Friday Family Fun Night: Olympic Pizza Edition

We have a tradition at Chez Peady. To be truthful, we have many, but Friday Family Fun Night has been a part of our family, practically since we became a family.

It may have started with a frazzled, hormonally charged “I am a failure as a mother and therefore as a human being!”, but I assure you it has evolved into a lovely family tradition over the years.

Friday Family Fun Night can be anything that works for your family at the end of a busy week. We have, on occasion, even moved FFFN to Saturday to assure a more relaxed experience. I know we can’t be the only set of parents, come Friday, who would really just prefer to crawl into bed and zonk out until the light of day. We are not alone, right? RIGHT?! I didn’t think so.

We tend to change up our FFFN activities on a regular basis so that it doesn’t just start to feel like yet another obligatory “scheduled something” that we have to do. That being said there is one component that seems to have rooted itself deeply into our Friday night plans. Can you guess what it is? No. Guess again! No. Guess again! It’s PIZZA!

(You really should have gotten that sooner. I mean it’s right there in the title of this post. We have to work on your reading detective skills.)

Pizza always plays a part and on a Friday night there is NOTHING easier or more appreciated than a delicious, cheesy pizza. Wait. When you are a kid, there kind of is – it’s making your very own pizza! The Things are pretty creative and over the years we have had a myriad of pizza themes and shapes. From faces to animals to the Death Star and many things in between.

I know that, traditionally, today is a day for hearts, but that would have been cliché and besides with all the Olympic *love* we are seeing and hearing about, tonight’s theme was obvious. We would make an Olympic themed pie. Specifically, we would make the Olympic Flag. And we did!

It was easy and delicious, as usual, but it also fit in perfectly with our Canadian pride (Go, Canada, Go!) and like other MYO Pizza nights the activity is built right into making the meal. How fun is that? I think it’s great because no one is ever waiting around for dinner. They are actively taking part in the preparation, learning new things, making decisions, talking to each other, laughing and having fun. (Speaking of activity, while the pizza was cooking there was a pretty heated game of “Horse” happening between Daddy-O and the Things. I highly recommend those over-the-door basketball hoops.)

This time we really had to think about what kinds of toppings we could use to make those iconic Olympic Rings. We needed blue, black, red, yellow and green. Some toppings popped immediately into our minds. Green peppers and tomatoes seemed obvious choices for green and red.  Three out of four diners enjoy green peppers and tomatoes on their pizza, too, so that was a done deal. It took only a second more to come up with pineapple, which everyone enjoys, for yellow. Great! Thing 1 then had a “Eureka!” moment and shouted “Black Beans are black!”. Terrific! Now blue. Blue was tricky. There was a rather lengthy discussion about which would be more disgusting on pizza: blueberries or blue cheese. Blue cheese won the prize for grossest topping because “it has mold!” and then there was further discussion about the fact that all cheese has mold, but some molds are more scrumptious than others. (Thing debates are the best! I should really record one one of these days.) In the end, blueberries won their place in Olympic pizza history!

We think it turned out great. What do you think?


Green peppers, pineapple, tomatoes, black beans, blueberries. Yummy!

Black beans

Thing 1 started with the black ring in the centre, so it would all be even. Logical! (Black beans are *actually* just really dark brown.)


Thing 2 added the blueberry ring and ate a LOT of blueberries in the process.


Almost done! What do you think? Doesn’t this look delicious?

Flag pie

Ta daa! An Olympic pizza.


Thing 1 approves of his blueberries and black beans.

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

34 thoughts on “Friday Family Fun Night: Olympic Pizza Edition

  1. Homemade pizzas are the best! I thought the Olympic pizza was very creative and tasty. Now, I’m hungry all over again. Thanks for making our Valentine’s Day special and uniquely us. I love you very much! :-*

    • They really are! So many different and creative ways to make a pizza! You know better than anyone that it can be as simple (or complex :>) as you like!

      That was a fun Valentine’s Day! You are welcome. I love you, too! *mwah*

    • Thank you! It was really fun! The Things thought about those topping choices all week! There was lots of learning that came from this simple supper. It was delicious, too, by the way. Can *you* think of another blue food?

    • Thank you! 😀 I have my moments. Thanks, again! I tried to get a few good shots! The apple slicer made the perfect ring size! I love it when a kitchen gadget is a multitasking marvel!

  2. Was it Tomato sauce? blue? Blue Potatoes? deep fried potato skins? hmmm Blue cabbage? oh wiat that’s red. Blue berries I’ll have ot igve that a shot. Fruit for the win! Blue Shark candy? just saying… :p

  3. Awesome! What a great way to work fun and learning all into one. And a great chance to talk about food, likes dislikes etc. WTG !

    • It was a great night! The blueberries were interesting, I’d say. Tart and tasty when hot. Not as attractive or tasty the next day, but still good. In the interest of a fun theme we went for it! Thank you for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it.

    • Hee Hee! Thanks! I’ll take it! 😀

      Sometimes we order in or use frozen, but when I make it I know exactly what’s in there, so more often than not we go for homemade. This one was pretty fun! You should totally try it! If you think of another blue food, please share! (Not candy!)

    • Thanks! Oooh! Olives could have worked for the black ring. Next time, maybe. They were great the night of. Not as pretty or tasty the next day. But still good. If you enjoy berries in your salad, you’ll enjoy them on pizza! 😉

      Can *you* think of a blue food?

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  5. Love Pizza and love the Olympic theme! We have Sunday morning pancakes which we are going to have tomorrow (Saturday). We’re going to make it Olympic themed too by making the pancakes round! We like to be original.

    So happy that I found your blog. LOVE interacting with you on Twitter.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

    • Hey! Thank you for swinging by and for commenting. That means a lot to me! 😀

      Yes. Yes. We have pretty much been non-stop sideline Olympians for the past two weeks. We have experienced highs and lows and been on an Olympic sized emotional roller coaster. How on Earth do the parents of Olympians do it?!

      Meanwhile, round *totally* works. Slip five of those babies on a plate and by the power of Zeus you’ve got yourself some Olympic breakfast fit for Hercules, himself!

      Besos! (Spanish kisses are the best!)

    • It was so fun! It was also delicious! Usually we are not so heavy handed with the sprinkling of the mozzarella, but the flag required it. It was a tasty, tasty *need*. 😀

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