A Big Salad.


Well, it isn’t 5 a.m., but it also isn’t 11:58 p.m., so I’m calling that a win.

Today I had the most scrumptious Big Salad for lunch.

It was so good I decided to write about it, briefly, here on my blog.

Here is my salad.

Kale deliciousness!


It was so *exactly* what I needed today.

It’s amazing how a day or two of eating well can make you feel so much better than a day or two months of eating not-so-well.


This NaBloPoMo is only one of three 30 day challenges I am taking.

I have committed to posting here everyday.

I have committed to posting a #PeadyPhotoADay on Instagram everyday.


I have committed to doing something good for my health everyday.

Today, this amazing salad was my “something” and it was a fantastic choice!


Believe it or not that thing of beauty above came out of a package.

True story.



Sweet Kale

Everything you need for a delightful Big Salad right there in one place. Brilliant!

I’m not a huge fan of packaged stuff, generally speaking, but today I decided that I needed a treat that would make me feel good and this aptly named salad did the trick. I bought the big bag!

I added some roasted turkey for protein, to boot, and it was a perfect addition. There are cranberries in the salad and we all know how well turkey and cranberries go together, right? Yum!

It would be easy to portion* out the salad to use a bit at a time, but I mixed the entire thing up and made salads for later in the week in separate containers with a protein portion in each one.

I’m all set.


But wait!

There’s more!

A bonus classic Seinfeld** clip.


So, how do you feel about Big Salads?




*This would be a wonderful option for filling the “salad jars” that Pinterest goes crazy for all the time.

**Also, apparently, a super-duper bonus Spanish lesson. De nada.



About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

21 thoughts on “A Big Salad.

    • You come to me and I will feed you the whole time!

      Healthy and everything!!

      Well, except for the deep fried fish and chips – because Nova Scotia – but hey YOLO! 😀

  1. Nice colorful lunch! You have a lot on your daily plate…I like them all, including “I have committed to doing something good for my health everyday.” That’s awesome! Good luck juggling it all this month.

    • Thanks! Can you believe that is a packaged salad? It makes me so happy to know I can make a good choice even if I am too busy (ugh! There’s the “B” word again!) to do all the chopping and shredding.

      Thank you for visiting, reading, commenting and for your kind words. It really means a lot! I appreciate it!

  2. That salad looks freakin’ awesome! I want some. Sadly, most of our salads come from packages. But if we buy ingredients separately it just goes bad. So, the packages work for us. Just discovered a new boxed one that is half and half (spinach and romaine I believe). So good with poppyseed dressing. And good for you for taking on so many challenges at once! Woohoo!

    • It is a seriously scrumptious salad. Seriously. 🙂 Go find it. That’s why I included the photo of the package. Loblaws (family of stores) cares it and for some reason I think Costco does, too.

      Speaking of Costco, they always carry great salad options in small servings or in HYOOGE sizes in the small FREEZING produce room. Big boxed ones, like you describe. Broccoli salad is one of my faves and because this “Sweet Kale” has broccoli in it it’s extra delicious.

      I agree that a packaged salad is preferable to wasted food. I would never hunt down and shred chicory, broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc. Not in a million years – especially if it was just for a small salad.

      For a BIG salad I might consider it. 😉

      Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Not a fan? Really? What about it do you not like?

      I am not a KALE ALL THE FOODS person, but I do like it. I tend to enjoy greens no matter what form they take, though.

      I bet you could grow some amazing kale in your gardens!

    • Me too! LOVE!

      Elaine Benes makes my day! 😀

      NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month (Kind of like the NaNoWriMo – where people write a novel on 30 days!! WHAT?!?) and the idea is to try and ramp up the writing habit/skills and post every single day for the month of November.

      I shall do my best to complete the challenge.

  3. I think that’s the salad someone brought on our camping trip and it was AMAZING. I’m not a big kale lover, but that salad was the freaking bomb. I let my Costco membership lapse because I spent way too much money every time I went, but my friend still has one. Hmmm…

    • That’s what friends are for!!

      BUT!! Costco can be dangerous, so always remember…

      Kale not KAYAKS! *stern look*

      It’s in the manifesto. 😀

  4. I eat a salad every day. Sometimes it’s my meals and other days it’s a side. I’ve had this exact salad and love it. Except I don’t use the salad dressing (I add my own instead).

    So happy that you’re doing something healthy for yourself. You deserve it.

    Besos, Sarah

    • You do? You win!! Good for you! I love salad, but I’d be lying if I told you I craved it.

      I *crave* cake.

      *blink blink*

      Mmmmm. Cake.

      What was I saying?

      Oh, yeah! Than you for reading and commenting! Much appreciated!

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