Always Wear Sunscreen

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Oh sure! It looks all friendly and happy with its toasty rays and snazzy shades, but trust me there’s a burning desire to fry your skin lurking just under those fiery smiling lips.

I just committed a drive-by sunscreening at Thing 2’s school. I’m guilty as charged, but I’m not sorry.

The UV Report is “High” today and in the confusion of the morning rush to make it to the bus on time, Thing 2 – who will spend an hour outside during high noon – did not get her sunscreen. Aack!

What’s an easily scorched, SPF MUD wearing, mother of Celtic heritage to do?

Well, first I consulted social media, because TWEEPS!

Then, I called school to make sure it was okay to pop by, then I brushed my teeth and grabbed my Kinesys and fled.

Because skin is our largest organ and we don’t have a spare.

Summer is coming’ in, but fast.*

Don’t be fooled by our hazy Maritime mornings, either. Those hazy** days can be the worst offenders for sun damage.

My best advice?

Always wear sunscreen.



So, do you have a favourite brand of sunscreen? Do you have a way to remember to apply it – even during the crazy-busy morning rush? What’s your secret to keeping your skin safe?

*Bonus: Natalie Cole because I love her and I used her Daddy’s lyric – and often do!

**BONUS Bonus of Nat King Cole because I said “hazy” and well… just listen.

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

17 thoughts on “Always Wear Sunscreen

  1. I am a slight sunscreener. I remember when going to the beach or the park or daytrips but I do not apply to go to the clothesline, a walk around the block or to the car. Now my kids? They are all fair and will crisp up fast to I’m much more insistant that they wear their sunscreen/blocks.

    • In addition to my Celtic heritage, I am convinced I also have a sun sensitivity, as I can slather on that SPF MUD and still get pretty red. Och!

      I have to be vigilant. The Things are great about wearing it. It’s not really optional.

      We apply and reapply after swimming or sweating.

      This Kinesys of which I speak? It’s awesome! Double package at Costco for $20 and a little goes a LONG way because the sprayer/spritzer gives great coverage. πŸ˜€

  2. I’m a vigilant sunscreener too! I use Arbonne to have the safest possible product on my skin and all their cosmetics have SPF. I’m also a big proponent of hats when I’m outside doing yardwork. When we went to Orlando a couple of years ago I was diligent about reapplying every 45 minutes on a particularly scorching day at Universal studios. Neither I or my even pastier husband burned that day…win πŸ™‚

    • Good! We have to be vigilant!

      Arbonne is a great name, but be sure to use an actual sunscreen and don’t rely too much on the fact that everything has an SPF.

      Their ABC line for kiddos is fabulous! Do you have an Arbonne peep in your hood?

      Yes, we are a fair, but mighty folk! πŸ˜€

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I need to put on nothing less than SPF45 and that’s tough to find without parabens but when I find one that I like I stock up (Laroche Posay has a great stick which makes it easy to put on your face). I put a bottle by the door and nag the kids and hope someone slopped some on- teenagers are a tough crowd to convince- especially the teenaged girl wanting to tan this summer- d’oh! Yup- I had a brutal burn when I was 16 and as a result I pay the price for that burn still (20 years after the burn was my first ‘growth’ that was removed) and will continue to do so for the rest of my life….

    • Isn’t it amazing what teenagers will do?!? Gosh! How did we survive! I *literally* recall people putting CRISCO on their skin to “tan”. Umm.. guys… if you are using Crisco that’s not tanning, that’s sautΓ©ing! 😦

      The “wrinkle” angle might be the way to go with the teen. Go to my FB page or G+ and see my Sunscreen “Bonus”. It explains all about the aging damage that comes with the full UVA/UVB spectrum of sunlight.

      Until next time make sure sunscreen has got your back!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  4. I learned a big lesson about sunscreen last year, yes at age 49 I got a major burn on my back. I probably should have seen a dr about it but to be honest I didn’t want to have to face the dr and say, “yes, I forgot the sunscreen, it was a cloudy day.” So I didn’t I had major blisters and swelling and pain fro quite a few days it was months before the skin looked normal again. Even now I notice it breaking out easier. Yes at my age, I get bump issues on my back. Thanks for the nice reminder about sunscreen peady!

    • The trick is finding one that is extremely easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

      We ALL need it. It’s nice to have some extra melanin in your skin, but even that can’t protect you from the sun’s damaging rays.

      I remember that terrible burn. 😦 That was not fun!

  5. In Mexico I am religious about putting sunscreen on the kids. Even though it’s cooler, we’re at 7,400 feet and way closer to the sun. I use 100% zinc. In Canada, I’m horrible. I hardly ever put it on them or me. I NEED TO. Thanks for the reminder.

    Besos, Sarah

    • Everybody is free to wear sunscreen!

      You know what’s great? Getting into the habit of wearing it all the time. πŸ™‚ Not always easy to remember, though. I find the UV reports in my weather app are helpful at nudging me. πŸ˜€

      The physical blocks are great!

      Here’s to a healthy summer!

  6. I always use sunscreen..I have for years. I cite that as one of the main reasons that I am 51 years old with very few facial lines. Sun screen baby…all the way…

    I am not loyal to a brand, though..I just use whatever.

    • Smart! It’s a good way to go. I do think it matters what is *in* the sunscreen, though.. like avoiding parabens, etc.

      Brand loyal, I am not. I just have to use what works! If it fails me I move on! Thankfully there are lots of “green” or at the very least “greener” brands these days. It’s nice to know you are not slathering your kiddos with poison, kwim? πŸ˜›

      Meanwhile, I *love* your “about” page and am now subscribed to your bloggy woggy. πŸ˜€

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Here’s to a skin damage free summer!

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