Did you watch the SAMMYs?

There’s a reason he won all those awards.

Here’s one.

You have to admit that was great, don’t you?

I am a Tracy Chapman fan and I love “Fast Car”. It holds a very personal place in my heart, actually, and even I love Sam Smith’s version.

I really appreciate a live performance.

It’s fun to see different generations teaming up to make something brand new.

Maybe musicians should be our world leaders. I’m telling you right now I’d support an Annie Lennox/Ed Sheeran government.

What did you think of the GRAMMYs this year? Did you even watch?

Are you into music?

Do you love or loathe awards season?

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10 thoughts on “Did you watch the SAMMYs?

  1. The Grammys were on past my bedtime, so we DVR’d and watched it the next night (plus, my girls were interested in the performances. I’ll admit, most of it was thoroughly unimpressed with…with the exception of Ed Sheeran and Annie Lennox. Man…she KILLED it!

    • They were on *way* past my bedtime, too, but, like a child, I stayed awake until the bitter – and very weird – end.

      I LOVED the live performances. I never go to concerts, so it was a treat!

      I love Annie Lennox – and always have – she was soooo amazing. I loved how the performances that blended old and new were done. It was better than last year. The whole Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Herbie Hancock, Jeff Lynne/ELO thing was amazing!

    • No need to confess! He’s pretty great, though and BONUS he’s a Brit! 😀

      My BFF, The Beau, will definitely know!

      Also, please play “Fast Car” for him. Wow!

    • It was a music show! I think the performances are the best part. 😀

      If you didn’t DVR it, do me a favour and find the .gif of Prince’s side eyes. A thing of beauty, I tell ya!

  2. I watched the whole show last night thx to my handy- dandy PVR and prince’s side eyes were priceless…is it just me or is he looking more and more like Little Richard? The Hozier- Annie Lennox performance was terrific, she was great and their energy was palatable- it really looked like they were having a good time on stage. Can’t say the same thing for some of the other performances- even Madonna seemed a little too stiff on stage. What was up w/ Lady Gaga and her wonky arm movements and bad-tan session- I just wanted to hear her and Tony work some music magic and not see her flapping her arms awkwardly around. The PVR cut off Beyonce’s gospel performance and so that was the end of my magical night at the Grammys. Time to get some Oscars homework done before the big night!

    • I think he’s dipped into a fountain of youth somewhere along the line because he looks fantastic. He’s just so cool. Honestly, he could have come out in a burlap sack and made that work! The side eyes. Oh so much Princely perfection! 😀

      Annie and Hozier looked happy and like they were having fun.

      I *loved* John Mayer’s look and really enjoyed that set with Ed Sheeran.

      Madonna’s set was just so-so. I wondered of she was well, actually. All the shirtless bull/goat men were a titch much, but she was playing to her audience and probably hit the mark. She’s 56. I should be so “bad”!! 😉

      Agreed! Gaga was obnoxious. She is a such a great singer, but Tony Bennet doesn’t require her antics. I’d have preferred to hear them over seeing them.

      Beyoncé is amazing. What a smile! People were upset she sang gospel as opposed to her songs, but I thought it was cool. At that point they were going over, hence the pvr cut off. I am sad you missed John Legend and Common. YouTube that one!

      Onward to the Oscars!

  3. Okay, now I get it, the “SAMMYs”. Clearly I’m not as much into music as you or the rest of the world because I had no idea who this guy was nor had I ever heard him. I didn’t watch the Grammys either but that’s because I don’t have a tv.

    Besos Sarah

    • There ya go! Yes, the SAMMYs. I was hashtagging #SAMMYs the night of the GRAMMYs when Sam Smith won so many. So silly! :p

      Honestly, I can’t imagine how you have avoided hearing his music, unless you also never listen to the radio. “Stay with Me”, especially, has been played so much over the past year. To the point of “OMG! Change the station!” – and I like him. 😉

      No TV is a great choice. Just for the lack of news alone it’s a great thing!

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