On The Go

I feel like I have not stopped to take a breath in the last two weeks.

I don’t think I like it.

I mean I am busy and busy can be good, but there is a fine line between busy and crazy-busy.

Busy is having something to do and managing to still get the basics taken care of.

Crazy-Busy on the other hand leaves me feeling like I am always forgetting something, barely meeting commitments, scrambling to take care of pretty basic stuff (Oh hai couch covered in clean laundry! Stop looking at me like that. I’ll get to you. Eventually.), not being as careful as I should be with the care and feeding of myself, skipping exercise (because surely all this running around must be good for something, right? Wrong.) Feeling like I can’t do it all.

It is not balanced.

I want balance.

How the heck do people achieve that? Seriously. I’m asking.

I want to write more and I love having something to do. Honestly. These things make me extremely happy.

I need to take charge of my shedule.

Maybe I should actually construct one, even. Oh ho! Now we’re talking!

I love knowing that something fun is coming up and I love looking forward to family events and fun with my Things.

I have no qualms making sure that they meet their commitments, get sleep, eat well, exercise. (Thing 2 is even taking part in the Drs. NS Youth Run this morning at the Blue Nose Marathon.)

Time to take a step back and make sure I am doing this for myself.

Yesterday, was actually lovely. We had a family day and we haven’t done that in a long, long, time.

That’s the first thing getting entered in my work life balance schedule.

How do you manage it all?

Do you even try?

When is the last time you felt at ease with the way everything was working out in your life?

Do you live a Crazy-Busy life?

Do you secretly love it?

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

12 thoughts on “On The Go

  1. Dan is crazy busy right now. WAY far into crazy-busy. I’ve been there in the past, but have found that it is easier if only one spouse is way far into crazy-busy, so I’m trying to leave him that and stay on this side of the busy spectrum.

    I am staying up too late and not running (or any kind of exercise). HIS crazy-busy makes it hard to manage my schedule a lot.

    • I love the way you narrowly avoided saying you’d stay on this side of the “busy” spectrum. See? I *totally* would have gone with crazy! 😀 THAT’S how busy the last two weeks have been.

      I like being busy, but I think I need to be busier for myself. Does that sound terrible? I have been trying to support friends in their ventures and honest to God, I love that, but I wonder sometimes if the shoe were on the other foot … well you know? 😉

      Thank *you* for always being supportive. You are a great listener and in this crazy-busy, mixed-up world that – make no mistake about it – is a super power. 🙂

      Happy Saturday! I hope your Victoria Day weekend has a nice chunk of R & R!

  2. I can relate to what you are saying. My life was double crazy for about a month. It was sprinkled with some fun have to dos, but I did resort back to lists and timeline list just to fit things in. One day I had time to do one of two things, I actually made my decision based on do I disappoint 12 or 200? So I disappointed 12.

    Times like this it seems others tend to throw wrenches in the mix too so it gets difficult to stay focused, but you barrel through it just the same.

    And crazy busy times cause stress which can make our bodies do crazy weird stuff to. So just hang in there look for the light at the end and keep on being you!

    • You hit the nail right on the head! When we get swept up in the crazy busy we can’t even see what is happening to ourselves.

      My needs go right to the back burner. Through no one’s fault, but my own.

      It’s hard to get upset at anyone else when I know I am to blame. 😉 Darn it.

      The hardest thing is that crazy busy isn’t always bad stuff filling your plate, either. As you pointed out sometimes you do have to choose – and choosing between one good thing and another good thing is very difficult. (I would have done the same as you, btw.) Crazy busy doesn’t mean sad or bad (though I could). It typically just means too much all at the same time. Kind of like chiptonite. 😛

  3. Feeling much the same. So much going on that is important, but also overwhelming. And more coming in the future, both long and short term. No solution at the moment.

    • That’s a challenge too. When there is no foreseeable end in sight it is easy to become overwhelmed.

      If it comes in waves it isn’t unmanageable.

      I am hoping they bring back the 6 AM hot yoga class at my local Moksha for summer because I think I could use a few weeks of that one hour just for me and my parts. 😉

  4. May-June is always maximum crazy time for us. So many end-of-year events, with a few summer sports starting up, and suddenly we’ve got at least two activities every night of the week. My husband and I basically don’t see each other for eight weeks. I always think, “it’ll be better when XYZ,” like when school is over, or once we are past camping, or once swim lessons are done…but there’s always something else around the bend. For now we just try to hang in there and look forward to retirement :).

    • I think May-June gets a lot of us. You nailed it!

      Ha! @ the retirement plan.

      When my husband and I were first dating we were also really busy, but we used to take weekends and make the most of them in good, happy ways. We did that *this* weekend – and you know what? We are all so happy. We spent lots of time together and did a few fun things and I really hope I remember this next weekend. 🙂

    • I think you are right.

      Maybe balance is what we should all look at it with in the end. (Of course, by then it’s too late.)

      Like an “everything evens out in the wash” kind of thing. 😉

      Maybe balance is 2 crazy-busy weeks followed by a week of sloth? Please say it is – because Mummy is tired!

  5. I have a crazy busy life right now. I’m not a huge fan, in fact, I’m sure you’ve heard me complain (smile) but it is what it is. And, it’s like that every year when we get home from Mexico and then Summer happens and before I know it, it’s September and then things really start to slow down. And then it’s time to do it all over again.

    Whenever I have somewhere that I have to be at a certain time (something resembling a schedule), I really don’t like it. Laundry and dishes don’t bother me so much because in the large scheme of things, they don’t really matter to me. So, I’ll take what I have.

    Hope things start to slow down for you soon.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The zoo

    • I get it. There can be good crazy busy, even. It’s true. It’s just like anything. I can’t always control the things I want to control – Boy! If only I could! – but I can control my reaction to the things happening.

      If I am honest, when I get stressed – which I wasn’t, really, in this case – I either plow through with great success or I freeze/fail.

      I prefer plowing though. Obviously. Especially when the busy is mostly fun/happy busy.

      But everybody needs to find time to just be every now and again. 🙂 That’s just sound logic.

      We want not-so-much a slowing down … hmm .. maybe we want an evening out or a level of consistency? Yeah! That’d be good!

      Thank you for your kind comments and super support!

      You’re a gem!


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