The One Where I Run Out Of Time And Am Simply Too Tired To Worry Much About It!

out of time

It is 11:23 p.m. as I am beginning this post.

Thing 2 just went to bed a little while ago and – I swear to you as I type – right now I hear Thing 1 walking around in the dark. Getting a drink perhaps.

Daddy-O has just started an episode of Poirot and if you know it at all (Do you know Agatha Christie’s Poirot at all?) you will know it isn’t exactly a thrill-a-minute-perk-you-up-and-write kind of program. Not at all. As a matter of fact I have recently decided that my husband pretty much uses Hercule Poirot and his 1935 crime fighting shenanigans as a sleep aid because he almost never makes it through an episode.

Meanwhile I, the one who resists it being started in the first place, am hanging on until the last minute – regardless of when that last minute happens to take place on the actual clock. You know the clock? The one that tells me I am up too late. The one that says Early Band is happening whether or not Mr. Poirot solves the mystery**. The one that at this very minute is breathing down my neck telling me to write something and hit publish tout de suite! (Did I mention Poirot is Belgian? That’s right! He speaks French.)

I am exhausted!

It has been a really great week filled with all kinds of good news and happy making shenanigans and I think all the action has finally caught up with me and my “little grey cells”***.

Here we go again! I am asking questions about the storyline and my best husband is asleep.

Perfect timing.


*Full disclosure!

**Of course he solves the mystery! Oh mon Dieu! Of course!

***OY! Poirot says this! How did I get into this?!?

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9 thoughts on “The One Where I Run Out Of Time And Am Simply Too Tired To Worry Much About It!

  1. No, no… That is simply not true! The world renowned detective Hercule Poirot is most captivating. It is the fact the his mental game is so sharp, his cases so diabolical that it can exhaust the little grey cells. One needs a fresh mind to keep pace with the famous Poirot!

    • The best comment on my blog yet. 😀

      This is the first thing I saw when I woke up today and I laughed and laughed.

      Maybe you should write a modern adaptation of The Adventures of Hercule Poirot? 😉

  2. I’m all for the classics, but I confess I prefer my mysteries a little more modern. And hey, there are words in the space, it counts!

    • Sherlock? We *love* Sherlock! Especially the one with Benedict Cumberbatch. The American one with Lucy Liu as Watson is also very, very good.

      I loved Monk when it was on. I appreciated Monk.

      Monk very clearly borrowed heavily from Poirot. I think that’s why we have fallen into this recent trap. 😉

      And you are right! There were words. Thank you for your logic. I appreciate that! Now I have to do it again! AACK!

  3. I used to watch Poirot with my folks, and I enjoyed it, but I also had trouble making it through a whole episode awake. My mom almost always falls asleep in front of the TV, regardless of what’s on, so it’s definitely in my genes. 🙂

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