We’re Doomed!

I’m on my iThing with my husband right now*. (Yes. Really. Blogging in real time. What an innovator!)

I had a teeny feeling of panic because I couldn’t see my phone and went looking for it. I walked to the kitchen, where I had recently refilled my water bottle, and made it all the way back to my desk before the “Well, DOI!” struck.

Swear to God.

Technology is making me stupid.


It’s the modern day equivalent of searching for one’s glasses while one’s glasses are perched atop one’s head.


What is the silliest thing you have done lately?

Do you ever catch a glimpse of your own ridiculousness and simply have to laugh?

Please share an anecdote with me in the comments and help me to feel less alone with my ridiculousness.




*Well, it was a few minutes ago – now – if I’m being honest.

Source: http://www.shoeboxblog.com/?p=15314


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18 thoughts on “We’re Doomed!

  1. I wish that there was more technology in my life, like some kind of remote control for my glasses. I always put them down and then can’t find them and I can’t find them if I don’t have them. Ya know.

    I was just preaching the virtues of YouTube to my Father this morning. I don’t think he bought it. But then again, he has dialup so he’s not a good indicator of the importance of technology.

    Bring on the doom as far as I’m concerned.

    Besos Sarah.

    • I love this comment!

      I can’t find my glasses without my glasses either! You’d think I’d learn to keep them in the same, safe place, but noooOOOOoooooo. That would be logical. 😛

      I love the way we use technology. No doubt. Of course.

      BUT! I still blame a great portion of my derp on technology! 😀

  2. I can’t count the number of times I have walked upstairs to go to bed, only to have to come back down again because I have forgotten to take my meds. Hubby and the kids can’t understand how I can forget being I have been taking them for years. I’m just brain dead some days.

  3. This just in…as my son is microwaving his lunch he asks me in a most perplexed fashion- “Where’s my plate?”. Ahem…its in the microwave fruit of my loins….

  4. My thing is the kettle. I fill it, put it back on the stand to boil. Come back to it, pour a cup of tea, only to discover the water is stone cold. Forgot to turn it on, yet again. Who knew boiling water could be so complicated??

  5. I often look for my iPhone when I am ON IT!!! Yesterday I warmed up the oven, put the timer on and half way through the timer I didn’t think I had put it on so I went to check and was relieved that I had. Then the timer went off and there was NOTHING in the oven. The taco shells were still on the counter:)!!!

    • HAH! *fist bump*

      Swear, I did the same last night. Meatloaf was all ready to go in the oven. Preheated oven. Walked away. Timer went off and I went to check and – whoopsiedoodle – why is the meatloaf still on top of the stove?!? DOI!!

      You just reminded me that I have to heat the taco shells! Wish me luck!!

  6. I think that happens to the best of us, the funniest thing to happen to me lately was I was to post something on Pinterest and had a few minutes window but I was in a dead rush, when I finally finished in record time I might add I realized I had posted it in the wrong account and had to delete the post log out of the account and log into my account. Too much rush is not a good thing lol.

    • It’s so much to keep track of, isn’t it? 😀 We really are a bit ridiculous!

      Oh, it’s the worst to have to go back and undo something that takes time to do! Ugh! I feel your pain. 😉

      We all need to slow down and step away from the tech, now and then. 😀

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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