Chrysanthemum! As Fun to Spell as it is to Say. C-H-R-Y-S-A-N-T-H-E-M-U-M.


Chrysanthemums. So happy making in Fall!

Today was a good day.

Despite the fact that Thing 1’s trumpet book was missing, searching high and low was netting zero results, and I had pretty much resigned to the fact it was never going to be seen again.

It felt like a day for getting things done and since I had the car, had some errands to run, and some ingredients to restock, I headed to Costco.

I think that Costco on a Tuesday morning is your best bet. As compared to, say, Saturday – Oh! I see! This *is* the apocalypse – Tuesday was alright.

I typically put my budget blinders on as I walk through the door and focus on the needs (as opposed to the wants). Today was no different, though the list of needs was long, so it took some time to get out of there.

I promise I can justify every single thing that went into my cart. My splurges were a few gluten free ingredients so I can be well prepared for this journey of mine.


That is a weird word. It’s also weird that I consider basic ingredients to be splurges. Maybe it’s the sheer volume of stuff inside Costco. I’d like a bulk sized bottle of Lemon Juice. Sure I would, but I don’t want two. Where the heck would I put it?

It just feels so … so … excessive. It is weird, isn’t it? (But I digress …)

So, basics were covered (including the awesome chicken that went into our Taco Tuesday dinner!), meal plan ingredients were procured, and I completely avoided certain parts of the store.

Who does that?!


Again. Weird.

Actually, maybe it’s less weird and more practical… possibly even wise.


Then I caught sight of the Mums.

Did you know I was on Mum Watch? True story.

I have been looking for the giant Costco Mums since August. I am sure that when I was in Ottawa, if I waited until September I was out of luck! So, I am not exaggerating when I tell you I was thrilled to see so many beautiful Mums just waiting to come home with me. So, I did what any wise woman, who just so happens to be trying hard to remember to put herself on her own priority list, would do.

I bought two!



Safety first!




Tuesday was shaping up.

I came home and put everything away. Revved up the CrockPot. Put the giant Mums outside. Turned the pots. Turned them again, so they would be putting their best Mum foot forward. It was a sunny day and I felt very happy I went with my gut instinct and chose YELLOW*. It was a good choice. So pretty!


And then, as luck would have it, I went with my gut instinct, again, and found Thing 1’s Standard of Excellence Trumpet Book.

It was wedged between his dresser and the wall of the closet (which is where the dresser lives) because of course!

I went into the closet to assess the mess and before my heart completely stopped I saw the teeny corner of pink paper and my brain said, “Wait! Don’t die from the shock of the mess just yet. I think that is something.” (Thanks, brain! So specific of you.)

So, I reached down and pinched that little pink corner and whipped out “The King of Pride Rock“. No, no, *not* Mufasa, silly! The sheet music from band.. from last year… which is always tucked inside the trumpet book and ZOMG! THE TRUMPET BOOK!


Okay! I am done** with Tuesday! It’s been excellent and frankly, I do not want to tempt fate by asking for a single thing more.


How sweet it is.


Today’s sky and sun and my new Mums.


Now, what kind of payback can I come up with to make sure this never happens again? Thing 1 owes me. I can’t get my time back, but I am sure there’s a life lesson*** in this whole scenario.

I’m taking suggestions.


*Well YELL is right in there, so you have to!

**Nope. I managed to get dinner going, go for a walk with my NS BFF, and just before bedtime took the jammified Things for a little drive to return library books and DVDs we had borrowed. The last time I returned DVDs, this happened. Tonight we saw a fawn. So beautiful! It’s been a lovely day.

*** For all of us.

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

25 thoughts on “Chrysanthemum! As Fun to Spell as it is to Say. C-H-R-Y-S-A-N-T-H-E-M-U-M.

  1. I found my glasses in a very similar place once, though they were behind the kitchen dresser where we keprt all out place mats and napkins! Had been looking for weeks. Luckily I didint drive yet so it wasn’t a world wide crisis. An appointment to get new ones had b3n made when I finally found them while dusting.

    • I am so glad you found your glasses. I wouldn’t be able to function without mine!

      The Trumpet Book was trying to escape. I’m sure of it. 😉

      No bookie escapes Peady’s Farm!! 😉

    • I could *not* resist them. Nope. 🙂

      There are a lot of colours this year – lots of variety, too!

      It was apparently a very good year for hardy Fall Mums because they are lush no matter where you find them.

      Today, I saw some gorgeous ones at Farmer’s Best.

  2. I have been thinking of picking up some fall mums as well! But I’m anal retentive and a few people on my street have their mums in nice planters. So I want to get the planter first…but on sale of course because we are on a budget, which means shopping…which I haven’t done yet….lol. Yeah, I may just have to buy the mums and look for the planter later 😉

    • Oh my goodness! You sound like me!

      These are $10 each at Costco and HYOOGE! The pots are not fancy schmancy, but they are also not ugly. If I were you, I would go for it!

      See? I did! 😀

      Also, just FYI, Farmer’s Best on the Bedford Hwy. has some AMAZING Mums. The colours are really unique! In addition to that they have a bunch of other Fall plants and they are not $$$. You could get totally creative! (Oh! They *also* have planters.)(No, I do not work for Farmer’s Best.) 😛

      Thank you so much for reading my blog!

  3. Thanks for the reminder that I wanted to rent a DVD for “Date night”.

    Daisies are my favourite flower and your captured their beauty perfectly. Assuming that daisies are Chrysanthemums…

    Glad that your day shaped up to be something wonderful.

    Besos, Sarah

  4. You’re right about the Ottawa mums being already sold out. Our move to Kanata means the Costco is much more convenient and tempting – I don’t need much of an excuse to go…

    • I knew it! I said as much yesterday to the flower lady at Costco and she looked at me like I was crazy. 😀 Nova Scotia apparently always has them at this time of year at Costco.

      Either way, I WIN! 😀

      Ooohh! That’s right… you are close to Costco and not far from IKEA. The 417 is the Highway to the Danger Zone! 😀

    • That is an excellent point! You are right. I am certain, in the past, I have tossed an entire bottle. 😦 So wasteful! It is 3.99 here for two giant bottles. I paid nearly $6 for one recently.

      Though, I really don’t have the room for two. Unless I make the second a design feature in my small space. 😉

      I guess it is for giant batch cooking or feeding a crowd.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate it very much!

  5. sounds like a “best day”
    finding things
    mumms! my fave-I have 6 or 7 pots of them replacing my summer gerberas right now
    i love fall
    i love crockpots
    i do not love costco
    i love some of the stuff at costco
    i love splurges but must be mindful

    • It was a good one, that’s for sure! 😀

      Do you line your porch with them, or put hem on the steps? I love them. (I also love Gerberas!)

      Fall is the best. Fall in the Maritimes is really special. 🙂
      CrockPots ROCK! I like having a plan for a new recipe each week! Any goodies you’d like to share?
      NO ONE loves Costco, do they?
      Yes. That’s how they getcha at Costco!
      My splurges are pathetic in the world of actual splurges.

      That is still a very weird word. 😛

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