S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. (Silliness And Things. U R Dancing Again Yay!) (Hoo Boy!)


I bet you didn’t expect that?

I just did some serious chair dancing while I previewed the video. I know the quality is low, but the nostalgia-metre is extremely high! So …

It’s late! I must post this before midnight.


Today was a fabulous day.

I went to Zumba this morning with my NS BFF and I am *so* happy because not only have we found a new and brilliant instructor, but the location is terrific, too!

If you have ever been to a great Zumba class, the chair dancing needs no explanation.

If you have *never* been to a great Zumba class, I am sad for you.

You should totally go! Seriously. I mean it. Go sign up right now for a Zumba class.

(Oops! Heh heh! Sorry. I’m all enthusiastic and a little bit bossy because I have endorphins coursing through my veins. They are probably not just coursing, I’m willing to bet they are dancing. Just picture all those happy little mood enhancers doing a Salsa all the way to my brain. It’s pure joy, I tells ya!)

Back to the chair dancing. I am chair dancing because at the moment the rest of my body is jelly! I am sure I used new muscles today. Not just dormant ones, but brand new, never-been-used-ever, muscles.

And that is the glory of Zumba.

You really get out of the class what you put into it and when you have a great – enthusiastic – instructor with flawless cues, great music, and obviously easily modified “moves”, it is so much easier to work your butt off. Literally*.


After Zumba I immediately** jumped in my car and drove home to hop in the shower because I had a hair appointment to get to! (What?! Could this day get better?!) (Yes. Yes it could.)

My hair turned out great. I love it! I was way overdue for a cut (as one does) and I knew I needed a change and a lot less hair and because my stylist is actually an artist (magician?) I really didn’t have to say much. She had free reign***. That’s trust.


Later, I survived being trapped in the busiest <insert name of major brand name retailer> I have ever seen. I tried to convince myself that it was just the grocery section and went about my business, but no, it was in fact insane. I thought I would never get out! Every cash was open and operating and there was a long line at each one. I had four measly items, three of which were the same,so technically I had two measly items and yet it took me nearly 30 minutes to get checked out.

I had an over the shoulder tweet creeper**** behind me, to boot! *shudders*


By the time I actually got to my door, I was feeling pretty pooped.

Then I walked though the door and was greeted by this!



Yup. Today was a fabulous day.




*Well, in all hopes, literally.

**After chatting with my NS BFF and our super new Zumba instructor and her BFF who was in the class because BFFs do these things. BFFs are the best, no?

***And now I have highlights! Whee!

****Just stop that.



About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

10 thoughts on “S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. (Silliness And Things. U R Dancing Again Yay!) (Hoo Boy!)

  1. Lola- I loved your Saturday entry! In life it sure feels great to get moving-shaking-flip flopping but more than that when you have experience #bestzumbainstructorever with a solid circle of supportive friends, you feel like you can do anything….why you’ve got Pitbull, Shakira and Enrique Iglesias as zumba ‘friends’- yes my zumbaista you can do anything! When you move you breathe and when you breathe you live! Besos

    • Oh yay! Thank you. : )

      Saturday is a really good day of the week. I really think Saturdays are best. I don’t just hashtag it! 😉

      The yucky Zumba experience of last year has now been completely erased (well, except for the blog fodder it provides) and I am so happy we went to Zumba in the Park this summer because I never would have been introduced to this instructor otherwise. Public Zumba. Heart stompingly mortifying and yet beneficial. 😛

      I miss your enthusiasm in my everyday life! You ROCK, chica! Besos. :-*

    • I will share a photo! I just need to get a decent one. Thing 2 was no help. NO HELP! She’s too artistic. She makes me laugh. She captures all the laugh lines! 😀

      I am a really big fan of Zumba. When a class makes everyone – no matter size, shape, gender, fitness level – feel like they can do it? That’s a win for everyone!

      Please try. Then try again. If your instructor is flinging body parts and yelling at you? S/he is doing it wrong. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great day. I would have said fantastic, if it weren’t fir the waiting in line love you daily blogs. Love you going to ZUMBA and yes I love that you changed your hair up a bit. I can’t wait to see the hair ! Have a sunny Sunday!

    • It was fantastic! Even the wasn’t that bad. hey! It gave me something to talk about. 😉 Silver linings.

      Sheila, this instructor is really amazing. I hope she goes to a convention so you can meet her!

      It was so long. It’s gone now! 😀

      If I can get my family fed and clothed we are heading out to Word on the Street! Happy Sunday!

    • We do!

      The me of we doesn’t need a picture because I have been looking at it all the times since it was done, but the you of we can see a picture soon!

      I might even share one here! 😀

      Thank you for reading. Did you dance?

    • I wish I had pictures from the exact moment she finished because, of course, with her mad skillz (yo!), it was perfect, but I know you have seen it by now. 🙂

      I am going to let it air dry next time and see what happens. There are layers in there!!

      Aw. Isn’t she a sweet little girl? She’s just the sweetest! 😀

      Zumba ROCKS! (To a peppy Latin beat.. to be clear.) 😉

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