The LEGO Movie: A Mini {fig} Review

O-M-G-O-S-H! Go see “The LEGO Movie” as soon as you possibly can!

Seriously. It was BRICKTASTIC!

I wanted to spill all the details last Saturday (February 1st), which is when I got to see an advanced screening at Cineplex (on my Birthday, no less!) with my family, courtesy of a local radio station, a few sponsors AND our favourite local toy store, Brain Candy Toys, where I WON the tickets!

There is no joy like seeing a movie on a Saturday morning with your favourite people on your birthday! Popcorn for breakfast? Come on!! I was ecstatic.

We had BIG expectations and they were not only met, but exceeded. ALL your favourite Mini Figs were in there somewhere. (Assuming you have favourites. I mean, you have favourites, right? If not, we need to discuss this further, later though, I’m kind of in the middle of something here!) It was the perfect mix of “kid” movie and “retro” for the parents or adults who still just really love LEGO. I am not judging! I LOVE LEGO!

The actors who voiced the characters were perfection.  Yesterday on the radio one of the announcers was talking about it and she said “All the Wills are in there!”.  I had to laugh because she’s right. The LEGO Movie has three excellent Wills – Farrell, Forte & Arnet. Seriously. Perfection. There are a lot of familiar voices you will likely recognize, like Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother), Chris Pratt (Parks & Rec) and possibly my fav character 1980-Something Spaceman enthusiastically voiced by Charlie Day. Not to mention Morgan Freeman, who is perfectly cast as the “ancient and heroic wizard” Vitruvius.

This is what my LEGO dudes had to say:







Now LEGO of your smartphone or computer and go see “The LEGO Movie”. Today, even. I’m so confident that you will enjoy it – I *might* be willing to bet my Angry Scot on it! Och!

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33 thoughts on “The LEGO Movie: A Mini {fig} Review

  1. So you’re saying this is something I may want to take my grandkids too? Love love love reading your blogs! Thanks for taking the time to share your brain with us!

  2. So excited to see this!!!! Thanks for the review. Have you seen the Lego sets yet for the movie. Lots of neat things.

    • You are welcome! I think you will really like it a lot. I just saw a set on Saturday on Twitter, when a very nice Mom took her kiddos to see the movie and her son used his *own* money to buy a set afterwards. How awesome is that?

  3. Ha. Awesome review. Glad you got to watch it on your birthday. I was kind of excited about it (Dan didn’t really seem super enthused) so I wanted to take Cameron to see it, but then he and Dan were invited to see it with another Dad-son combo yesterday, so they went and LOVED IT. Cameron raved about it! I’m so glad it was awesome!

    • Oh! You have to go see it! I promise you it’s for *everyone*! I am extremely fond of my Angry Scot and would never offer him as sacrifice if I *actually* thought I’d have to give him away! My bet is that The LEGO Movie is a sure thing!

  4. Love the review with a capped ‘L’!! Addition of the mini figs just the icing on the cake. Can’t wait to see the movie with my mini figure!!

    • We are coveting the sets and Mini figs! They are really great! I’m happy Easter is still yet to come! Here’s ‘hopping’ the Bunny* is a LEGO fan. What am I saying? Of *course* the Bunny is a fan! Everyone loves LEGO! 😉

      *we have a LEGO dude wearing a bunny suit holding a carrot

    • Thank you! We were so excited to see an advanced screening. I had to be quiet for a whole week! (No spoilers from me!) Inconceivable! 😉 I hope your LO loves it. Honestly, the grown ups loved it as much as the Things ’round here.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it very much!:D

    • Thanks! Thing 2 and I resurrected a whole bunch more today. We seem to have a growing collection of heads. 😉

      The movie was excellent! I’d go again right now – in my jammies! 😀

      Thank you for reading and commenting! It means so much.

    • Absolutely! Also, Idena Menzel will be singing during the Oscars because some of the music was nominated for an Academy Award! She’s amazing! I should totally blog about our “Frozen” experience and inspiration ’round here! 😉

    • Hee hee! maybe when it comes out on Blu-Ray or if we get to go to the “sing-along” version in the theatres!

      *hint hint*

      *psst* Are you there, Disney? It’s me, Laureen. And I want to go sing along to “Frozen” with her family!

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