Thursday needs a kick in the pants!

And so do I!

Butt Kick. Swift.

You might be surprised how often Calvin & Hobbes could be credited with giving me the best life advice and spiritual guidance.

Remember way back* in the beginning of this blog how I swore I’d be better. I’d be kinder to myself and I would improve my life in as many ways as possible, not the least of which being my fitness level and over all health? Mmm hmm.

Easier said than done**.

My feet have been rather stOOpid*** of late and that has made walking difficult – forget any attempt at a C25k program which I really, really want to do. I have decent shoes, I have orthotics, I am really good about remembering to stretch before starting my day. Despite my best efforts and plans, my left foot is being a complete and utter jerk. It hurts. A lot.

So much so, that I have not walked, for fitness sake, with my NS BFF all week. Not good.

But that’s no biggie, you might be thinking, there are LOTS of things you can do for exercise without your feet.

It’s true. There are.

Have I been doing those things? No. No I haven’t.

I have been having a bit of a pity party. “Pity? Party of one?” *raises hand* Ugh.

It happens. It’s okay. I’m over it. It’s time to kick into gear.

Thank goodness I have friends who support and love me – just the way I am.

Thank goodness I have a husband who loves me, laughs at my jokes, tolerates the awful puns and always makes me feel like I can do whatever I want (even when I am not so sure).

Thank goodness both of the above have wicked awesome senses of humour and willingly share their own “funny ha ha” as often as possible.




Guess what’s for dinner tonight at Chez Peady!

Not even kidding.


Oh, and don’t worry, I promise you I’ll “earn” mine.



* All those years months weeks ago.

** Time for a reboot****

*** Plantar Fasciitis – OW! Don’t think I missed your little dig, there, Wikipedia. 70%. *sighs*

****Or a reeeeaaaaalllyyy big boot in the hindquarters!


Of course, Calvin & Hobbes (everything) was drawn and written by Bill Watterson and is the property of Universal Press Syndicate, an Andrews McMeel Universal company.

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

32 thoughts on “Thursday needs a kick in the pants!

  1. Biking works for sore feet! I should know, I tore my plantar fascia and have rheumatoid ankles! Wish you were here and we could bike. (You could use G’s old bike!)

    • I recall very clearly the *snap*. *shudders* OUCH! How did that heal up? (Or is that “heel” up? Zing!)

      Yes! I would love that! Alas, it’s a heckuva commute to go for a bike ride.

      I could probably use T’s current bike! (Shorty McShorterson)

      Thank you for reading and commenting! I sure do appreciate it!

    • Thank you so much for swinging by and reading! 😀

      This winter (I know. I know. It’s spring, but cold!) was hard. Next week I am going to baby step my way back to a happy exercise place some how.

      Meanwhile! Four on the Floor!! SQUEE! Classic!

  2. Ok here is your KICK! love you lady! We all have tough days, weeks or whatever. It happens, like it or not. Just don’t stay there. It is all good, Feet can be a pain, you know I know that. (do NOT like heel shots, they hurt BAAAAADDDD). Elevate feet when you can, take an anti inflammatory when you can and always always always wear your orthotics. My bare feet rarely hit the floor and it does make a difference.

    Love you lots, hang in there!

    • OUCH! Jumpins! All that Zumba has given your butt kick some super strength! 😉

      I am being kind to my foot. I have to remember that means I have to be *extra* kind to the rest of me, too. Not easy!

      I’ll get there!

      I have such awesome support! Thank you. 🙂

  3. I’m over here refusing to run because I hurt my pinky toe in some mysterious trauma but it hurts too much to wear shoes so I’m not even going to attempt to go for a jog.

    On that note, my foot is not available to kick your arse either.

    • This comment made me laugh out loud LOUD while waiting to pick up Thing 1 from school. Thing 2 just started laughing with me because she is supportive like that. 😀 Then she asked why I was laughing and well, how do I explain… ?

      I just told her people are really nice when they comment on Mummy’s blog and that a good comment can fix even the roughest of weeks.

      Thank you so much! I happen to think you are hilarious!

      Hope your foot feels better soon!

  4. PF kills! As does a sprained ankle. I’ve got the most hideous cankle you’ve ever seen at the moment. Makes exercising even less appealing than normal. I’m going to need a major butt kick or ten as well please.

    • It’s a total PITA – in the foot. 😛

      Oh no! Your ankle? Yuck! Maybe you need a house helmet and house “ski boot” slippers?

      I’ve decided to a) learn to levitate/hover and b) grow a foot taller so my weight won’t be such an issue.


      Look for my book coming to an open car trunk on a street corner near you. 😀

  5. You asked, right? When we have health issues that pop in, and hopefully out too, a regular healthy food plan and exercise routine is sooooo important. Don’t let the good to go days pass without a good workout so that on the not so good ones you can pass guilt free. Even if there is a stretch of days that make it impossible. We actually plan an extra workout day every week, knowing that there is so often something that interferes with one of our days. Some days my body carries me through an amazing workout, other days I can’t do 10 minutes of anything….but I know I am doing my best, and that’s 10 minutes more than nothing….Hang in there and focus on the other pieces of the health puzzle more intensely when the exercise is minimized… And it goes without saying – keep smiling!

    • Oh yes! I did!

      I have learned to never ask unless I want an answer. 😉

      Thank you very much for the ever so gentle and loving reminder and implied kick in the butt. 😀

  6. So, you have kicked me in the pants. If my shoulder hurts too much for boot camp in the am, I will go for a walk/bike (no bike in rain). Hold me to it will ya?

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