We Like The Moon! (‘Cause It Is Close To Us.)

Behold, the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Moon!


Oh? That’s not what it’s called?


Well it should have been!

My photos – hard earned, mind you – don’t even come close to doing this situation justice.


If you could know how long it took to get one half-decent photo, you would laugh. Or cry.

I nearly did.

Mostly because of the beauty of the night, though.

Did you go chasing after the perfect shot of the amazing Super Blood Moon in September? How did your photos turn out?

Why is it that our eyes can see it so clearly and so gigantic and yet when we look through the lens of a camera it is suddenly puny and not at all the image we are trying to convey?

Do you know?


It is all an illusion. Isn’t that amazing?

Our brains want everything to be awesome! Logic doesn’t always provide what we want.

Here is an explanation of why we can’t capture the Moon unless we have very fancy photography equipment.

Oh well. Even though I know it is an illusion, I am sure when the next Super Moon event rolls around, I’ll be excitedly rounding up the Things, checking the moonrise times, charging my iPhone, grabbing my camera, and trying yet again to capture the moon.

Maybe it’s the romantic notion that I can get something really special if the conditions are just right. Maybe it’s all my exposure to George Bailey and his promises of lassoing the moon. Maybe, every now and then, I simply must give in to my childlike wonder of celestial things. Maybe the (somewhat futile) exercise of photographing the moon is about more than the final product.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps …

Oh, science! You may be right. I may be crazy, but (as Billy Joel sang) it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for.


About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

9 thoughts on “We Like The Moon! (‘Cause It Is Close To Us.)

    • WE watched it rise (to enjoy that part) then went home to get cameras. Then we stayed up *way* late to try and get a shot of the eclipse! It was quite amazing to see and we had an ideal place to view it – right from our patio. It was really cold out that night though, so near the end (in the middle of endless attempts to capture the action) I was just popping outside to try again and then fleeing back inside to the comfort of my furry brown blanket of joy. 😉

      Talk about an exercise in futility!

      One of these days I’ll have a nice DSLR and great lens and I will finally capture the moon.

  1. I was totally going to comment that it is really hard to capture what we think we see of the moon in a photograph. But then you went all into it! 🙂 So, all I have to say is… that second photo took my breath away.

    • I love you Laura. *tears* Today *you* are my favourite for so many reasons. ❤

      Thank you for your kind words. You are always so supportive. I really appreciate that!

      That photo was taken with my point and shoot Canon PowerShot S95. I really want a DSLR and lessons!

      I really like that the stripy stacks were still visible as the darkness fell. That was a nice surprise!

  2. I didn’t even try to photograph it – I have enough trouble taking good pictures of things that are right in front of me. We got a few seconds of cool moon and then the clouds rolled in. But we had seen a truly spectacular harvest moon a couple of weeks before while driving home, so we weren’t too bitter. Also – ha – lunatic.

    • Oh that would be nice to see. Have you looked yet? I wonder if it turned out. Did he have it on a tripod?

      I’d love to have a fire pit outside. Christmas Eve marshmallow roasts! 😀
      (Yes, I would dig it out if I had to!)

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