25 Things That Made Me Smile Today

Smiling is my favourite

Please allow me to get right to the point (a rare treat for those who know me, I am sure!).

I give you a succinct, if random, list of 25 things that made me smile today.

  1. Early morning snuggles with Thing 2.
  2. My first cup of coffee.
  3. Braiding Thing 2’s beautiful hair so she would be fancier than her normal Hermione Granger for her school’s Remembrance Day ceremony, today, where she would be singing with her school mates.
  4. The fact that last Christmas’ Poinsettia is still alive and well .
  5. The thought that I might actually be able to get it to bloom in time for December.
  6. Thing 1 practicing his trumpet this evening for his school’s Remembrance Day ceremony tomorrow.
  7. CrockPot turkey stock.
  8. Finally making a yummy, flavourful, batch of turkey soup.
  9. Calling it thoup.
  10. Remembering my beautiful niece and her utterly adorable developmental lisp.
  11. Remembering how Thing 2, who reminds me so much of her, also had an extremely similar lisp for a few years.
  12. Being told by someone whose opinion I value, that they appreciate what I do.
  13. My enormous, yellow, Fall Mums which are still very much in bloom.
  14. The idea that my red SIGG water bottle is my health potion.
  15. The brilliant idea to buy a second SIGG bottle in blue so I will not only have my health, but also mana.
  16. My magical glasses which after all this time still make me happy every single day because they are awesome.
  17. Thing 1’s awesome hair.
  18. Thing 1’s school photos, wherein he decided to *not* cut off his hair for school photo day and wore his “Wookie Expressions” T-shirt with exactly zero irony.
  19. The word rutabaga.
  20. The fact that we call it turnip (and always will!) even though we know the difference between rutabaga and turnip.
  21. A weird elevator ride with Daddy-O this morning as we were leaving for the commute where the elevator seemed to have a mind of its own, went up instead of down, and picked up a neighbour who then, presumably, assumed we just really like elevator rides.
  22. Parting ways with my husband while he took out the recycling and continuing to walk right alongside the elevator neighbour (who is mostly silent) who parks near me in the garage and not being able to stop myself from saying, “I feel like we are competing in the world’s slowest race.”
  23. Savoury.
  24. Crowdsourcing recipe advice via Facebook.
  25. Being married to a Computer Elf.

C’est tout!

It really is the little things.

What about you?

What made you smile today?


About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comIโ€™m sensitive and Iโ€™d like to stay that way.

14 thoughts on “25 Things That Made Me Smile Today

  1. I love morning snuggles with Vivienne to! My partner got her up this morning, I usually sing her a good morning song & then bring her to my bed to cuddle for a couple minutes, and she ended up coming down the stair crying. A long hug with morning song fixed that up!

    • Honestly, I am not 100% sure. It survived January and February with regular watering and had nice red leaves for most of those months. When the red leaves dropped I just kept watering it and when the warm days arrived I put it outside! Crazy, right? It thrived! I have only just taken it back inside and I think I recall Ed Lawrence saying something about sticking it in a dark closet to force it to bloom… I’ll have to double check. It isn’t nearly as full as the ones you see in stores at the moment, but it is alive and that in and of itself is a teeny miracle.

  2. Finally caving in and going to see the doctor who’s filling in for my doctor for the year and then being sorry for ducking him until now because he’s SO NICE and like my doctor brother-in-law (tall, skinny, young, earnest) with black hair instead of red. I kept almost bursting into giggles while talking to him.

  3. Lovely post! For me, some things that make me smile are:

    the (finally) cooler weather in our part of Texas, at least in the mornings and evenings; snuggling with the 9 yo and reading every night; the kids’ developing senses of humor which delight me; having plenty to say as I blog every day in November.

  4. things that make me smile?
    funny kittens, and gentle older cats
    boys that are excited to see me after school
    a teen that wants to be seen with me still
    singing “arse” ๐Ÿ˜€

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