Kick it Up a “Nacho” Storm Chips

Happy Thursday from snow covered, yet sunny, Nova Scotia!


We had a spring storm. A Blizzard. It was a real doozie, if you catch my “drift”?

It’s another snow day after the amazing spring (Hah!) storm we had yesterday and overnight. Bonus snow days are the best!

So, with everyone I love most in the world home again playing and/or working I thought I should make a fun lunch. I did a quick opinion poll and everyone agreed nachos were a great idea. I love it when a plan comes together so quickly.

I love it even more when a meal plan comes together so quickly!

This is a great lunch for weekends or storm days. You can use up leftovers and get your “5 a Day” veggies in, all at once, if you do it right.

So, without further ado, I give you “Kick it Up a ‘Nacho’ Storm Chips”!


Serve with salsa, sour cream and, if you have it, a bit of fresh cilantro and you have one very easy and happy making meal. So yummy!

Now, you must tell me, how did *you* weather the storm?


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19 thoughts on “Kick it Up a “Nacho” Storm Chips

  1. I never think to put the beans in, what a great idea. Also do you have the topping to nacho ration problem? I run out of nachos before I run out off toppings. We weathered the storm by all playing online. Not what this week is susposed to be, as it’s unplug week. Maybe if we get Spring I can unplug. I need a “reset”.

    • The beans are great! I usually also add frozen corn, but didn’t yesterday, as I remembered too late. : )

      Never an issue! I have figured it out! Parchment paper, lay out the chippies, top then bake. To serve: A big plate or platter and build the nachos up onto the serving dish. It looks pretty and everyone is forced to eat veggies! Winning! Olé!

    • Of course! There was a late night name change that made me laugh, so I knew I’d get your stamp of approval. We didn’t even need to taco ’bout it! 😀

      I’m telling you these are scrumptious! No lost cheese to the baking sheet either. Parchment paper FTW!

      Thank you! Did you enjoy the “Om! Nom! NOM!”? 😉

    • Hah!

      Yeah there was no question what you were complimenting. 😉 It was a doozie!!

      The good news is that it’s melting now! Come on, spring!!

  2. Umm… YUM!!
    My nachos are boring! I never thought to add beans – great idea, And parchment paper is brilliant!
    It was a doozy of a storm, wasn’t it? I am glad it is melting. Spring has to come in April, right?

    • Yeah, they were scrumptious!

      We usually add black beans and a bit of corn, too. So good! It’s nice to know, that with a bit of effort you can get those veggies in.

      Oh, yes! Parchment paper is my new BFF. 😀 With the right platter one could just lift one end of the paper and slide the whole shebang onto the serving dish. Easy peasy!

      The weather was wild! Now it’s Saturday and spring-like. I see grass! Very weird week in weather. Spring is slowly springing. (Just don’t look at any weather news. Trust me.)

    • We do, too! Thing 1 is my Tex-Mex savoury baby! (Mind you, he’s 12 now!)

      The beans really do kick it up a “nacho”, don’t they? 😉 We typically use Black Beans. The Red Kidney beans were yummy, too, though.

      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it very much!

    • Seriously, so good!

      Our favourite tortilla chips are super thin. So thin you can practically see through them. On this day we used a “Red & White” national brand. Fun!

      But I still prefer the super thin ones best. 😉

  3. Your nachos look so delicious! I am making these for supper tonight (thank you for helping me decide what to make, even though there is no storm here. Today, anyway 😉 ). Yum!

    • Oh, yay! That makes me happy!

      Yes, please!! No more storms, ever!! 😀

      Enjoy your nacho stormy 😉 Kick it Up a Nacho Storm Chips!

      Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment! It’s a nice surprise!

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