Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! (Part Deux: Cupcakes!)

You already know we love celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, and do so every year, but this year in addition to our dinner of Green Eggs and Ham I decided to bake some cupcakes for dessert and let Thing 1 & Thing 2 decorate them in the style of Thing 1 & Thing 2. I mean, how else would Thing 1 & Thing 2 decorate anything other than in the style of Thing 1 & Thing 2? It’d be impossible! That being said, allow me to clarify. *MY* Thing 1 and Thing 2 decorated the cupcakes in a way that would pay homage to the very famous Thing 1 & Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat“. Clear as mud!

It was totally on the fly and I used a cupcake mix and canned frosting – yeah I did – and you know what? They were awesome! The kiddos loved them, loved decorating them and thought they were scrumptious!

I had never used Duncan Hines Frosting Creations, before, but I read a cautionary tale about the product over on Curtains are Open and took it as a challenge. This tells you so much about me. Really it does.

I knew there was a blue flavour (Yes. Blue is a flavour. Usually “blue raspberry”, which is just weird, but I digress…) and was so excited to read that it was *not* raspberry, but rather cotton candy. Sold!


I followed the instructions and the flavour packet actually mixed in very well (using a butter knife – fancy!), but it lacked a certain over-the-top blueness that I felt was required to properly convey the idea of a “Thing”, so I added extra royal blue food colouring and it turned out just right. Then I handed the cupcakes and frosting over to Thing 1 & Thing 2 and armed them with butter knives and this is the end result.

Blue frosting

Frosting with “cotton candy” flavour + a royal blue boost.


See the spiky and twirly hair? All done with a butter knife!


I’m not going to lie. I wanted to run away with this one!


Here is the finished product. What do you think?

Last one

This one is my favourite. I was so pleased with how this little impromptu dessert turned out!

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21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! (Part Deux: Cupcakes!)

    • The flavour was actually excellent. Not too intense, but definitely tasted “right”. I use Wilton “gel” food colouring in my kitchen, so I can always get a good intense and true colour. The frosting itself is very bright white and mostly flavourless, so I can imagine all the flavours working. Theoretically, you could combine flavours like “strawberry” and “chocolate” to come up with fun new flavours. I’m happy we tried it!

  1. Awesome! I haven’t seen Cotton Candy flavor, not that I look for it. I rarely make cake but I may just have to look for this, grandkids would love it.! Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes! They have about 8 different flavours that I’ve seen, but it depends on the little display in store. Usually, we make our own frosting (it’s not difficult), but this just spoke to me – especially after “Curtains are Open”‘s little “frosted tips” incident! Ha! I also used Red Velvet cupcake mix, which just made sense to me. 😀

    • I am sorry, but I am *so* thankful that you did! 😀

      For the next 40 days I will be 100% cupcake free (also pretty much anything carby, delicious or fun!), is that any consolation?

      Thank you so much for visiting!

    • Not too bad for a boxed mix, a can of frosting and two little kids with butter knives, eh? 😀

      We have managed to raise the bar with a very easy to make treat! I love that!

      Thank you for visiting and commenting!

  2. Those look great! And there’s nothing wrong with using cupcake mix and canned frosting every once in a while! How would you describe what cotton candy tastes like? I tried to just describe it to myself and I can’t. I guess it’s its own unique flavour.

    • Honestly, it tasted.. umm.. blue! 😀

      I have learned that the cotton candy we buy at fairs, etc, does come in flavours. I am pretty good at the cotton candy making station! So pink is strawberry or cherry and blue is.. umm.. blue! True* story!

      Meanwhile, the boxed mixes come in handy! There are good gluten free ones, too, which is great.

      *some facts may have been changed for entertainment purposes and also to show the blogger to be smarter than she is.

  3. Mmmm.. Mouthwatering! I haven’t tried those flavour packets, but will add them to my shopping list for next time! Your cuppycakes look DELISH! Thanks for linking up!

    • They were really yummy and SO blue! 😀

      I added extra food colouring to achieve Thing Blue. The packets make a nice gentle shade and flavour.

      I’m thinking about what kind of cupcakes I should make for Taco Tuesday, Jen. Oops! I mean *Cupcake* Tuesday!

      Linking up is so fun. I’ve never tried that before. Thanks for letting me try something new!

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