They Love Me Anyway

For as long as I have been making school lunches, I have been leaving little notes in the Things’ lunch boxes.

Long before they were the avid readers they are now, I would print simple messages of love and encouragement on sticky notes. I am a believer in environmental print*. Kids are smart. They don’t need all the rules memorized before they put theory into practice. A little heart shaped slip of paper speaks volumes. A speedily scrawled smiley face on a paper napkin can make a kid’s day – especially a day that is in dire need of levity. You remember those days, right? We all have them.

Sometimes it’s a silly doodle. Sometimes it’s a riddle. Sometimes it’s a hint about a special after school activity.

Other times it’s a reminder, cleverly disguised in witty prose.


Here are today’s notes.


Thing 1's lunch box note.


Thing 2's lunch box note.



And they love me anyway.


Do you write notes?

Do you leave notes in your children’s (or partner’s) lunch boxes?

Are you a poet (and totally know it!)?

Are you a writer or a printer?

When is the last time you wrote a letter or a note on actual paper for someone else to read?

Do you value the skill of cursive writing?

Or are you all g2g lol and ttyl 24/7?

Why not leave me a note in the comments! *wink*



*Don’t believe me about the environmental print? Try this experiment with a teeny kiddo** who is not yet reading in the traditional sense: Show them a favourite item (National Brand cookies or the cover of a familiar book, for example.) with writing or a logo on it and see if they recognize it. They will. That’s *reading* when you are not yet a reader in the traditional sense. Kids are awesome!


**Umm… not just any kiddo, to be clear. Make sure the kiddo is yours or you might totally freak the kid and his/her parent/guardian out!

***The Things don’t call me “Ma”, but I called my Ma, “Ma”, when I was little. Also, we are still working our way through the entire “Little House on the Prairie” series and well, it’s just fun to sign some notes that way!


About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

22 thoughts on “They Love Me Anyway

    • I’ve been so lucky! The silly poem was a big one, but it hides nicely inside the lunch box. Often it’s a small piece of paper. In fact, as an exercise in hilarity, I sometimes make the “teeniest note in the world” and print itty-bitty on a tiny square of paper. πŸ˜€

      So far no one has died a thousand deaths. πŸ˜‰

      Good on you with the environmentalism! (You’re darn right! 5c is 5c!)

  1. My husband was in charge of school lunches, because he always gave more and would occasionally include humorous notes. The few times I did make lunches, I too would leave the I love you note on the front of the lunch bag.

    • I love that, Catherine! πŸ˜€ Funny is a great goal when these little notes are written.

      During December I will try to include some fun reminders about our family activity advent calendar or silly Christmas themed jokes. Maybe I’ll tuck a little jingle bell in there one day!

  2. I love leaving handwritten notes for my honey. Not in his lunchbox (although maybe I will!) but just little ones saying “I’m gone for a walk, be back soon” or whatever. I like know that he’ll see my handwriting, instead of a text.

  3. When my girls were younger I would sometimes leave little notes in their lunchboxes. Now that my oldest is 11, I think that kind of thing embarrasses her just a little. I do leave them notes for when they get home from school about their chores…not nearly as much fun but I do try and jazz them up with little doodles just to ease the blow. lol

    • It all depends on the kiddo, doesn’t it?

      Thing 1 is a BIG kid – a tween, even – but he thinks the notes are nice. Part of that is because I have always done it. He’s got a great sense of humour and he knows the notes make *me* happy, so I mean it when I say “they love me anyway”. πŸ˜‰

  4. My DD is big on leaving notes for us on our pillows- especially after tough times where she really needed family. She definitely got this habit from my sister- my sis is BIG on notes….she is the original note maker. Hand written notes, letters, cards are still a treat to receive and I’m afraid it’s a dying trend. I challenge all of us to write just one note over this weekend- #writeon – TTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    • Your DD is the sweetest! Your sister is also a gem. πŸ™‚ Clearly, you have a lot of awesome people in your life!

      I love to mail *actual* mail! HEY! You need some #PeadyPost! πŸ˜€

      Challenge accepted!

  5. I need to leave more notes. I don’t think they’ll be as creative as yours, MA, but they’ll be appreciated nonetheless!!! Thanks for the reminder about how much taking the time to write a note means.

    • Do it! It’s fun!

      Mine are not always so creative. Sometimes they are even sillier!

      A fun one to start with is the count down to Christmas break! I’ll start that on December 2 (the first is a PD/assessment day, I think).

      My kids are not teeny anymore, but they both still like the notes. So far no one’s been mortified! Winning!

  6. Love Little House on the Prairie. Can’t wait until The Kids want to read something without pictures so that I can stop hiding my copy when guests come over.

    I used to write notes all the time before The Kids came along. Now, I can’t remember where the pen is or the notepad or stop jumping off the couch Max. Sorry, where was I?

    My kids don’t go to school so I’ll have to find another way to incorporate this into their lives. Maybe hide a note and have them stumble upon it each day. Thanks for the idea.

    Besos Sarah

    • I love it, too! That’s cute, Sarah! I think you can proudly display it and just say you are doing research for when the kids are older. There’s a LOT of explaining to do! When the time comes there will be much discussion.

      LOL Okay, okay. So not so much with the notes. I get it. But! You should totally start leaving Max notes. Then he can know that jumping off the couch is frowned upon and you won’t have to utter a word. πŸ˜‰

      May I suggest: Pick up your toys. Please turn off the lights. And the timeless classic – Mommy needs her coffee now.



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