Oh, I’m not upset. No, no. Not at all.

I just cannot stop thinking about fudge.

You see I was supposed to be going to a Christmas Craft Show on the weekend, but due to circumstances beyond my control it didn’t happen.

That means, that besides all the cool unique crafts and handmade stuff that I missed out on, I also didn’t get to buy fudge from some of the amazing fudge making folks that tend to frequent the Christmas Craft Show circuit.


I will also be missing another local Christmas Craft Show next weekend.


It’s not like I need fudge. I mean, really. Does anyone need fudge? No. Of course not.


Oh man!

Christmas Craft Show fudge is so good!


I could just make some fudge, I suppose.

I can never make it the way the super fudge makers make it, though.

It’s just not the same.


I have a decent recipe. A few, even.

There are plenty of recipes online.

There is no shortage of recipes, really.

There is merely a shortage of fudge.


I should just forget about it.


But I can’t.

Because FUDGE!




Help me to feel less kooky.

Is there a treat-y food that you have very rarely, but that when you do have it it has to be made a certain way? Or come from a certain place?

Do you like fudge?

(Do you have some? Because seriously, I have needs!)

Feel free to share a recipe or your thoughts on fudge in the comments.


I will share my best fudge recipe here with you all another day, but have you seen this*?

Have mercy!



*A very funny tweep – @evilpez4 – shared that and will be blamed in absentia for any and all fudge related weight gain this upcoming Holiday season.

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

29 thoughts on “Fudge!

  1. I went to Xmas at the Forum last weekend & the line was really long for fudge, so I told myself I would come back around. Alas, I forgot. i admit to getting a piece when I go to Pete’s Frootique

  2. Love the stuff but am resisting right now, too many eating overboard opportunities righ atound the corner. I am going to resist as long as I can.. Lol

    • Me too, apparently, whether I want to or not. 😉

      I figure I will make something amazing for Christmas and keep only a teeny bit and gift the rest. I have to have a game plan going in.

      You know, just like that old saying…

      “Fail to fudge, fudge to fail.”

      Or something like that. 😛

    • Blame @evilpez4!!! (Poor Andy. He has no idea he’s to blame!) 😀

      I am sorry I missed the show, too. It was the 37th year. Isn’t that something? I love traditions that are long standing, especially when it comes to holiday traditions.

      I’m hoping that perhaps I’ll stumble upon a new-to-me Christmas Craft Show and get to enjoy that – and its fudge. 😉

  3. I love Fudge. I love making fudge and eating fudge. I’m sure my boys will love that you posted this and I will have to make fudge. I will have to make it on a day I know they are all here and will eat it with me? or maybe I will use a larger pan so it’s thinner? I like maple or brownsugar fudge but i’ve also tried and succeeded in making some chocolates. Nothing though beats the fudge from Upper Clements Park for creaminess! OMG so melt in your Mouth Creamy.

    • I love Fudge, too!

      It’s so good to be understood. 😀 Thank you.

      Upper Clements Park, ehhhh? I wonder if they are open today… No. No. That would be wrong.

      But now I know, so, you know it’s gonna happen sooner or later. 😛

    • Right? So good!

      That is hilarious! When I was in university, my amazing Mamma would send the best (most ridiculously taped!!) care packages and there would always be Co-Op brand sour cream and onion chips. My NS BFF, another pal and I would live off those. I already told my Mom, though. She was not at all surprised. 😛

      Oh! A new-to-me craft fair!! Thank you! I will check that out. Thank you very much for including the link. That was very kind. 🙂

      • I have never been. I have just been scoping out all their social media profiles and looking at the vendors and goodies and oh my goodness!! Now I want to go!

        Warned and enticed at once! You *are* good!

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