Here’s to the ladies who lunch!

Happy Thursdays are back, baby!

Today was a lovely day, filled with all kinds of good news (not all of it mine to tell, mind you, so you’ll just have to trust me) and generally speaking was a good old fashioned Happy Thursday.

What a relief!

I have to tell you Thursdays of late have not been great. From feeling blah to cruddy news to icky weather to stress to holy heck Thursday – what the what is the matter with you anyway!?!?

I was beginning to think Thursday had forsaken me.



Today was a lovely day!

Sure the weather was a bit wacky, but I live in Nova Scotia, so that’s kind of the norm – certainly this year it is, at the very least – and eventually the clouds parted and the sun did shine.

Thing 1 had an “awesome!” day at school (mostly away from anything academically related, mind you, but I’ll take it!). He saw a musical at the local High School and had a bit of a party after lunch to celebrate a milestone with some of his classmates. He was very happy that I provided a little treat for the party and that reminded me that what I do matters – even if the pay stinks. Would you like to see the treat? You would? Okay.

Here it is!


Ta da! Hamburger cookies for Thing 1. Cute, eh?


Thing 2 came home excited about an organized sport! I was barely able to contain myself, I was so happy. This is a sporty girl. She is body smart. She loves to move and be active and we have always tried to nurture that and encourage activities where she can develop these skills, but since we moved a couple of summers ago she seems to not want to join anything organized. We have offered and offered and offered, but nada. So when she excitedly handed me a soccer registration form today after school and just stood there smiling hopefully at me, I may or may not have squealed with delight and done happy, jumpy claps in my kitchen. (Who’s to say? It’s a mystery, really. We’ll never know for sure …) Couple this latest development with the high I am still on from the Blue Nose Marathon Youth Run last weekend and well, let’s just say I am one happy Mamma.

But wait.

There’s more!

Today, I was out to lunch!


And! I was not alone. I was with two delightful, kind, smart, funny women – who happen to be Moms. It was really great. I needed some grown up conversation and the fact that we all managed to be able to meet in the same place, at the same hour, on the same day was nothing short of miraculous. Busy Moms are busy, y’all!

We did it! I am so happy!

And you know what? We are going to do it again. (Go, us!)

There was even talk of changing our lunch into a dinner… with wine!

I’ll drink to that!


About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

15 thoughts on “Here’s to the ladies who lunch!

    • Yes! It was a long run of *pllbbttt* Thursdays, so I’m very thankful. 😀

      Yes. When the good news is mine, I will share!

      I hope your Thursday was happy!

  1. Ladies that lunch- sounds like it should be a movie- glad that you had such a great day and took time for yourself too- because in the haze of life and the chaos of family- YOU matter!

    • Did you listen to Patti? I love it! I would have *loved* be at that Sondheim Birthday Bash. Can you even imagine? I love that Elaine Stritch was there! (Donna Murphy was also there and I simply *must* tell you that Thing 2 pegged her as Mother Gothel almost immediately! I’m so proud!)

      I do try to put me in the agenda, but I have not been great at that lately. A perpetual work in progress. That’s me!

      If we are ever in the same city again we are SO lunching with my new friends!

    • It was really lovely!

      I have had more than a few Thursday doozies lately, so it was a very welcome and refreshing change! 🙂

      Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it!

  2. That’s quite a week. Mom and/or Blogger Lunches are the best. I thought those were mini sliders. How are they cookies!? Am I talking to Martha Stewart disguised as Peady?

    I killed 5,623,412 mosquitos this week.

    Besos, Sarah

    • That was just a Thursday! Imagine!! 😀

      Lunch was lovely and I keep meeting nice tweeps. I have been lucky to get to know a number of tweeps and am so grateful when I learn they are just as wysiwyg as me! Yay!

      Can you believe how cute those cookies are? I know! Ridiculously easy – not at all healthy – and fun! 😉

      I like Martha. Martha would likely be horrified by the way I’m “Living”, but I like her. (Hah! See what I did there?)

      Oh, so there are fewer mosquitos in ON this year. Hmm. We should contact environmental groups. 😛


    • Thank you! 😀 Easy peasy I promise! I should share the process! Should I?

      You had better lunch (or dinner) with me (us) if ever you are within a 100 km range! Or 200.. you know.. I enjoy driving! 🙂

    • It really was a lovely day!

      Thank you. If I changed the centre ingredient they could be veggie burger cookies for you! 😀

      Happy Saturday! Thanks so much for reading!

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