The One Where Sleep Is The Priority

I am exhausted.

I need sleep.

I must sleep.


I am sure I’ll have lots of words another night, but right now I’ll just leave you with this.


Are you NaBloPoMo-ing?

Is it totally kicking your butt?


How do you prioritize your day so that you have time for your life, your kids, your volunteering, your Parent-Teacher interviews, your meal preparation, your healthy eating, your fitness, your cake, your job(s), your family?

Help a mother out.

Leave me your best tips for surviving the time crunch of everyday life in the comments!

If you leave a great one, I might even invite you for a Friend Nap.




About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

18 thoughts on “The One Where Sleep Is The Priority

  1. I have been participating in NaBloPoMo & I think it is kicking my ass. Out of 20 days, I have posted 18 times and I posted 2 a day a couple times. My definition of perfection for myself in this regard is to keep going until the end of the month.
    In the ‘Four Agreements’ by Miguel Ruiz in the chapter about always doing your best he says that your best will change day by day. That’s my borrowed tip for managing the busy days.
    Talk soon

    • It is such an arse kicking challenge! It really is! Holy!

      I have 22 of 22, but the first 2 posts happened on the 2nd. I hope that still counts!

      I’m trying to share them on the BlogHer site, as well, but that’s not easy! More time goes *poof*!

      I like that tip. So smart! I agree with that.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. πŸ˜€

  2. how is it you managed to slip in cake into the long list of things needed to be done? LOL!
    I didn’t post lastnight, yep, fell asleep. Darn sleep. So that’s 2 missed days. I am trying so out of 20days i too posted 18days but I also clicked a few after midnighters so some days really have 2 posts, but sinceI didn’t go to bed?

    I like to posted before the kids get home but now I’m also trying to fit in exercise, and this week I’m doing cat chaparone while we wait for their “Fixing” day.

    • You’d be shocked at the number of times I manage to slip cake in. πŸ˜€

      If I get 30 in 30 I will do the dance of bloody joy. I started with 0 on day one, followed by 2 on day 2. I figure that counts, yes?


      I wonder if I can post during the day? There’s so much else to get done.

      Cat chaperone? Oh no!

  3. my tricks are
    Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s taken me years (and it’s an ongoing process) to let go. That “stuff” really isn’t going anywhere. Lord knows it lays in wait!

    I’m a huge list maker. I prioritize what’s important on my lists and in my mind. Family ALWAYS comes first.

    I’ve learned to say no. Okay, I’m still learning…but, I’ve gotten better! I’ve even learned to shift jobs to other people! Pitch in people!

    • Amen to that first point! πŸ˜€

      Love lists and yes family first – always.

      I have learned/am learning, too. πŸ™‚ Delegating is dreamy!!

      Thank you for your comments! They make me happy.

  4. I always left housework to the bottom of the list. Children would prefer mom/dad spend time with them, then dusting. They don’t remember the dust free tables, they remember mom/dad chasing them around those tables.

  5. I am not participating in nablopomodoremefasolatido because I knew day 1 would kick my ass. Sometimes it is about prioritizing – know what is important and what might not be. Sometimes it is about taking care of yourself and knowing when you need a break, even if you’ve promised a post a day. If you miss one, that’s okay! Sometimes it is about finding ways to keep what what you’ve committed to doing, even if it means not following all the “rules” we set for ourselves. Maybe a post is only a couple of words. Maybe it doesn’t contain a picture. Maybe it is just writing for writing’s sake, without editing? I hope you don’t wear yourself out but I hope you find what works for you. xo

    • This -> nablopomodoremefasolatido made me LOL. Literally.

      Arse kicking is a daily occurrence for 22 days now.. soon to be 23… good call!

      I think the practice is good for me.. overall. I know now if I say I will do – not only am I capable, but I WILL!!

      The posts are fairly random, but they are all me, so all-in-all I am pleased.

      If people get a laugh or can relate I feel very happy!

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I LOVE that about you!

  6. If a list seems overwhelming i.e. too much to do and too little time and then you feel out of control, break it down and pick one main thing to get done that day and add a smaller thing or two. You will be surprised at how this almost works like reverse psychology. You will get something done and feel accomplished and even get more done than intended on some days AND this will lower stress and feelings of being overwhelmed AND your immediate list gets smaller:)

    • That is kind of what I do, actually. It really just depends on the task at hand, though, doesn’t it?

      I love the snowball effect when it doesn’t get more overwhelming! πŸ˜‰

  7. I almost cried when I managed five straight hours last night. Sleep is mad at my chest infection and taking it out on my sleep habits.

    • Poor you. You need to take care of yourself.

      It’s very hard when sleep is elusive.

      Make sure you are drinking enough water. It seems silly, but it’s so important to every system in our bodies.

      When my intake is low.. it affects everything. 😦

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