No Comment!


It is late and I am talking myself into posting tonight by basically writing this and posting it.

A dose of blog, if you will. You know, like drinking really gross coffee from your hometown because there are no other options and you really need some caffeine so you go to the place that has the caffeine? Yeah, that.

I was rather proud of myself for posting a blog last night and I had every intention of posting earlier today, but guess what! The Universe interjected and said, “Oh! You want something, now, do you? Ha ha! Itty bitty insignificant being. That’s not how it works!”, then proceeded to lock me out of my blog all day long and while I was trying to see the upside – I had posted, after all – it also went one step further and ate any and all comments that nice people left on my post. (There may or may not have been lots of comments. Who’s to say? It’s a mystery, really.)

Regardless, I feel sad. That really stinks, doesn’t it?



When I was finally able to access my blog I was thrilled to see that a number of views did happen throughout the day, but not a single comment. The only reason I knew something was wrong with that particular aspect of my blog – at all – is that when I mentioned it to my IT Department he disagreed because, in fact, he had left a comment which clearly was not here. Wah!


If you left a comment. Thanks!

If you read my post. Thanks!

If you are reading this now. Thanks!

Hopefully this will be the last major bump in the road.

Speaking of bumps in the road. I didn’t plan on feeling any at all today and as such chose to be car-free for the entire day, but again the Universe chortled (oooh! Now there’s a 13 cent word!), and declared, “Car-free?!? Oh, ho ho! Silly human. That’s inconceivable!” and then went a step further and made sure Thing 1 had his phone with him (I swear he almost never takes that thing to school!) and would be permitted to panic text me from homeroom about forgotten items on this the real first day of school where students were expected to show up ready to start working, which – and call the teachers crazy if you must – involves little things like, you know, having school supplies with you at school.



So, my plans were flipped on their head and my extra time was stolen.

I have plans to get it back.

I’ll come back tomorrow with my charts and slide rule.

Suffice it to say that smartphone is currently on my desk. Let’s just call it a tech time out.

That has to count for at least 30 minutes of my stolen time!

I’m feeling better already.



About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

6 thoughts on “No Comment!

  1. The universe has a way doesn’t it? My middle guy forgot his lunch on out first day yesterday. Was going to have a relaxing morning sitting and making “welcome back from first day” cookies. my guy with the phone refuses to use it while on school grounds….even if 30 mins before school starts!

    • Does it ever! 😛

      That’s hilarious about Big Guy! Is it a rules thing, do you think or is he just flexing the teen thing?

      Oh and balance was achieved yesterday when Thing 2 forgot her water and her glasses! 😉

      Pobody’s nerfect.

  2. Yay for being able to post and comment! My blog still isn’t working properly. I cannot upload photos. I need to make a call. Now, to find time to make the call… 🙂

    • Do you control lots of it yourself, or is there a helper on the job?

      I sleep with my IT Department. 😀

      So far, it’s working out. I have a new host. It was fabulous. Now there are a few down times. It’s something they are working on. At least the new host seems to care. That’s a plus!

    • Yay! What a frustrating turn of events!

      The comments can really make my day. I find them motivating.

      The worst is not knowing if people tried.. and failed .. to leave a comment. 😦

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