Me! Me! Me! Meeeee!

Why do I agree to these things? I say I’ll do a thing because I want to do the thing. I am capable of doing the thing. I will maybe even be halfway decent at doing the thing. Maybe, just maybe, someone will even enjoy the thing. The thing will be good for me. It will allow me to flex a new muscle. It will show *me* I can do the thing. I swear I’m going to do the thing!



Then I have to actually do the thing and that is not easy. In fact, it is difficult.

Capital “Things“?

I have them all figured out. Things are easy. They are mine. They are delightful. Happy. Smart. Positive. Fun. Energetic. Adventurous. Kind. I’m happy to spend all my time and energy on my Things. I am fully invested in Things.

It’s those darned lower case “things” that get me all tongue tied and twisted* into knots. Why is it so hard?

I’ll just wait here while you all do the research and get back to me with a definitive answer to my question. *twiddles thumbs* *looks skyward to day dream*

Hmm? What’s that? You don’t know the answer!?! Oh darn. I was really hoping you would because I am totally clueless. Baffled in Bedford. Yup. That’s me.

Except, well, you see, the thing** is, I really do want to give these things a go. So, I have to muster up the courage and take the next step. I’ll try to keep my whining to a relatively inaudible whimper. I promise.

I have to write a bio. A biography. It’s really more of an “autobio” since I am writing it myself, though, isn’t it? I mean isn’t that one of the first things you learn when you start reading about famous people or historical figures? Biographies are books written by other people about a person and Autobiographies are written by the person who is the subject of the book, right? Why then is “bio” the go to term on the internet. Alex is right. The internet *is* crazy, yo! (But I digress …)


Essentially, I have to write an “All About Me” blurb for another blogger, Candace from Life in Pleasantville, who is awesome and talented and sweet and kind (and, and, and!!), who has gathered some other really talented writers to write some blog posts over the summer AND (yeah, I just typed that again!) I am feeling very – I’ve got to be honest – intimidated and thinking that maybe she has me confused with another Peady.. or accidentally asked me.. or maybe, just maybe she had had one too many Margaritas that fateful night. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not judging! I would love a few too many Margaritas. Right now. Maybe then I could unclench enough to write this silly “bio”. Autobio! Whatever!!) (GAH!)

She assures me this is not the case. I am still giving her a faraway *side eye*, but that’s just because I am a healthy skeptic.

Hey! That was something about me! Maybe I can do this!


*Dave Matthews mind worms are FREE!

**Has anyone seen my thesaurus?!

***For those who are following me on Twitter, I ate the pecan butter tart, like, an hour and forty-seven minutes ago, so I guess I better hit “publish” soon.

**** The “I’m so adjective, I verb nouns” guy is in so many places on the net that it’s hard to apply a source. If you know, let me know!


About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

40 thoughts on “Me! Me! Me! Meeeee!

    • “Just write!” (including the exclamation point) is really the most excellent advice/approach. I have an assigned topic. That makes it clear.

      Honestly, it’s the bio and lack of a decent photo that has me all rocking back and forth in the fetal position.

      I wonder if a self portrait in Crayolas and glitter will do?

      • If the object was to share as many chins as possible for public consumption, sure, but I think I need a “real” or “professional” or “heavily doctored” headshot this time. 😛

        Can you still get the “Levi’s 501” photo filter? 😀

      • I do *not* have a teeeeen, thank you very much.

        He’d be horrified to read that. Teens are rebellious and full of attitude.

        Thing 1 is guided by rules and full of a desire to be a writer. 😀

        He does have a great eye, though.. now that you mention it. I am askeered of my current “form”. It is far from following function. 😦

      • Wait! Are you saying you will *give* me Salt & Vinegar chips if I get it done?!?

        *opens Pages*

        *side eyes* That *is* what you are saying, right?


  1. Candace is a smart lady choosing you, my talented friend. Bios are the most difficult (I happen to totally LOVE writing them!) of all the things. xoxo

    • Aww. You are nice! 😀

      I love The LEGO Movie! (We just watched it on BluRay on the weekend. So glad we bought that one!)

      It’s not easy to talk about “me” at the best of times! Putting into a blurb for another blog is paralyzing. : O

  2. I always say “Yes!” to the lower case “things” too. I think it stems from a desire to please others and to be liked. But if you’re already on top of those Upper case “Things,” then don’t sweat the little ones too much. And good luck with your bio!

    • Well, I have become so good at saying no thanks to lots of teeny lower case things.

      The upper case Things are MY Things! You know? Thing 1 & Thing 2.

      The things I am trying to say yes to will be good for me in the long run.

      Everyone knows Things (1 & 2) won’t need me forever. I need a few things to wean me from my Things.

      Also, I really need a thesaurus! 😀

  3. The good news is, once you have your bio, you will have it to use for me too! 🙂 Bios are ridiculously hard to write for yourself but you’ll realize how easy it is when you’re finished. Say where you live, your family dynamic, what you do with your day, and mix in a witty fact. If you have any other accomplishments, pop them in! Link to your linkables and you’re done! Just a few sentences. 🙂

    • I am really wracking my brain to find some tidbit that stands out.

      I feel like I need all my friends to just follow me around and jot down what I do/have done and then just hand me the Cliffs Notes!

    • DMB is good for what ails ye! 😀

      Sometimes a good mind worm can make my day!

      Thanks for popping by – and commenting! It really does mean so much. 🙂

    • I will take you up on your offer, actually. You are actually a trusted source of “cut the crap”. Oh, that’s a high compliment! You know it!

      Working on it. Have given myself a deadline.

      Time to “get ‘er done!”


    • Hee hee! Thanks! That was ever so helpful, Sarah! 😉

      I am making it my “job” today! Later I’ll share a picture of my “office”. :p (Instagram – #blissphotoaday also #peadyphotoaday – are YOU playing along? Do it!!)

      Thank you for your kind support. Seriously. It means mucho!


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