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Sometimes, despite best laid plans, we get out of our routine of good habits – such as meal planning or writing a weekly (or monthly – who are these people?!) menu.

When this happens, as it has for me recently, I am forever grateful for my imagination, creativity, enthusiasm, the ability to make something from (practically) nothing, and a good collection of meal ideas to fall back on.

Here are a couple of good “go to” recipes that can be made quickly and inexpensively, which, to me, is a great bonus!


Oven Baked Chicken Legs

Package of plump delicious chicken legs

Drizzle of olive oil (I use EVOO)

Seasoning (Applied in the following order)(Or not)(Whatevs.)(I’m breezy!)

Freshly cracked black pepper

Kosher salt (pinch)

Seasoning salt

Garlic powder

Onion powder




Arrange the chicken legs on a sheet pan covered in aluminum foil. Drizzle EVOO over the chicken. Begin layering your flavours. I eyeball this process according to the spice level my family desires. I sprinkle from on high so the spices kind of snow down over the sheet pan. I find this allows me to control the spices better and I never get a giant clump of cayenne or a gob of garlic. Next I take my tongs and just flip the legs over and back to sort of evenly coat them with the EVOO and seasoning. It isn’t an exact science and I am sure it will be fine whether you do this or not. Go ahead! Give it a try!

375 degree oven 40 minutes (or until done).



Oven Fried Rice*

2 c Uncle Ben’s Converted Long  Grain Rice

2 c water

1 pkg.  onion soup mix

1/2  c. oil

2  tbsp. soya sauce (I use gluten free)

I add a red pepper that has been diced because it makes it scrumptious and any time I can add a veggie, well, I do! I think it would be so pretty to add red and green (Christmas!) or several different colours to assist in the whole “eat the rainbow” quest.

Bake for one hour at 350 degree oven with cover on.

After first half hour of cooking, remove the cover and stir. Replace cover** and continue baking until done.


Take them out and cover to keep warm – or if you are lucky enough to have two ovens you can cook both things at once, keep the chicken warm, and well aren’t you the fancy schmancy Martha Stewart-y type? What the heck are you doing here reading my silly blog? Surely you have a Regatta Gala or some other fabulous event to attend tonight? No? Taking a break from being a Socialite? Okay. Cool! Hi!


What are your “go to” oh-no-is-that-the-time meals?

What kinds of things can you whip up in a flash that will feed your family and make them happy at the same time?

Feel free to share in the comments.

Bon appetit!



*We call this “Nanny Rice” at Chez Peady. Feel free to adopt this habit.

**I use an enamel roaster with a lid and I find a lot of moisture escapes. To accommodate this fact, I tend to add about a 1/2 c extra water. I feel that an awesome Dutch Oven would contain the moisture better, so if you have one***, try it and let me know how it goes.

***Dear Santa, LeCreuset. That is all****.

****Well, that and a goat.

Source: (Sometimes you just have to share the love with a stranger blogger.)

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

28 thoughts on “Supper In a Flash!

    • So easy! So yummy! You can put different veggies into the rice, too. I’d say the most important part would be cutting them up about the size of diced peppers. 😉

      I have to tell you that Parmesan as a chicken coating is magic. You can use as much or as little as you like. I have a chicken wing recipe in my arsenal and it is awesome. Once again, the magic is in the parmesan. 😀 I’ll share that another day. It is way more decadent, but would be great for a party! (And as I type I am thinking of modifications of that one, too!) (There’s always a way to make a recipe healthier!)

      Thanks for reading. I miss your face!!

      • I miss your face too! And I made the chicken last night, with bone-in breast, which was on sale, and it was really delicious, and Maggie-approved.

      • 😀

        Oh good!

        Yes I find the seasoning is a great little mix and I use versions of it on all kinds of cuts of chicken. Yummy!

        I am so glad M liked it! I miss her face, too!! 🙂

  1. I don’t menu plan, the most I will do is take meat out of the freezer for say the next three days. Then about an hour or two (unless I’m using the slow cooker), I will decide to do something with said meat I have in the fridge.

    • That’s a *kind of * plan. 😉

      I find it saves me money, time and stress, when I pan well.

      December, thus far, is a free for all! (Well, not really. It’s a relatively controlled extra treat free for all-ish.) 😀

      Currently, there is a roast just out of the oven, with roasted carrots & potatoes just about to be mashed. Sunday dinner together is nice. Even when life is wackadoodle.

      • When I shop, I buy enough food for two weeks, so again, I sort of have a plan. I am just more of a person to look up the recipe at the last minute and put it together. Or hubby cooks, like tonight, sausages, corn, french fries made from yams and salad. It hit the spot.

      • Simple. 2lbs ground beef, about 1/2 bag or just a bit more of elbow macaroni and 2 cans Campbell’s tomato soup (has to be Campbell’s, I’ve tried others. It affects taste) just spice the grounf beef how your family prefers. Cook the noodles, drain and add the meat and soup. That’s it.

      • Fun!

        I asked because I am sure my mother used to make a similar recipe, but I swear there were cheese slices in it – and not fancy, uppity Kraft slices, either… Co-op! 😀

        You are fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tonight it will be lasagna. I can’t hide the veg, they know. So ugh! I’ve had Nanny Rice, but it always seemed to have mushrooms which as you know is like death in this house.

    • Yummy! I should be making one with zucchini noodles…
      I count my blessings daily that I have veggie lovers! Thank goodness!!

      Nanny Rice is yummy and we purposely do not add mushrooms because T1 is not a fan and mushroom is a very overpowering flavour. Interestingly enough, I made a Tuna Noodle Casserole on.. ummm… Thursday (I think) and everyone loved it. There was Campbell’s (has to be Campbell’s, btw) cream of mushroom soup in that and no one even blinked.

      Disliking is a far cry from anaphylaxis, though, so I strongly recommend NOT making my Tuna Noodle Casserole. 😉 Though you could easily modify with a creamy sauce sans ‘shrooms … and sans death. 😀

    • Pasta is a great go-to! As long as I have GF noodles on hand I am a happy mamma. (I am currently out – thanks for the reminder!)

      MYO Pizzas are awesome because you can make them in so many different ways and they don’t need a homemade dough crust. Tortillas, pitas, naan.. all YUM!

      If I could find a GF garlic naan I would be over the moon.

      I also, always have a bagged salad for those “oh shoot – I need food, too!” nights. D

      • I used jasmine rice, so maybe that’s different from the rice you used, but I found it ran out of water halfway through and I had to add another 2 cups. But then, I didn’t add water to the onion soup mix — was I supposed to?

        Overall, super delicious and I will add this to my repertoire of weeknight meals!!

      • Oh! It *totally* matter what kind of rice you use. Absolutely.

        I should have specified. Sorry! The recipe calls for “Uncle Ben’s Long Grain Converted Rice”. I have tried using PC Blue Menu Brown Rice and it takes a LOT more water and longer to cook. the Uncle Ben’s turns out great every time. Though I am certain a heavy lid would help keep moisture in and speed up the process while not drying out.

        No water is needed for the soup mix.

        I hope you give it another go. I *love* Jasmine rice, btw. So fragrant and yummy!

    • Yummy!

      Moms have a way with meals, don’t they?

      I have to figure out tonight’s Birthday dinner! Thing 1 didn’t make a special request. He usually does. Yeeps! What will I do!

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