MYO Pizza: KISS Edition

We have had a lot of event filled weekends this Fall and, as a result, have fallen out of our Friday Family Fun Night rituals.

Last weekend we were away from home (again!) and when we arrived home on Monday after an exhausting drive on a very foggy, driving snowy, blowing snowy, swirling snowy, rainy snowy, SNOWY snowy, Cobequid Pass, we decided that we would reinstate the Friday Family Fun Night tradition and have a weekend of very nearly zero obligations.

We are trying to keep it simple, remember?

In keeping with the manifesto, I made a very simple plan.

MYO Pizza – which everyone loves!

To make it even simpler, I made all the pizzas using ready made pizza crusts.


The Things shared this happy-making Pepperoni & Cheese pizza.


Smiley Pizza


Daddy-O chose a more classic Pepperoni & Cheese with veggies (red pepper, red onion, mushroom).

Lots of veggies for Daddy-O!


I was very excited to try the Kinnikinnick ready made gluten free crusts that friends in the know suggested.

GF Pizza for Me!


I am thrilled to report that the pizzas turned out great and that the crusts themselves are quite delicious.



It’s really nice to know that I have a viable option for those nights when I just need to keep it simple.



Doesn’t that look delightful?

Two thumbs up!



Mine had the Kinnikinnick crust, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, red pepper, red onion, mushroom, pickled jalapeño slices, and gluten free turkey sausage.

It was glorious!



After everyone had full tummies it was time for us to settle in with the evening’s planned entertainment. We opted to skip a movie in lieu of the excellent Bullying Awareness schedule on the Family Channel.

The cast of “The Next Step” hosted the evening and introduced some of our favourite shows – “Austin & Ally”, “Girl Meets World”, and “The Next Step” – all of which were featuring bullying storylines tonight as a part of their Stand UP to Bullying campaign. All three shows led to much discussion about friendship and bullying and how important it is to stand up and speak up and to never, ever be a bystander.

We especially loved “Girl Meets World“. It is so well written and I love how they keep managing to tie “Boy Meets World” storylines and characters into the show. It’s just so well done!

The Popcorn Pix feature presentation was another trip into bullying territory, with “Contest”. It was very good, but pretty harsh in many ways, as well. Very serious subject matter, obviously, and they hinted at some very heavy elements of being the bullied one. Overall it was very good. Definitely not for the younger ones. Thing 2 is 8 and she was snuggled up pretty close the whole time. Still though it’s such an important topic and we really cannot talk about it enough. No one can. Keep talking!


So, how was your week?


Did you have a good one?

What will be on your agenda this weekend?

What about your plate?

Did you take in any Bullying Awareness Week programs or events?

Do you have an open dialogue with your kiddos and the young people in your life about bullying and mental health and how to get help if the need arises?




About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

9 thoughts on “MYO Pizza: KISS Edition

  1. I helped run the school book fair this week and I have been LAME at being at school all day and some nights and then coming home and cooking dinner. Clearly if I get a full-time job there’s going to have to be some rethinking of the meal-planning process.

    • I hear ya! It’s not easy to do it all – well.

      Sometimes doing only half – LAME – is the best we can hope for. 😉

      But yeah.. planning can help a lot.

      Delegating, too.

      People need to pitch in!

  2. I too like the Girl Meets World. I thought this would be a “simple” post but girl it’s heavy! Bullying is heavy. I do not like the Next Step at all! I find the show to be very rude and mean in nature. It’s not about close friendships as much as it’s about being the best and stomping everyone down on their way to the top. 😦 I have to change the Channel everytime that show comes on.

    • Girl Meets World is my favourite.

      Bullying stinks!

      I am not a fan of The Next Step and actually didn’t permit it until very recently. I watch it with them. I agree the language and cut throat competitor BS is nothing to aspire to.

      What made me allow it, then?

      Well, I started to see “team” mindedness. The support storylines were nice.. the she worked really hard to get here and deserves to be here even though I wish I was better than her, kind of stuff.

      I think they have made the characters a bit less horrible. Competition is serious. I get that. Kindness always wins.

      Also, there is a LOT to talk about during and after.

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