What’s Up?


Less blog post, more self indulgence.

Ta daa!


There it is in all it’s 1990s angsty glory.

4 Non Blondes.

Top hat. Goggles. Dreads.


You know what?

It’s still relevant.

It’s still interesting.

It still moves me.

It’s still an excellent selection for car singing.


How do I know?

Well, since you asked…


I had to go out to return a movie to the video store tonight and while I was leaving that video store this song came on the radio and since I was already living in the past – what with the video returning and all – I decided to turn it up (loud) and sing.

Every single word.

Pure joy!

Coincidentally enough, the song is the perfect length for a drive from the video store. I mean really. It took me from door to door.

Bonus: I live on a hill and when Linda Perry sings,

“Twenty-five years and my life is still
Trying to get up that great big hill of hope
For a destination

I *totally* was.


Okay, so maybe it wasn’t literally a “hill of hope”, but maybe it was.

Who’s to say? It’s a mystery, really.


Back to the song.

I still love it.

That’s all.




About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

13 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. flicked my bic and now swaying back and forth with my eyes closed singing … okay actually I’ve just frothed a two shot latte and doing the whole back and forth thing from a chair πŸ™‚

  2. when we were kids our parents would sing the Elvis and the Beatles, and we rolled our eyes. We’ve grown up, we sing those and our own music. I do not though sing that much of the current crap.

    • If I were a song, I’d be singing! πŸ˜€

      Doesn’t matter the era, genre, or “cool facta”. πŸ˜›

      I listen to excellent music… all the time.

      You find what you seek.

      • I try to find the best stuff for my ears. There is a LOT of good, but you can’t wait for it to come to you. You must go and find it!

        Then share the bajoopees out of it so I can find it, too and then maybe *those* artists will get more airtime and attention. πŸ˜€

  3. It’s not often I read (or hear) that someone “had to go out to return a movie to the video store tonight.” That being said, I kind of miss the novelty of picking out a video from the store…. I know that’s not the point of the post but it stuck with me. lol

    • Right? πŸ˜€

      We love taking the Things to rent a DVD every now and then and our local video store has a terrific selection for everyone. Plus, the people who work there are just really cool and nice.

      You should go and rent a DVD some evening for the sake of nostalgia. To us, it is a very summery thing to do! : )

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate that a lot!

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