It’s The Very Best Time Of The Year


I told a friend this morning that I needed to get my “Jingle Bell Juice” flowing.

We have been fighting a wicked awful cold here at Chez Peady and 3/4 of us were affected. (1/4 of us has super immunity and I await the NASA scientists every cold & flu season, because this kid never gets sick! Seriously! How does he do it?!)

Anyway, not the best time of the year to catch a bug, is it?

I mean, we all have a lot going on and we all want to feel cheerful and energetic. It’s the time for dashing through the snow and sleigh bells, not trudging through the tissues or popping plugged up ears.

We are on the mend now and energy is slowly returning which is great because there is still so much to do. I feel like I am a bit behind on the Elf-ing schedule, but I really do try to adhere to Dr. Seuss’ Grinch’s timeless realization from “The Grinch who Stole Christmas”.

The school concerts are this week and that always makes me feel like Christmastime is here. Thing 2 is very excited this year because she (a tall kiddo) gets to stand in the front during her class’ performance. She was so excited when she learned this a few weeks ago she wrote this* as soon as she got home from school.


IMG_9783 - Version 2


Isn’t that sweet? How much** do I love the little white board in our office?

Thing 1 is pretty tense about his concert. It isn’t helping that his trumpet is MIA for the night. It was left on the bus. Yup. Not even kidding.

I am just going to have faith and believe that everything will work out. What else can I do, really?

It’s the season of perpetual hope, right?


Speaking of hope, my Things are really hoping for a white Christmas. We have no snow – at all – in Bedford. We have had lots of rain this month and we have yet another, rain-filled, nor’easter headed our way. It’s difficult to get all “Ho ho ho!” and “Deck the Halls!” when there is no sign of snow.

Unless of course you have a dear friend who sends a childhood memory out into the Twitterverse for you.

Do you remember this gem?

Thanks, Kyooty! That made my day.


So, what are you finding challenging this month? Are you all set for the holidays?

Is it easy breezy decorate all the trees-y or are you untangling tense tinsel at every tick of the clock?


*Have we talked about how every family should have a white board or chalk board accessible to everyone for writing special news, notes, or asking questions? No? There’s a forthcoming blog. Promise!


About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

8 thoughts on “It’s The Very Best Time Of The Year

    • Thanks! It’s just like life, really, isn’t it? Ups and downs… a little roller coaster ride. 😉

      No no. No one took the trumpet. He left it by accident after a long, tiring, day at school. The good news is that it has been located and (I hope!!) it will be coming home today. Whew!

      If I get snow.. hoo boy! We have torrential downpours today. Snow is very, very unlikely.

      If we do get some I will do my best to send it your way. Just a little bit, right? Making spirits bright!

  1. I am no where near to being “done” or “on-track” with Christmas. I’m actually incredibly surprised by my laisse faire attitude towards Christmas this year. Everything important will get done and I get to spend Christmas with one of my sisters, her hubby and their kids, my parents and hubby’s Mom. Nothing better than spending the day with lots of family around 🙂 Hope everyone feels better in your household soon 🙂

    • We are on the mend! If my ears would just allow me to hear again, I’d be thrilled. 😉

      You will get to spend Christmas with so much family! That’s wonderful!

      Everything will get done.. somehow, it always does. 😀 I think the rain isn’t helping. I just need a teensy dusting of Christmassy snow.

      For now I am going with blind faith as far as finishing on time. 🙂

    • Yay! 😀 That makes *me* happy.

      I love Christmassy things, too.

      You know what isn’t Christmassy? ALL THE RAIN! Which is exactly what we have today.

      There is a saving grace though… It’s so dark outside that I have left the lights plugged in *all* day and I am not even sorry. 🙂

      Maybe the concert tonight will spark some serious glittery, jingle all the way, joy! Here’s hoping!

      Thanks for visiting. That brings me joy.

  2. I need a white board. I have a HOOOGE one in my garage but it has yet to find it’s way to a wall, because well It’s HOOGE! If it was on the wall it would be great. Congrats to Thing 2 on her front row. It’s an awesome feeling I’m sure. My Mrbabe is on 2nd Row. My Big boys are not concerting this year.
    Isn’t that commercial the BEST! it really hits the feels and the memories and the Tear Jerkers! When it was running on TV it was a great commercial but on all the time? now? never! Sobeys needs to bring it back.

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