Well, hello there!

Are you still here? 


You are a really kind person.

Thank you for that.

I sincerely appreciate your presence.


Obviously, I have been absent from this space for quite some time, but you know what? I miss it. I miss you. I miss this space. I miss being able to simply pop in and say hello, share a part of my day, ask how you’ve been, and wait in quiet contemplation and anticipation for any sign of life.

So thank you for all the times you have swung by.

I am eternally grateful for your silent support. I am also grateful for your LOUD support.

I’m not picky.

Fire: bad. Bread: bad. Support: good. 


So maybe I needed a sign.

Maybe I needed to seek one.

Maybe the sign I was looking for was so blatantly obvious that I couldn’t see it. 

Sometimes we see what we want and it seems so far away when what we need is sitting right in front of us.

It’s like lusting after a pair of Louboutin’s when what you really long for is a wicked cozy pair of fuzzy slippers. 

One might make people go “Wow!”, but will it make you go “Wow!”? No. No it won’t. Well, I suppose I can only speak for myself, but one of those would make me go “Oww!” not “Wow!” and is simply not my style, so why bother? I can’t afford the shoes or to waste a single second of my very limited and precious time on this planet trying to make someone else go “Wow!”. Can you? 

Allow me. 

No. No you can’t.

So …


All this to say, thank you for reading.

I hope you continue to stick around.

I have vowed to post every day in November with the hopes of getting my groove back and forming a new and improved writing habit.


My sign?

November is National Blog Posting Month. (This is where, if we were cartoons, an anvil – or perhaps an old timey typewriter – would fall on my head.) 


That – in conjunction with a few other doozies from the Universe – is most definitely a sign.


Do you believe in signs? Does the Universe speak to you? 

Feel free to tell me a ‘signs from the Universe’ story in the comments. You know I’ll be replying because the Universe told me I have to be here every day in November. It’d be awesome to have something to do. 😉 




Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

20 Comments on Signs

  1. Signs are everywhere but I find that there is a whole lot of ‘noise’ out there that makes it tough for us to sit back and see things. The funniest thing for me is that I see the signs for my kids, my friends, family a whole lot more clearer than myself. Maybe it’s ‘a sign’ that I my near sightedness issues are showing!

    Keep on tapping on to the mike my dear, because your audience is out there…..as for the fuzzy slippers- mine have orthotics in them!

    Happy FAKE FRIDAY!!!!!

    • Oh my goodness! Yes. I know just what you mean. I think, maybe, the Moms spend a fair amount of their “me” time taking care of everyone else. This finely tunes our signs radar. I swear it! We need to look inward and find our cosmic fuzzy slippers. 😀

      Thank you so much for your kind words and steadfast encouragement. It means so much. I truly wish I could snap my fingers and visit!

      W00t! Fake Friday rocks!! Happy Fake Friday, to you!

    • YES!!! YAY!! Oh, thank you for saying that, Mel. Yes. It *is* a sign. <3 I hope you do. We need to write from our hearts and funny bones. I still can't rave about smelly cleaning products for money. I just can't. BUT! I can write and I can share the good. You can too! I hope you do! 😀

      I'm excited now and so happy I hit publish.

  2. When I was in Barrie with my BFF for our annual fall week-end together, we were at the ATM and I was talking again about waffling over getting a dog. This lovely older woman at the next machine started laughing and told me that she’d done the same thing and then got one and it was the best decision after. Zarah said “well, there’s your sign”. Then we got a dog, and it was awesome. That’s the most vivid example I can remember.

    I stopped blogging over the summer too, and I missed it horribly. I still can’t figure out the best way to do it, and I’m not sure this is it either, but it’s a hell of a lot better than not doing it at all. The truth is, this is my way of writing, other than emails (my emails are brilliant, admittedly, if I do say so myself), so blogging might be dead, but here I am.

    • That is one heck of an example! Aww. Amazing!

      I seem to get blocked too quickly. News of the world. A lack of confidence. Disappearing days because of life and family and kids. (NOT excuses. I love all three! Just true.)

      I think what I really need is an official encourager and a bit of a better routine.

      Blogging is not dead. I can’t let it go. Maybe that’s my issue. Hmm.

      I am just going to do what I can – better and more often – and hope for the best.

      Thank you for reading. That actually means a lot to me.

  3. Yay! More Peady. And yes, I believe in signs BIG TIME. I’m always looking for them. And sometimes when I’m not even looking, especially then, there they are. This post, your post right here, is a sign. A sign that I need to post more often because like you, I love to write. So I’ll take this as a sign for me to click the keys and make more words this month. Thanks for that. xoxo

    • Aww. You are too kind! 😀

      I actually think of you often when I see butterflies. It’s funny how the Universe keeps us connected, isn’t it?

      And yes!! More – and more regular – posting is requited.

      I need to catch up and I am bound and determined to do just that! I have a long weekend and a newfound appreciation for the all powerful and grossly named “brain dump”. (Seriously. Ew. Am I right?)

      OnwOrd we go! 😉

      Love you lady!

    • I do, too. There’s a reason he was on my mind. I think I actually dreamed about him. In addition to the stuff I told you.

      Random. Highly unusual. And yet … there you have it.

      Sending you lots of love.

  4. Hi hi! I’m here, but late #asusual. And giving you huge (not yuge) squishy hugs. Life is all about the fuzzy slippers, my darling Peads. Too bad the dog made off with one of them. Maybe this is a sign it’s around here somewhere waiting for me to find it? oxo

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