Happy Easter!

Good afternoon from beautiful, sunny Bedford, Nova Scotia!


It has been a kooky week and I have been feeling positively mute.

Positively mute.

That is to say, I had nothing nice to say, so I was saying nothing. (It’s in the manifesto, so…)

It was for the best, really.


Now, here we are a full week later and I can honestly say that even though some things are still “kooky” I feel much better now.

It’s Easter! It’s Spring! It’s sunny! The world is filled with newfound joy that comes each year on this day. The Easter Bunny found us and brought lots of nice chocolate for Thing 1 & Thing 2, some fun and unique old fashioned candy treats and a few new sunny weather items. There’s nothing like some new sidewalk chalk, sunglasses and a fedora to make everything right in the world of a child. (and a parent*… seriously.. gleefully happy with the fedoras!)

All day I have had a song in my head. It’s my happy, springtime, hopeful song. May I share?

Okay. First though, you should know that these lyrics have been ingrained in my brain since I was about 12 (Thing 1’s age!) and the reason I know them is because I was blessed to have an amazing, smart, funny, excellent, musically talented, music teacher, choir director (and later, English Lit. teacher (See? Awesome, right?), but I digress..) when I was a kid!


Isn’t it reassuring? Watching the buds appear?

Isn’t it great? Spring to await!

Watchin’ the landscape rejuvenate! Oh,

Doesn’t it lift your spirit? Doesn’t make you glad?

Isn’t it keen? Viewin’ the scene!

Watchin’ the grass turn green!

The winter’s gone now and the snow!

Seeds burstin’ below!

Cold’s over at last!

And everything’s starting to grow!

Doesn’t it make you happy? Doesn’t it make you see?
Part of the plan, given to man,
ever since time began?

But nevertheless, I can confess, just between you and me,
That it’s good to see it happening, so nice to see it happening
So great to see it happening

Anew! Anew!
And reassuring toooooo!


Easter, always seems to bring with it the exact kind of weather Easter deserves. It comes just in the nick of time after a long winter and this year, quite frankly,  a rather sketchy start to spring.

Today was a great day to be outside, so after all the Easter Bunny shenanigans and a nice brunch, that is exactly where we went. We headed to one of our favourite local parks, near the water, and played, walked, wandered, explored, enjoyed nature, collected shells and rocks, took pictures and made friends with a snail!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Despite the earlier stresses of the week, I had a great time. I really am a nature baby. I need it. So do my Thing 1 and Thing 2. I would argue so do *all* of you, too, if pressed. I will try not to be too bossy, though, and just strongly suggest that if you missed an outing today you have a shot at another tomorrow. (Don’t make me come over there. Go outside and play!)


And reassuring, toooo!



So, tell me, how was your day? Do you celebrate Easter? Are you celebrating Passover? Are you happy it’s spring and the weather is finally starting to show it?



*The Easter Bunny was very kind, as he is every year, and brought one small, very good quality, dark chocolate bunny, each to Daddy-O & me**.

**This year the ol’ EB also got wise and brought some special, high protein, healthy snacks for me. Go, EB! You rock!

“Isn’t It Reassuring?” Words & music by Natalie Sleeth

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

16 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Easter was good, last week was crazy, next week will be crazy, today was good. We have to take the good where we can find it.

  2. Celebrate we did. All Chocolatified. I though may have over jellybeaned myself and have a headache. There was some turkey to help but it wasn’t enough balance. My boys all went out bike riding before noon. I vegged.

    • I like the celebration. : )

      Thing 1 & Thing 2 have been pretty good about pacing themselves. I am glad because if they gorged and made themselves sick I’d feel horrible and there’d be more than one toothbrush in their baskets from now on. You know, because we’d send the Bunny a note. 😉

      I have been careful about what I allowed in. I indulged in a bit, but ultimately I have been “good”.

      We went out to play every day this weekend! That’s a win! 😀

    • I wonder if it is what spring leaves hanging in the air.. or is it that expectations, after a yucky and very long winter, are a bit out of line with reality.

      Either way, I am ready for something shiny and new and promising and HAPPY -gosh darn it!

  3. he Easter bunny set up a treasure hunt this year. The boys had to traipse through muddy farm fields and decipher clues to find their loot! We spent a good 45 minutes outside egg hunting. Was good. The boys also helped water the greenhouses which included driving a tractor and covering themselves with wateeR

  4. I made a mad dash to NL for a couple of days for my Godson’s baptism and was back in time to visit with my sister and her family (who were visiting my house), watch her kids hunt for Easter Eggs and eat a lovely Turkey dinner. Looking forward to all my Spring house projects! 😀

    • Wow! That is a very whirlwind weekend you had! Your Easter sounds very fun!

      Oh, yes! I can’t wait to see your projects take shape!

      I’m glad you are feeling better. No more viruses!

    • It was a beautiful day. Truly.

      We were out for most of this long weekend – including freezing Friday!

      Outside is my favourite place to be, too. So many things to see and do and somehow just “being” out there makes everything right with the world.

  5. This song has been running through my head today – because I am so ready for spring . We sang this when I was twelve here in central pa . And I still sing it every spring – one of my all time favorite songs . I couldn’t quite remember all the words ( because 12 was 40 years ago !) . What a delight to find them here , And the writer . Thank you !

    • I am so glad you found this, then. Yes. I think we all are ready for spring. With a mostly mild Fall followed by a slow start to Winter, we have been shocked by the sudden impact of a fierce February. One storm after another.

      We went from grass in December to mountains of snow as far as the eye can see! AND! More on the way. Yeeps!

      Not at all reassuring. 😉

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. It made my day! It gave me a boost of hope, too, because the weather on this particular day was just so ideal. I can almost feel it from my photos. 😀

  6. Oh phew! I’m not the only person out there in the world who sang this song as a kid (I was 8 or 9 yrs old & in central New York State) & still finds it running through their head! Lol! Today, I was in search of the lyrics, as I could quite remember them all. How lovely to find your post & to discover the title of the song and composer as well. Natalie Sleeth! Who knew?! Thanks again!

    • Oh my goodness! I was sure I came back here to reply! Whoopsiedoodle!

      Your comment completely made my day! Honestly! I even tweeted about it and shared on my blog’s Facebook page. You made me smile and I am grateful. 🙂

      Thank you.

      Yes! Natalie Sleeth! Who knew, indeed! 😀

      Happy *almost* Easter! (again!)

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