It will come as a surprise to no one that I have been having a bit of trouble feeling motivated lately, but this morning I am feeling determined to be the one in control of my feelings – and some other stuff, too. Motivation has come home and, much like the prodigal son, I will embrace it and feed it and give it its old room back, and cherish it like never before in hopes that my appreciation for its return will have some big returns for me! Yay, motivation!

This is how I operate apparently, so I had better learn to live with it*, right?

I am not leaving this laptop without hitting publish. (Because motivation makes me make promises to myself and motivation also makes me keep those promises. Isn’t motivation rad, you guys?)

This will be an extremely short post, but I feel like I am in a rip-the-band-aid-off sit’i’ation and I just have to hit publish. This will hurt me more than it will hurt you. Believe me.

My point is, I have so much to say and so many ideas and they have just been stagnating, or being forgotten – because of course I won’t remember that great post idea if I don’t have a pen (mine!) and paper (also, mine!) to write it down in a way that will make sense to me at a later more convenient time! I am busy, distracted, worried for the world. Kids come with outside obligations that require my attention. I have to make dinner. I haven’t had coffee yet… You know? ALL the things that everyone faces pretty much every day and somehow manages to live with.

Yeah. When the normal stuff of life gets in the way of happy-go-lucky  I am not – wait for it – happy-go-lucky! I do not like that.

So I am fixing it little by little and right about now, just after I rip off this bandaid, I will have fixed it just a little bit more. 

Thank you for your patience and sense of humour. 

I am happy you stuck around.

My tens of readers are actually extremely important to me. I appreciate you.

So, while I work out the rest of my day, this week, this month, an editorial calendar that will bring me back here more often, and my entire life going forward**, I will leave you with this beautiful motivational quote.

You can tell it is inspirational*** because it is a nature photo and there are words on it.

That’s all it takes, right? 😉 

How are you holding up? No really. I’m asking. How’s your motivation these days? I know I am not the only one who feels the way I do. 

What do you do every day, week or month to keep your motivation revved up? What do you do to spark it if ever it drops?




You should know that Thing 2 just walked in my room *juuuust as I started that second sentence with pen (mine!) and paper (math test) saying, “Sign.”. I replied, “You’re interrupting me.” and explained further, “If you enter my room and see me very obviously trying to do something with this (points to face) look on my face, please do not make demands. Leave your things for now and I’ll sign them momentarily, but going forward this is not ok.”

So, I’d like my adulting sticker and a gold star, now, please and thank you.

**No pressure.

***Source: Deviant Art.****

****Full disclosure! Inspiration for this inspiration: A silly, yet completely honest, conversation on Saturday with a dear friend wherein I succinctly ahem nailed my annoyance with certain habits of certain online presences. 

16 Comments on Motivation Monday {Silly Saves Me Edition}

    • Exactly. Not cool. I feel so torn. I feel rude if I don’t engage immediately, but how many times am I shushed or told “I’m working.”? Too many to count. I am working on my boundaries and today I figured out not one, but two biggies! One: Speak up now not later. Two: Get the heck out of the house. Magical!


    Also, motivation is such a toughie. Sometimes I have plenty of ideas and maybe even motivation, but then all that other STUFF gets in the way. I need a motivation bulldozer to just cram it all out of the way.

    I’m glad to see a new post. You’ve been missed!

    • Thank you! I will treasure it forever! 😀

      It is such a toughie. I need a simple, yet pretty, functional, and portable notebook. I have a Happy Planner, but it is cumbersome and though I love it, I am not really using it to its full potential. I like the *idea* of it. Funny, their thing is “me and my big ideas”. Ha!

      Like, you can invest some serious energy into all the planning and planners and planning paraphernalia. Two things: 1) ain’t nobody got time for that 2) how much money are we investing into a dated thing that lists dentist appointments right along side conferences and PD?

      I mean, really?!?

      I need a PA. Remember on Seinfeld? Was it Seinfeld? Kramer hired an assistant. So funny!

      Thank you for reading and commenting and always encouraging.

  2. Motivation is tricky – it usually hangs out with inspiration but sometimes they split up and you get one without the other which is really not very helpful. 😀 Keep at it: writing usually begets writing.

    • This is so very true! My motivation and inspiration were not on speaking terms. They were on a break, Jenn. You know how well that goes!

      You are absolutely right, btw. I have been writing and writing (see terrifying draft commentary), but I haven’t been publishing and publishing.

      Than you for reading! <3

  3. YAY for you and for motivation (such a fickle thing…) and for ripping off bandaids. (Not for the ow, but because things are so much better after.)
    Motivation is a, shall we say, sporadic thing for me lately. But I will not despair and will instead take inspiration from you and this post.
    So happy to “see” you today.

    • Thank you! (and is it ever!) Band-Aid ripper-offer is going on my resumé. (my poor resumé) The groove will be back to stay soon enough. I prefer a slow burn, I have decided. Hope and inspiration are so much better than despair and I am so touched that you’d take anything close to them from anything I would do. Thank you. You are so kind, Kim.

  4. I too have been having trouble blogging! I think part of it is that the bloggy world is slowly changing. Readers drift away, styles change and life is just so darn busy! But since I’m so happy with every person who stops to say Hello. I thought I’d wave Hi! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    • First of all, I absolutely love your blog. I read it so often. You are right. It is changing. The motivation to write is here, but to share *anything* takes a special push. The why matters, too. Sometimes, I feel like I should just keep talking to myself because often that is what this feels like. But! Then lovely people come by and talk back and I am reminded that we are all in this together in way more ways than one. Hello! *waves back* Happy *almost* Friday! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. It really does mean a lot to me.

  5. I love this so much. My motivation as of late (to do ANYTHING really), has been in the shitter. And I don’t know how to get it back. Or to at least pretend like I have it enough to function fully through out the day… The every day is taking its toll and I just want to stay in bed and sleep – ALL THE TIME. Maybe I need a nature photo with a motivational quote to get me jump started?

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