No One Needs To Know Right Now

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovey!

This one is for you.


As long as I live and breathe this song will remind me of you.

Our first date. A disaster. The movie! Not the date. Twister. We were tempting fate, apparently, and not to get all overconfident or anything, but so far, so good.

I can’t really explain this one. Do you even know? *swoons*

So mellow. So indulgent. I haven’t heard this in a long, long time.

I sincerely don’t think there is another human on this planet (Are there humans on other planets? Wait. Not the point. Sorry, sorry.) who could tolerate my ugly cry like you. Thanks for that. You never make me feel crazier than anyone else. I appreciate that so much.

“The Object of My Affection”. The little kiddos singing at the end. I was done. Holy ugly cry. That was pretty intense and as I recall went on for quite some time. I am pretty sure you have been there for all my really great ugly cries of the last 18 years. Wait. That sounds wrong. What I mean is that when I really need to let out the stress of the world or a self-inflicted sadness (Watching “Step Mom” on Christmas Day when we were very far away from home, comes to mind. Hoo boy! There was another doozie of an ugly cry.), you are always there.

Thank you.

I love you.



About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

9 thoughts on “No One Needs To Know Right Now

  1. I love sharing all of life’s moments with you. It’s all part of the adventure that is marriage. Life is better shared together*. Wow, has it been 18 years since our first date? Time sure flies when you are in love. There are few things like a song that can transport you back to a chapter in your life. As we continue to make moments together, I thought I would add to your musical chronology with a tune that is befitting of today’s chapter:
    “Happy by Pharrell Williams”
    Thank you for sharing this romantic post with me. I love you very much.

    Love always,
    *If I was a famous recording artist like Taylor Swift, I might trademark this!

    • Aww. You’re the best. You just are. 🙂

      If we ever settle on what date that date took place we can write it in stone, but hey, why get specific now? 😉 (May something. We are sure about that!)

      I think it’s so true. There is nothing like a song. Mindfulness is fabulous. Living in the moment is rad. However, sometimes I just want to be transported to another (simpler?) place in time.

      Happiness if the truth! 😀


      *Totally should trademark that and start putting it on merchandise immediately!

    • Aw. Thank you for telling me that.

      A drive! Wouldn’t that be awesome? The weather, sadly, makes a drive an impossibility today.

      But there is love. ❤

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