Time Crunch.

Chalkboard mugs are very happy-making!



I have about 20 minutes to post this.

It will be short and sweet*.

I am quite literally feeling the time crunch.


The first Monday after Daylight Savings Time ends can be rough, but we all survived the day from beginning to end with nary a freak out. I am very happy about the way the Things have gotten better at adjusting to the whole “Spring forward. Fall back.” each year.

I remember how challenging it was when they were teeny. It felt like they would never “get” it.

Just like all the other molehills that a parent can easily turn into mountains, it just seems to eventually work out.

More often than not, these days especially, the grown ups remain calm and the Things follow suit.

Thank goodness for that!


10 minutes! *deep breath*

Remain calm.


Monday was mellow, but very productive.

The combination of a very lazy weekend and the snow storm happening in a neighbouring province was a terrific motivator.

I had my coffee in the very happy-making chalkboard mug you see up there and was all set to get stuff done.

I managed to find snow pants for Thing 2. So challenging to find!

I bought a pair in the right colour, but too small a size. Another that was the right size, but wrong colour. I was seeing flurries. It was really not the time to get all persnickety about perfection. (A downfall of mine, but I digress …) The girl needed snow pants and she needed them yesterday!

We tried them on after school and decided that we could try one more store after supper just on the off chance they had one purple pair left. If they did? Great. If not? The fitting ones would win, regardless of their colour.


Long story short?

After getting stuck in a really horrendous traffic jam while picking up Daddy-O and arriving back home way later than usual, I whipped up a yummy supper which we happily devoured and cleaned up after and then it was very late. Very nearly too late to take a Thing out to a department store to find snow pants.

What should we do? Are you getting sleepy? Are you sure? Okay then, let’s go!

So, we were off to will a pair of purple snow pants into existence.

And we did.

We got the last pair of purple snow pants in Thing 2’s size and she was positively giddy with joy.


Never mind that I currently have three pairs of snow pants in my bedroom right this minute. We got the pants!


Time’s up!




*Just like me! *snorks*

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comIā€™m sensitive and Iā€™d like to stay that way.

12 thoughts on “Time Crunch.

  1. I live in a world of black, Navy or Grey, easy peasy! I actually pulled out a pair he had used last year and a pair that still had tags! for mr 13! 2/3 jackets fit for good days, 1 is a “back up” jacket for tommorrow until I go hunt down a good for everyday one. šŸ™‚ Without help I’ll see what I can do because we’re between 8/10 and 10/12, you note that there is no such 8/10 int the real world of boys clothes.

    • Winners!! Sometimes you get awesome stuff for great deals.

      The sizing makes me stabby. There’s no 9. We need a 9.

      Oh well! GIANT snow pants FTW! šŸ˜€

  2. I have been looking for an affordable suit for few weeks at 2nd-hand stores. I found pants, but no coat. Finally found a coat on a parent facebook group. Now if I could only find boots! Finding size 3 infant boots (do not have to be 2nd-hand, so if anyone has seen them) that they can actually wear in the snow is proving to be a bigger challenge.

    • Second hand can be excellent! Depending on where you are, of course! Value Village can be most excellent for finding snow pants and coats. Boomerang Kids (or high end consignment) is probably better for brands and full matching, like new, suits.

      I thought of you today while I was in Giant Tiger – they have snow suits! I was shocked because they were very nice. Maybe worth a shot? Super affordable.

      Winners also has great boots for itty bitty feet. Let’s face it, they hardly get used! I think for my Things they didn’t have boots until they were walking. Thing 2 had the cutest snow suit with little removable booties! Oh they grow too fast!

  3. I was looking to see if I was the only one using the #fuckdaylightsavingtime hashtag the other day. Plus my husband swanned off to Japan THE VERY DAY OF the time change, so… what was I saying? Oh yes, my kids can wear their winter jackets and snow pants for two or three years right now, THANK GOD, and I ordered boots from Eve from Land’s End during a sale a couple of weeks ago, instead of going my usual route, which is waiting for the first snowy day and then freaking out.

    • That’s quite the hashtag! Hah! Some years are better than others. For us, this year was fine, but I am so sleepy! Jumpins!

      Japan!?! How cool is that? If you got him to the airport on time, you win the End of Daylight Savings Time.

      Two or three years is the dream!! Thing 2 hasn’t stopped growing for years now. She’s my typical growth spurt kiddo. Thing 1 has saved us so much money over the years because he is a consistently slow grower. Though this morning I noticed his PJ pants have become “floods”. Maybe he’s about to stretch.

      I need to look at Land’s End for boots for all of us I think. Great products, eh?

      I am getting snow tires on today. So prepared. Who am I?!?

  4. Daylight savings time. Oy is all I have to say. And add a sick kid into the mix. Fun times.

    I bought new snow suits for the kids when I was away… so expensive! They better not ruin the knees in these ones this year.

    • Poor you. Yes. Not fun at the best f times, let alone when Mr. Little Man is ill. Hope he’s all better now!

      They should make the knees of kids’ pants out of kevlar. Seriously!!

      So many worn knees!!!

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