply illustrates my issue, perfectly. No?)

      We are all busy. It’s true. Happy busy is best. Crazy busy? NSM!

      Taking control of my busy to focus on real life, real friends, and real change. It’s improving! 😀

      Biz? Just more of the here, there, and everywhere biz. 🙂 Got tweets?

      I appreciate your support and it really is always so nice to see your cheerful face.

  5. It’s hard to keep up sometimes with everything. At least you aren’t in charge of a parent council at the moment! That kept us very busy those years!

    • AMEN!! I really embraced my break from it and thank goodness because currently the one I’d be most likely to join drives me batty as a parent. 😉

  6. I understand this completely. Stress, busy, stress, sleep? Not very much of that last one. Here’s hoping we can both find time to get back to what we love!

    • Thank you. It is good to be understood. I want so badly to share happy, positive, cheerful, fun, and funny things and this is proving to be *quite* the challenge these days.

      I need to keep writing. I will. One of these days I will hush the annoying (and rather rude, I must say) doubtful voice in my brain and hit publish. 😉

      I appreciate your taking the time to swing by, read and comment. It’s like blogger oxygen. Amirite? 😀

  7. I just read this and it’s amazing how timely it is for me many months later. I spent the last two months buried in busy, and the newsfeed. This week I feel as if I have finally shaken it off…. Let’s see how long that lasts! Lol!

    • Aww, Puneeta. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. It gives me hope. Not only that I am not alone in my struggles, but also that maybe this little space in the Blogosphere is still worthy of my time and effort. So, from the bottom of my big, ever lovin’, bloggy heart, thank you!

      Onward we go!

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