NaBloPoMo. Go ahead and say it! (Your Guess Is As Good As Mine!)

Two posts in one day! Inconceivable!

This is a testament to what good friends and positive peer pressure can do.

As it turns out, I am far from alone in giving this NaBloPoMo the old college try. Apparently, there are a LOT of determined Bloggers who are revving up their keyboards for the month of November.

I am really happy that I found that out because I *might* have chickened out if I was the only one.

Luckily for me, I have a lot of very nice blogger buddies who are participating and because they all are very kind, encouraging people and excellent writers, to boot, I am 100% certain I will follow through, in an attempt to produce a fraction of the bloggy goodness that they share on a regular basis.

I am also fairly certain that I can count on the aforementioned bloggers and friends to provide their ever effective *ahem* butt-kicking services, should I find myself slacking off during this month-long challenge. Amirite? (I’ll just hope for some comments to confirm.)


So… today marked the end of Daylight Savings Time, but it also marked a new beginning* with this NaBloPoMo challenge.

It just goes to show you,  Jobs never makes it dark at 5 PM, without brightening a window.**


Today was also day two of my November #PeadyPhotoADay challenge and the prompt was #FallBack.

Here is my photo, taken at 10:30 pm AST.

Join the #PeadyPhotoADay challenge for November! Follow @PeadyPics on Instagram.



There’s alway one, isn’t there?




*Remember? ‘Cause everyone was so nice to pretend the date on my last post was November 1? See? Brand new!

**Sorry. I couldn’t help myself! Did I mention it was DARK at 5 pm?!

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

19 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo. Go ahead and say it! (Your Guess Is As Good As Mine!)

  1. Inconceivable! Love it! And I love your blog Peady.

    Whoever invented daylight savings time should given a swift kick in the you know what. I am not a violent person but this situation calls for a bit of roughing up. Whoever it was obviously did not have to get up early with children!

    • Heh heh! Thank you!

      I know. I know. It is soooooooo dark outside tonight. It’s really bothering Thing 1, who is trying to get homework done. He feels like his day is stolen. I can relate. Poor guy.

      Remember how hard it was when your kids were babies and you’d finally gotten them sleeping through and WHAM-O!

      Clearly, not a parent. You are right!

    • Thanks for the luck!

      Blogging turmoil stinks! It’s stinks I tells ya!! Pressure too, for that matter.

      This is pressure free! If I do it great. If not. I survive.

      I shall do my best, either way.

  2. oh ahhhhh day 2? ok whatcha got for today day 3? :p
    I went sleep Saturday before the clock change and then remembered because someone mentioned it to me, and so i posted to FB for hubbie to do the change since he was still up. The man never gets enough sleep so him getting to add the hour himself? I’m going to let him have it. Yes I fell asleep in the rocker watching movies with my kids. Yes I’m old.

    • Yeah, me too. I was really glad it was cold, grey and rainy because a) it matched the sombre mood and b) we didn’t have to go outside and do anything, so we reserved energy and it ultimately made today easier.

      Yet another reason to move to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!!

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