Our Canada Day Cancellation Was Ignited On Independence Day!

It is always a goal of mine to capture at least one decent fireworks shot during Canada Day celebrations. Well, that was tricky because this year’s Canada Day fireworks were cancelled.

Thankfully the very smart people who are in charge of civic events in Halifax always build a rain date – or in our case a fog date – into their schedule and this year Bedford’s rain date fell squarely on July 4th. Yes, American Independence Day! Perfect.

Especially great for all the Canadian-Americans who just so happen to live in Bedford.

The Things and I made our way to DeWolf Park just after dark and found a place to watch the show. It was really amazing!

I wanted to get a decent shot, but I also always want to be truly present at these things and not completely distracted by the cameras I happen to be carrying, so I decided to try and get a couple of shots with my iPhone and then I put it away. Most of the photos I took are utter garbage, absolutely destined for the trash, but I managed one decent iPhone shot in part by following some tips I read earlier in the day.

For the record, I still feel that it’s mostly dumb luck.

Then I enjoyed the fireworks with my kids and when it was coming down to the wire and I knew the finale was about to happen I took out my trusty point and shoot and tried my best to capture a big one!

I did it!

Not only did I manage to take a photograph that wouldn’t offend the eyes of everyone who was forced to look at it, but I think I did a pretty good job at conveying the whole feel of this fun family event and annual tradition.

Look how pretty!


What do you think?

Did you attend a Canada Day or Fourth of July fireworks display this year? How was it? Did you take lots of photos? How did they turn out? How many did you snap (as opposed to the number you’d be proud to share)?

Go ahead and leave a comment! I’ll share my numbers if you share yours.

Do you have any fun family traditions that go hand in hand with summertime?

What are you most looking forward to this month?

At the very least, I hope your July has started with a bang!


About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

13 thoughts on “Our Canada Day Cancellation Was Ignited On Independence Day!

    • Thank you! I was so pleased with myself. 😀

      You were in PEI!? I love PEI! We will be there soonish. 😉

      I love when the show goes on after a cancellation. That’s the best!

  1. Great shot!! No fireworks here. It wasn’t in the Canada D’eh celebration budget. But we did get a local company to sponsor them for next year. We did attended the parade, and cake cutting. Cake for everyone! Loved the Legion’s pipe and drum band! Bagpipes always make me feel a little homesick though.

    • Thank you! Aww. Some years are better than others budget-wise. That’s awesome about the corporate sponsor for next year! Yay!

      I have to tell you, I have a fondness in my heart for parades and cake cuttings. Especially in small places. There is just something so homegrown about it. Tight communities can pull that off. I know because it reminds me of my hometown. 😀

      Pipes and Drums are the best! We have seen two this week alone!! I love Nova Scotia!

      The Black Watch Association played “Amazing Grace” yesterday… I almost cried. And I *live* here now. You can imagine my state when I lived “away”. 😉

    • Thank you! I was very excited and quite proud of myself. I would love to have a DSLR! Imagine the possibilities!

      Meanwhile, YOU!! You saw T-Swizzle!! AMAZING!! That’s my favourite blog story ever now. 😀

  2. Neither of my kids are fireworks fans, and we’d been going full-out with houseguests the few days before Canada Day, so we had a quiet one. Eve and I have seen a couple of concerts at Bluesfest, though, and she’s constantly snapping trying to get a good shot of moving figures on a brightly-lit stage, so we should probably read those tips. Great picture!

    • Fireworks are LOUD! This can be tricky. My Things wear earplugs when we watch them and guess what! So do the grown ups. Why risk it? 😉

      Oh, it can be so frustrating trying to get a great photo. The HDR feature in the iPhone is a nice little helper, but yes, go read those tips because they work! I am amazed at the quality of some people’s “iphoneography” (though I kinda hate that “word”.)(… and now I am thinking about Weird Al)

      I would love to go to Blues Fest. All those years in Ottawa and nary a show!

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