Chimichanga! As fun to eat, as it is to say!

*Bonus! How to fill and fold a Chimichanga for leak-free baking!

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**Bonus bonus! “Homemade” Guacamole with Rick Bayless “Frontera” enhancement.

***Thing Bonus! The reasons I do the things I do.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our “Tex-Mex Week” as much as we enjoyed documenting it.


Do you ever pick a theme and explore it with your kiddos? What kinds of things does your family do to learn about different cultures, countries or cuisines?

If you decide to have a Tex-Mex week – or another theme week, I’d love to hear all about it!

Here’s to a happy and stress-free week! (What?!? I hear that’s *totally* a thing!)

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14 thoughts on “Chimichanga! As fun to eat, as it is to say!

    • Aack!

      Thank you for your comment and question! My little captions went away! 😦 I must fix that. I wonder what happened? Hrrmmm.

      It is butter. You can use whatever you typically do. Olive oil would work well. In fact, after Open City Halifax and my newfound love of “Liquid Gold” (OMG-O-S-H! Have you been?!? Mercy! So good!), I think brushing the Chimichangas with some flavoured Olive Oil would be amazing!

      • mmmm butter. I don’t want to blow your mind, but Liquid Gold actually has a butter flavoured olive oil. It’s to die for.

      • OMG! Krista!!

        I see your mind blowing butter and raise you the Maple flavoured balsamic TOPPED with the butter evoo! SWEET MOTHER OF PANCAKES! So good! You simply MUST try it and report back.

        My first trip to The Hydrostone since moving back to NS was Saturday during Open City and whoa! Mind *totally* blown.

    • It was awesome! It’s really fun to take the time to cook like that for me, too. I get “busy” just like everyone, but when the kiddos get so excited about a theme, it reminds me to take pause.. drink it in.. and remember they’re only little once. 🙂

      Today, Thing 1 had a dentist appointment and we went to a party store when he was through. We found some fun Fiesta decorations. I may have to up my décor game next time! 😀

      Tacos are so good. We barely need anything else, but we *always* do a little something different – even with tacos. 😉

    • Thanks! Fun = kooky, right? 😉

      It was a fun week.

      This week is a busy one so way more low key, but that’s okay, too. Balance. Rarely achieved, but always aimed for.

      Thank you for your support. 😀

  1. OMG must be careful when I read your posts about food! Now I’m hungry! Btw I adore and use that guac dip all the time! It’s the next!!

    • I was excited to find the Frontera! I would love to visit his restaurants! (Plural. Yes. I’d love to visit *all* of his restaurants!)

      I usually make my own, using an old Alton Brown recipe from ages ago – that I tweak a bit because well, that’s what I do! It’s really perfect if you like chunky guacamole with lots of red onion, tomato and chilies! 😀

      The Frontera is great if green and smooth is your goal. I love tomatillos and verde sauces, so the flavour was great, but I like the texture of freshly chopped veggies.

  2. Are you sure you’re not Mexican?

    Those avocados looked perfect. Did you know that if you put the pits in with the guacamole (I put all of them in) that it doesn’t go brown as quickly. Don’t ask me why. I like to add some finely chopped onions too.

    Love the crusty cheese and the tortillas of course. What time is dinner?

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

    • I am sure I am not, but I *might* be “Foodian”. 😀

      They were seriously perfect avocados. Yes! The pit keeps it “alive”. If you use only half, don’t remove the pit until you plan on using that second half. Also, oxygen is the enemy of living things (even us!) (Ironic, eh?), so always store leftover guacamole (Hah! As *if* there’s ever leftover guacamole!) with plastic wrap/wax paper pressed right into the top to seal out any air. Nice bright green leftover *snorks* guacamole.

      Crusty cheese is delicioso!

      Dinner is early tonight! We are having Brinner!

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