Too Much Looking. Not Enough Leaping.

This is an actual road in New Glasgow, PEI. There's a street sign and everything. AACK!

This is an actual road in New Glasgow, PEI. There’s a street sign and everything. AACK!

I have to go for it, right?

I have been tiptoeing around things and you know what? I am not much of a tiptoe-er in any other aspect of my life, so what the heck is my problem when it comes to asking for what I want?

I dunno!

I don’t even care* right now.

All I know is that it’s over.

I’m only popping in here for a minute to tell you this.

I felt you – of all people – should know.

So there you have it!

It’s time to leap.

Why not? Right?

Life has a way of working out, when I do.

I mean, we survived our adventure down the road** pictured above. That was a miracle of sorts. The Things were sufficiently freaked out and in all honesty I wasn’t sure we would make it out alive. Having an active imagination is a wonderful thing – until you turn down a one way, red dirt road, after dark, relying on a GPS (whose prowess thus far – let’s be honest –  has proved to be sketchy at best) when you know darn well that you could have found your own way home. I asked Daddy-O to take a picture because no one would believe it otherwise and well, if we met our untimely doom, there would be, what? Evidence of our blind faith in technology? It was hard to capture what we were actually seeing. It was so dark. There were downed trees or large branches on the road along with deep grooves on either side of the car and a lot of deep puddles. It was as if the road was brand new. Like, we might be following the bulldozer – new. Frankly, it felt like a scene from a cheesy, scary movie. It was fun though! Lots of laughs and shivers and “Whoa!”s coming from inside our teeny car.

Maybe we are a bit more invincible than we thought?

Could be.

I intend to find out.

Oh! And there will be more PEI posts to come.

I think everyone should come to the Maritimes and visit many places (all the times!), but Prince Edward Island has a special place in my heart (that I can’t even really explain), so I will be sharing some serious PEI love this week and maybe, if I am fortunate, even more into this blog’s future.

So, let’s see where this all leads, shall we?

Tell me, are you a looker or a leaper?

How is summer going, so far?

Are you hot or cold?

We are a lot chillier than we should be, I think, but hopefully it will be warmer soon.

*That’s a lie. I always care.

*Mt. Tom Road. FYI. Look it up. Fun! I dare ya!


About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

10 thoughts on “Too Much Looking. Not Enough Leaping.

  1. I look and I leap but not in any particular order. Life can be crazy be safe and do what you know is right. ????

    • I think you are a great combination. You do leap! I know you are wise and also look and stuff, to be not crazy-risky, but you leap. I’ve seen it and it is spectacular!


  2. I’m a looker. I admit it. I’ve leapt a number of times. Those times have been for other people for the most part. Like flying…I never would have made that leap had it not been for my men folk

    • It’s good to have someone worth leaping for, isn’t it? 😀 Your men folk are special folk.

      Caution is required a lot in life, but I feel like I am so willing to do for others what I am afraid to even attempt to do for myself.

      I need to stop that right now. You know?

  3. I am more of a looker (not in that way) than a leaper. I need to do more leaping, because often when I spend so much time looking, the moment to leap passes. And that is sad.
    Also, that is the coolest road and I’m not sure I would have had the guts to keep going. I would have made the GPS recalculate.

    • Heh heh! You know when I posed the question I new at least one person would say that re: looker. Hee hee! You are funny. 😀

      That is what I am finding. I don’t want things to go before I have a chance to leap!

      Life is for the living. It’s time to leap!

      It was sooooooo dark. The camera/headlights lightened it up. If a masked lunatic or bear or rogue fox had have jumped out I would have been all “I knew it. Now we’re all gonna die. Why didn’t you just let me go the way I know?” *frowny forehead Mom glare*

      So glad it worked out! Mind you I *was* right. This essentially made us circle back (in a rectangular shape) to where we would have been *my* way. 😛

  4. That looks like the road to my place only minus the street sign #truth. Glad you survived to tell us about it. Here’s to many more adventures and I totally agree, the Maritimes are amazing!

    Besos Sarah.

    • Really? Only a single lane, too? This is a hoot!

      We always manage to find ourselves on at least one red dirt road on PEI, but I prefer it when it is daylight!

      I hope you get to go to PEI soon with the kids and that you get to try the PEI Potato Pie from PEI Preserve Co. *faints* Yummy!

      And for goodness sake! IF you do, let me know you are nearby so we can finally meet! I have a big squeezy hug with your name on it and more nail polish than we know what to do with that Artemis can have!

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