March Breakin’!

We worked so hard. We studied and tried our best. We did our homework and learned lots of new stuff. We woke up on Mondays and went out bravely into the cold even though there were some days when it was physically painful to do so. We had our hair brushed and braided. We were on time for band. We made healthy lunches (or, at the very least, interesting ones). We suffered through cold and flu season and survived. We finally made it! Yippity biscuits! It’s March Break!

*blink blink*

Now what?

March Break Mug

Monday morning coffee in a customizable mug. LEGO! (Bonus: Math book)

Well, first of all a healthy dose of relaxation is in order. That is what the weekend is for, in my not so humble opinion, and we relaxed as much as we could knowing we didn’t have the same obligations we usually do, to be up and at ’em, come Monday. There is something so glorious about the Sunday before March Break “officially” starts. We were mellow. There was no acute case of the “Sunday Stresses”. It’s a beautiful thing, I tell you.

Yesterday was great! We had a day free of scheduling and just relaxed and spent time together as a family. We played an epic game of LEGO Champion, had a simple lunch,  went outside into the sun (and cold!) to play at a local park close to the water (well, it’s still ice actually, but I digress..) – we even invented a new game while we were there! Then we went grocery shopping (Yes all four of us! Crazy, I know, but it works for us.) for the week and came home to prepare dinner. We really kept it simple because everyone needs to minimize stress, not just the “students”.

After dinner there was time to do whatever we wanted on our own before we all got jammified and ready to watch our feature presentation. Thing 1 had some CPU time with Daddy-O, Thing 2 watched a TV show and made more Rainbow Loom creations, and I went to my happy place. Yup. Social Media. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. I even perused Linked In. (WOT!) It was wonderful!

Then we all piled into the big bed to watch our movie. It was one of our favourites. We used a randomizer app – just for fun – to choose between “A Bug’s Life” and “Enchanted”. “Enchanted” won. Yay! Silly technology FTW! The movie was great, as usual. The Princess saves the Prince and they all live happily ever ever after.

Now it is Monday. March Break has officially begun, and we, like many families are looking forward to five days of freedom and some frugal fun!

So, without further ado (Hah! That’s totally further ado, isn’t it?!), here are some ideas for free, frugal, or relatively inexpensive fun, for the coming week.

From Monday to Thursday of each week Video Difference allows families to borrow two DVDs gratis.

Of course you know we are readers and we love the library. There are special events planned for each day of the March Break at Halifax Public Libraries branches all over HRM.

Chapters Indigo also has a free special activity for children in store every day this week.

All week long from Monday to Friday Cineplex has a March Break promotion called Toonie Matinees.

With many fun museums to choose from, in and around Halifax, there is plenty of entertainment and even a bit of education (Awww. Mo-OOmm!) to be had by just picking one and going for it!

I think we might choose to spend some of our March Break budget on something grody! The Discovery Centre has “Animal Grossology” as its feature exhibit. Ewww!

As always, we will go out and play as often as we can this week – even if it is a bit chillier than we would like – because playing is simply the best way to get exercise and have fun together as a family. Getting outside into the sun is good for everyone!

Hopefully, we can swing a play date or two and maybe even meet up at one of the special events mentioned above with some good friends.

How will you be spending your week? Will you have lots of time with your children? Does this fact frighten you.. or is it business as usual? Are you on a beach vacation? (What?! And you didn’t invite *me*?! *harumphs*)

I’d love to know what you will be doing and what kinds of activities your family enjoys during these long school breaks. I hope you will share some of your fun ideas with me by leaving a comment. Let me know if you decide to take in any of these cool activity suggestions! I’d love to hear what you think!

Happy March Break, everyone!

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18 thoughts on “March Breakin’!

  1. Your March Break sounds fun! Next year I am coming to your house. 🙂

    As for us, I will spend several hours per day shuttling teen girl to assorted shopping malls and friend’s houses, while 9 and I are taking it easy. Skating for sure, library and a movie likely, as well as a birthday dinner for a new 15yr old on Sunday.

    Have a great week!

    • You are welcome anytime! It’s teensy, but there’s always room for one more. 🙂

      Oooh! Shopping malls! I am so not a shopper. So far the Things are lukewarm on shopping for sport, but Thing 2 is intrigued by fashion. I am *not* ready!

      We were at the library today and will go back for LEGO stuff on Thursday, I think. For sure a Toonie Matinee is happening, too, because that’s too(nie) good to miss!

      Happy Breakin’! 😉

    • Yes! I like that. It’s real life and real balance. Nice achievement if you can reach it. 😉

      We are going to a local candy store today. This is a BIG deal. 😀 Tonight we will “Wreck-It Ralph”. Nice tie-in am I right? Laffy Taffy FTW!

      Thank you so much for reading. It sure makes my day when I know I’m not just talking to myself here (like the other days, but ya know…)

    • Happy March Break to you, too! 🙂 Yes relaxing weekends are crucial ’round here.

      Awww… well they are probably having a great week at daycare. Lots of activities!

      You won’t believe what Thing 1 & Thing 2 did today!

  2. Aha so you do have plenty of LEGO to stumble upon if left lying on the floor! Your March break sounds great – so far we’ve been enjoying a few PJ days and the lovely weather. I think we’ll all be a little sad when school starts again next week!

    • I *do*! Did you think I was pulling your leg? 😀 We LOVE LEGO! Mind you, it’s been allowed to stay on the living room floor for the week, because it’s March Break and there is a nightly re-containment “activity” to keep the bricks from finding their way to me feet. Notice how I tossed the word “activity” in there to make it fun? 😉

      Same here re: school. I could just keep my Things here with me all the time. They are fun and smart and funny! It’s always an adventure!

      Thank you so much for visiting! I appreciate that so much!

    • Seriously? I would *love* that! The more the merrier when it comes to Things. 😀

      However, if you are going to the spa that’s a deal breaker! I have never been and I want in on that action. 😉

      Thank you so much for reading!

  3. Wow! You’re a great mom! I love that you look forward to March Break as much as the kids! I always love having my kids around and March B is no different except that we get two fun weeks! Not sure what we are soingA low key non scheduled stuff which is great since I am self employed and mostly work from home. We took two other weeks off already to go to Seattle and Florida so maybe we will sleep in a lot;)

  4. I just wrote a long comment about heat a great mom you are to embrace March break almost as much as the kids! We have two weeks here and are looking forward to lots if unplanned and unstructured fun since we already took 2 weeks off pre March break to hit Florida and Seattle! Yeah, I’m that mom;)

    • That is the consummate hope – in life – isn’t it? 😀

      I am sure there will be more ups than downs this week. Maybe you need a wee adventure? Something fun and FREE always does the trick for me! 😉

      Make March Break Marvy!

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    • Sure! What’s one more Mamma? 😀

      But I hold firm that if there is a spa involved I am *totally* abandoning *all* the Things and going! 😉

      Thank you so much for visiting and reading! It means a lot.

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