T.H.U.R.S.D.A.Y. ( Thankfully, Here. Up. Ready. Start Day. Awesome! Yay!)



This is day four of a week long challenge to myself to write and post something every single day for a week*. So far, so good!

Following through. Hmm! I think I am onto something here, people!

Yesterday I vowed to sit less and today I sat less. Yay, me!

I thought a surefire way to sit less was to also vow to get on a treadmill and walk a good walk.

I haven’t been exercising regularly at all, all summer, except for the usual summer stuff like playing at the park and swimming and does it ever show. Not just in the way I look (ugh!), but also in the way I feel. I haven’t been very energetic and that doesn’t feel very good.

I am usually a pretty perky Peady. Positive (borderline Pollyanna**) outlook. Cheerful. Happy. Even keeled.

What I notice most about skipping the daily walk or Zumba or Yoga, even, is that I have had that yucky, anxious, feeling a lot more. Not good.

It certainly didn’t help that summer started off with some pretty sad news and that the world went crazy all summer. However, there’s no denying the science that tells me if I move more everything will be better. So, since I am a fan of science, I have decided that the time has come for me to jump back in with both feet (even if they are being especially stOOpid these days) and make myself feel better.

Being a control freak, I enjoy the idea that I am in charge, here. So, I am just going to go with that for now.

About that jumping in with both feet… I may or may not have signed up for a thing*** at a place with the stuff.

Maybe. Who’s to say? It’s a mystery, really.


I tied my sneakers (the hardest part of working out.. or so I have heard) and grabbed my water and hit the treadmill. The plan was to walk 20 minutes. No pressure. Just do it.

Well, I felt better than I expected and so I kept speeding up the ‘mill. That’s good because then, of course, I can go further in a shorter period of time and ultimately it will not be getting dark by the time I finish the thing at the place with the stuff. *thumbs up*

The 20 minute mark came and went (W00t!) and I kept going.

Then all of a sudden, just past the 25 minute mark the treadmill stopped. OUCH! What the heck?!?

It could have been really bad. It wasn’t. Thank goodness.

If cameras had been running you could be reading the blog of the next YouTube sensation. Mishaps like this one are the fodder of viral videos!

I am just happy that I am not hurt. I can’t figure out why the silly treadmill stopped, but I took my surviving this ridiculousness as a sign that maybe it was time to stop for today.

Thanks Universe!

I’ll be back!



*Is a week 7 days or 5? Is this a week week or a work week? I don’t get paid, so is this even work? Oh! So many questions! Tell you what. You tell me if this week is 5 days or 7 days and I will oblige. Yes. This is a limited time offer for you to be the boss of me. Don’t get used to it. Control freak, remember? It may never happen again. Go ahead and leave a comment. I’ll follow through. We both know I can!

**Lies! All lies! I am so far past the borderline I have started my own Pollyanna Parliament!

***A 5k run/walk (WALK!). Crazy? Oh, yes. Yes, I am!

****Find Snoopy here: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/b1/78/c9/b178c9bf20eec5b4bb981a019b1b45c6.jpg

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

15 thoughts on “T.H.U.R.S.D.A.Y. ( Thankfully, Here. Up. Ready. Start Day. Awesome! Yay!)

  1. I typically think a week is 7 days. Hehe. But I am biased because I like reading your posts. 🙂

    Good for you for signing up for a 5k! I want to try to do a run but I have never been able to run in my life.

    • Another 7! I think that clinches it!

      Thank you for reading. I appreciate it.

      There are seven days in a week! Elementary school teachers rejoice! 😀

      I’m not running! Nope. No way. No how! It is a WALK!

      I will run someday, though. I really want to.

  2. 5 k walk is great! I vote 7 too so I can hear your voice in me head. Wish I could walk 5 k right now, I kind of feel like an old pregnant lady… Sore joints and waddling.

    • I think it’s great, too! Now let’s just see if I can do it! 😛

      I am glad I am in your head! *rubs hands evilly* MUAH Hahahaha!!

      My stOOpid feet are really swollen!! 😦

  3. Absolutely 7! Good for you on the signing up for 5k. It is a goal like that that motivates you to get going everyday…. So far so good on the posts! 🙂

    • So far, so good!
      (This is my mantra these days.) 😉

      I am seeing a LOT of votes for 7. I blame all the Kindergarten teachers and their fabulously rousing renditions of “There are Seven Days in a Week”.

      Yup. 5k – WALK! In October… not nearly as far away as i wish it was, actually. 😛

  4. Yay! Which walk? That’s a perfect way to start. I found after I signed up for my first walk/run (WALK!) I became much more accountable and exercised more. If you ever want a walking partner I’m more than willing! Oh yeah, it’s 7 for me but everyone should get a do-over on at least one day!

    • Yup! Thanks!

      It’s the Food Run (Oh! The irony!!)

      You are so sweet to offer! 😀

      If I get fast enough to walk with someone who isn’t my NS BFF, and therefore not contractually obligated to tolerate my slowness, I will totally take you up on that!

      I think committing to a something will keep me motivated. That’s the hope, at least!

      Another 7, eh? I think you all got together to collectively agree on 7!!

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