Five Fun Facts For Friday February Fifth

writing mother blogger plan SAHM WAHM


How are you?

Missed you!

Love you lots!

What’s new?

I have been crazy-busy and I haven’t been managing it very well.

However, I am a smart person and one of my strengths is knowing my limits. That is a very good thing. In the spirit of self preservation I allowed myself to not post here. (I was still posting there, and everywhere else, mind you. What am I crazy?!? Of course I was still posting. You should just go ahead and follow me in all the places that way when stuff happens you will know where to find me. You never know when you might need a little dose of silly and I carry it with me wherever I go. Picture a little jar of glitter or cupcake sprinkles. Yeah. Like that! I am armed and ridiculous. So… find me. We have all the ways to connect. Connect, people!)

December was when my last post went live.

Suddenly that seems very, very, long ago.


In the grand scheme of things it’s not.


Here I am. Hi! waves

It’s Friday and I am happy and life is good. I have lots to be grateful for and I am really looking forward to the weekend!

This is my Birthday Week and since Monday was kind of a ridiculous day (notice a theme?) we are having a bit of a do-over before next week begins. The plan is to go out for burgers with the Things and then maybe catch a movie. (Ooh! That reminds me. I have to pick up movie admissions at Costco. That is quite the savings, isn’t it? I love Costco.) I know we’ll have fun! Who wouldn’t have fun with M&Ms in the giant bag of popcorn?

All this to say, all’s well. I’ll write more. I will.

I have plans.

So, without further ado, here are Five* Fun Facts For Friday February Fifth!

  1. Once again, for the third (?!?!) time since starting Tempered With Kindness, I have a new blog host. (This, in part, is why I have been reluctant to publish here.)
  2. It is Black History Month and there is a new Heritage Minute featuring none other than Nova Scotia’s own Viola Desmond. You learned all about her here, remember? Check out the new Heritage Minute here.
  3. I still do not have my 2016 Mom CPU! Oy. Not good. I cannot find one anywhere. Someone suggested ordering one online in January and that seemed silly because how long would it take to arrive, blah, blah, blah… it’s just a simple calendar… I’m sure I’ll be able to pick one up. How hard can it be to find a big magnetic Mother Word calendar for my fridge?! Well who’s the silly one now?! Derp. You all must have the exact calendar I want because there are exactly ZERO in my orbit. harumphs
  4. I have once again resurrected my CD collection and this time I am on a mission to keep them in my space. They need a proper storage solution, mind you, and I am accepting suggestions on this front. Do you have a CD collection? How do you keep them? Are they out of sight, out of mind or welcome in your world?
  5. I was featured in a BuzzFeedNews listicle (Great word, Joe!) and I almost died laughing about it. You can check it out here and in 14-16 months you are welcome to come shopping with me at Halifax’s new IKEA and we can BUY ALL THE FLEUFEGNUUGEN! Deal?

Thanks for reading and sharing and engaging. You are all my favourite!

Happy Friday!

Have you read any fun facts lately? Have any to share? Feel free to leave a fun fact in the comments. I will respond to every single one with another fun fact. We will all be so smart by the end of these shenanigans!

*Bonus fun fact: I love Frente! (The exclamation point is part of their name. What’s not to love?) Best Bizarre Love Triangle cover ever.

**Extra bonus fun fact: That first fact up there just will not format properly and I want to throw a tantrum. I am going to hit publish instead. Grr! shakes fist in technology’s general direction

About Peadyhttp://temperedwithkindness.comI’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

12 thoughts on “Five Fun Facts For Friday February Fifth

  1. 1. So much happens to you and I on Facebook and Twitter. People really need to follow us everywhere!

    2. Tell me more about movie admissions and Costco.

    3. You totally need a birthday re-do.

    4. Five Fun Facts for Friday February Fifth. Quite the tongue twister.

    5. Not sure what a “2016 Mom CPU” but now I’m worried that I need one.

    6. I tried to find the problem with your code (for #1) because things like that drive me crazy too (not on your blog but mine) but I couldn’t. Truth be told, I really wanted to just have five points like you but I always seem to tilt at windmills. Better luck next time.

    7. Welcome back even though I’m not sure that you really went anywhere.

    Besos Sarah.

    • First of all, it must be said, I love your epic comments! 😀

      1. We need a reality show Sarah!:)
      2. Costco carries discounted admissions to Cineplex theatres (and others) and even some restaurants. So instead of breaking the bank when a family of 4 wants to see a new 3D movie and have treats, you buy admissions before hand. A kids pass is about $10. That is for a movie and kids pack snack. It is a bit more for a 3D movie. Worth it!
      3. I know! And guess what. I didn’t get it. Thing 2 was under the weather on the weekend, so we just stayed home. Birthday month?
      4. Feels fabulously fantastic!
      5. 2016 Mom CPU = the BIG Ultimate Motherword calendar I usually have on my freezer door. Guess what I still do not have…
      6. I am practicing patience and I have put it out of my mind for now. You know there’s som logical explanation. Or, you know, none at all whatsoever.
      7. Thanks! I’ve been here the whole time. 😀


  2. 1. I can never think of anything fun or factual when asked. I always think of something several mintutes later and think “That would have been perfect. Why didn’t I say THAT?!”
    2. I can’t wait to buy all the FLUEFIGNUGGEN. CAN’T WAIT.

  3. The thought of ever having to switch hosts stresses me out 🙂 I hope that it has been an ok transition for you. (although, having a part of my blog post not format properly would stress me out even more 😉 I hope you figure that out!)

    Hmm…a fun fact of my own? Not sure how fun this is but it’s kind of an answer to one of yours above. I have a HUGE CD collection…that has been sitting in the basement in boxes for years. Sometimes when an old song pops into my head, I go down to look for a particular CD to hear that song. Although, the only CD player I own is in my car so that’s the only place I can listen to them. Remember when CD’s were so high tech?

    And I hope you had a lovely birthday week, you certainly deserve it 🙂

    • It *is* stressful! Thank goodness I made the decision to sleep with my IT department. 😉

      I have sort of put it out of my mind. Sort of. I’ll have the aforementioned IT Dept. take a look later. 😛

      Yay, CD sisters! *fist bump* 😀 I *love* my CDs. I miss albums. You know like listening from beginning to end? I put Simply Red’s greatest hits in the car and I have been so happy! 😀

      My Things have a Boom Box! We actually have two, but one is missing its cord. :

      I totally remember when CDs were high tech. And they took up a lot less space than LPs.. or even cassettes – oh, yeah. I went there. 😀

      Thank you! I think we are having a Birthday month because poor Thing 2 was under the weather on the weekend. Oh well!

  4. Funny how the time just sneaks up on us 🙂
    Happy Birthday week , I hope it stretches into a birthday month for you!

    • It’s been a weird month. Thank you for your birthday wishes. I still haven’t managed to get out for a meal, but that’s okay. My poor Thing 2 was sick last week and all my focus was there. Today is sunny. That’s a welcome change! 😉

      I have a week left to try and squeeze in some birthday month fun! How will I pull that off?!?

  5. When our IKEA went up in Winnipeg a few years ago I was bound and determined not to enter it (plus it’s close to my house so all we see is the big eyesore IKEA sign). But I did finally set foot in there about a year after the opening…and now, I am hooked. So I’m giving you fair warning lol I’m glad you came by my blog and I’m here now. I’ve subscribed so I can keep up with you. Hurray!

    • I get it! It’s enormous and if I had to stare at it I would be annoyed, too … for a minute … until I realized I would have all the FLEUFEGNUUGENs I could ever want at my fingertips. 😀

      Truly, though, I have several IKEA things that I have had for quite some time and use every single day. I should do a post about *that*!

      Thank you so much for swinging by, reading, and leaving a comment. That was so kind.

  6. My turn but I will struggle to find 5.
    1. I own Ikea tumblers I bought in Ottawa, the boys love them, not sure if they are BPA free but who cares, we had tupperware in the 80’s
    2. Birthdays are wonderful and should be monthlong, and this month had that extra day this year, so seems like a grand excuse to party.
    3. today is blah, yep it’s a fact. I am procrastinating.

    • Yay! Add two more! 😀

      1. I am going to blog about the things I have from IKEA – still – that have lasted and lasted and get used all the time!
      2. Still feeling a bit ripped off. Maybe 45 deserves a half birthday in August.
      3. Procrastinators will rule the world … someday. 😉

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