We Will Be Invincible


I choose to focus on the future and the potential of a world filled with people who are problem solvers.

In our family it is important for us to teach our children not to live in what we call the “Problem Domain”.

Yes. Life can be difficult.

Yes. The news of the world can bring you to your knees.

Yes. Sometimes you will feel scared.

Yes. Sometimes you will feel lonely.

Yes. Sometimes you will not know what you are supposed to do.

It is at precisely these times that you must dig deep, listen to your little voice, and figure out what you should do.

Know that you do have what it takes to get out of your particular situation.

Know that you are loved.

Know that you are trusted.

Know that you have people pulling for you.

Know that whatever the absolute worst thing in the world is (to you) right now, that it will not be forever.

When you bring a problem to someone, believe there is a solution.

Maybe have a few in mind, if and when you feel that is appropriate.

Move beyond that problem domain and realize that the more you begin to move your mind outside of the problem, the more you will actually begin to feel like maybe it isn’t so insurmountable, after all.

You are smart.

You are curious.

You are loved.

You are caring.

You are kind.

Whether or not you happen know it right now.

You are invincible.


About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

10 thoughts on “We Will Be Invincible

  1. This part? “Move beyond that problem domain and realize that the more you begin to move your mind outside of the problem, the more you will actually begin to feel like maybe it isn’t so insurmountable, after all.” <– so true!

  2. My darling, you should have provided a warning that this post will blow dust into your eyes, and cause them to tear up. I’ve read it 3 times, and it’s happened every time. I may need to print this and tuck it away for when I need some comfort. Thank you!

    • Aww. Sorry, love. *hugs* I say what I mean and I mean what I say. At the very least, you have been warned of this in the past. 🙂

      Thank you for your very kind words.

      Please do that. Please. I will do the same. I believe this. I want my children to believe this. It really is great to live in the moment and moments pass quickly. We don’t want to confuse “living in the moment” with dwelling on a situation. I think humans are tricky creatures. We are fickle and critical of ourselves. We can do better by being kinder to ourselves. Deep breaths. Onward we go!

  3. I have a plablem… I have a need for problems, but your posts are so packed with positive Peady Powers that I now feel anything is possible, like packing more P’s into this psssentence. 🙂

    • Aww. This was the first thing I laid my eyes on this morning and it gave me all the feels. My goodness he was a cute little Thing! So reflective and deep. The nurses pegged it in the very first moments of his life. I love that. He has been so great at learning to work out his “plablems” over the years. What a great kid!

      Honestly, Lovey, I think we all have a need for problems at times. There are days when my Pollyanna ways are thwarted right, left, and centre (see: the 102 around 8:55 a.m. nearly every day), but if I recognize my “HUMAN!” I can see the humour and move quickly past it.

      I have to feel my feelings too, after all. 😀

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  5. It’s a challenge to not be able to see beyond the chaos of the moment- loved your post! I also saw this quote and it also resonated-

    We are invincible, we are loved and safe!

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