Saturdays are Best!

I love Saturdays!

They really are the best.

This Saturday began with an early start. I like early starts on Saturdays. It helps squeeze even more happy out of one of the already happiest days of the week.

The plan was in place for a little adventure with my NS BFF and there was a very exciting citrus fruit delivery scheduled, too! After the crazy, seemingly never-ending winter, we were at risk of scurvy at Chez Peady, so this was a very exciting delivery indeed!


See? Gorgeous Minneolas. Totally worth waking up early on a Saturday, wouldn’t you agree? They are like sweet nectar of the gods and have the added benefit of allowing us to live a scurvy free life! Yay!

Even as these delicious Minneolas and yummy Red Grapefruit were being delivered by a very kind friend and her girls, the weather tried to dampen our moods. It began to rain.


Yes. Honest to Citrus! It started freezing raining! Thank goodness the fruit was already in my possession or I might have cried.

So, with ice pellets falling and a sweet friend and her darling girls off to make more deliveries I was walking on citrus sunshine!

My NS BFF was supposed to arrive shortly thereafter and I had a lot of fruit to stow, so I got to work (meaning I dropped off the boxes and let my husband figure it out while I got ready to go out for the morning), but then received a text from the aforementioned BFF. “Rain check?” (Isn’t she a hoot?) We tossed around the idea of skipping our outing, but decided we would go anyway and rely on the weather forecasters’ ability to keep us safe. Yeah. We are risky like that!

Thankfully, the weather turned to just plain rain and we made it to our destination without incident. We also had the pleasure of catching some amazing CBC programming  from the East Coast Music Awards – which are being held in beautiful Charlottletown, PEI – on the way. (How awesome is David Myles?)


Here are some of the wonderful things I saw (and possibly ate*) (Who’s to say?) on this – my very first – visit to the Alderney Landing Farmer’s Market in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

We had a great time wandering around the market and checking out all the vendors. I was quite surprised that there was so much in there and such a great variety of goods. From art to apple cider and photography to fudge and lots of things in between, this little gem on the Dartmouth waterfront is definitely worth checking out.


So, how was your Saturday? Do you have a favourite day of the week? Or a day that just seems best for getting good work done?

Are you just so ready for spring to *actually* spring? Or has spring started springing up where you are?


I’m happy to report that today was sunny and there are definite signs of spring popping up each day.

Orange you glad that winter’s gone?


*Some of the yummy things we sampled were from Maritime Marshmallows, Fudgy Chicks and Scotian Bee Honey.

**We supported at least five local businesses and that always feels good! Local love is the best!


About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

31 thoughts on “Saturdays are Best!

    • Now I want fudge and honey and jams and fudge and fudge, and those smarshmellas look interesting too! Yum!

      • I have to tell you, the fudge was beyond. BEEE YOOOND!

        I’m not even sorry. 😀

        The smarshsmellas are amazing! Holy! What a fun stocking stuffer they’d be for hot chocolate. During the season of perpetual hope, they have “candy cane” flavour. *swoons*

    • It was really the best place to be with all that rain falling outside. It smells amazing in there! 😀

      I was pleasantly surprised to hear live music.

      Yes, with warmer weather comes the emersion of the hermits! 🙂 That’s me and my NS BFF!

    • I love them, too. There are several different ones near me.

      The Halifax Seaport Market is really nice! BIG! Hoppin’ on a sunny weekend. The smaller ones are great when you want a bit more mellow in your market. 🙂

      That Cirtrus fruit was from a local swim team’s fundraiser and is AMAZING! The grapefruit are like candy! Honestly, its arrival in the arms of a friend made my week! 😀

  1. If I am feeling well, I normally spend my Saturday’s at our local farmers market buying all my veggies for the week, honey, loads of garlic, chicken, and the beef order that I phone in at 7a.m. I rarely go to the grocery store, preferring to support our local farmers.

  2. I ADORE the Alderney Market. I used to live so close to it. In fact, it has served all of my market needs that we haven’t been to the Halifax market in a year or more. (Though, I’m far away from the Alderney Market now. Now longer a walk to get there. I miss it.)

    • I was so surprised by the size of it. I can see how you could easily get what you need there. I love the fact that the vendors go to different local markets on different days and that some are there permanently with a storefront. It makes it very fun to explore new markets.

      Wow! You were a mere walk away? Amazing! I heard on the weekend that there is a small one on Hammonds Plains Road. That will be my next little Farmer’s Market excursion – hopefully with my NS BFF again! 😀

      Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate it!

  3. Reading this post on a Tuesday was a mistake. Now Saturday seems SO FAR AWAY. If it’s okay with you, I’m just going to sit here and stare at that fudge picture until then.

  4. So much going on in this post!

    1. I love to support local. I’m about to head over to my local foodbank/thrift shop. I try and make it once a week.
    2. Love all the colours in your photo dump. I can just taste those tomatoes. P.S. What app did you use to post your pictures?
    3. I’ve never had Minneolas.
    4. Sunday is my favourite day because we have Family Pancake Breakfast. Mind you, if we had them on Monday than Monday would be my favourite day. I’m fickle like that.

    Thanks for always stopping by and giving me your opinion. Note that the word opinion should not be misinterpreted as advice 😉

    Besos, Sarah

    • Yes! It was a full and fun day! 🙂

      1. That’s awesome!
      2. The tomatoes were scrumptious! The photos are in a “gallery” within WP. No fancy app required.
      3. Find Minneolas ASAP. Seriously. So good!
      4. I love family traditions! Pancakes are a great tradition. 😀

      You are so welcome! Yes. Duly noted. 😉 Thank you for your support!

    • It really is! 😀

      Oh, I love Fridays, too. On Fridays, though, there is school and we have a Friday Family Fun Night plan, so it’s not the same as the freedom of a Saturday! 🙂

      Frankly, weekends rock! 😀

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