Saturdays Are Best: Podcast Edition

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Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones are you really into these days? What topics interest you?

Podcasts are wonderful. I love them. They are excellent for when I am working and need the exact right level of distraction. They’re great for listening to when your eyes just need a break from the work of the day. They can be used to motivate, encourage, and inspire. A good podcast will have you smiling, nodding in agreement, and occasionally talking back to the podcaster who – let’s be clear, here – can not hear you. The best ones will most definitely leave you thinking.

If you have been wanting to get into a good podcast and weren’t sure where to start or what the heck you should be listening to, fear not! I am here for you.

I have found myself listening to a lot of podcasts lately and I definitely lean towards the ones that are uplifting, cheerful, happy, or helpful. I also love to learn new things, so if there is an educational component, of course, I appreciate that, too.

I find podcasts that are about 30 minutes in length are just about perfect for me. I can almost always find 25-30 minutes (give or take) to listen. A half an hour is also a great length for people who listen on their commutes. Obviously lots of people have much longer commutes, but mine is super short and even if someone is taking transit from the burbs to downtown Halifax, for example, it isn’t too much longer than 30 or so minutes. Regardless, I enjoy a nice, crispy, short, podcast.

In fact, some of my very favourite episodes are super short bonus type episodes. Some little golden nuggets that simply must be shared by the podcaster. Despite the fact that I am loquacious by nature, I appreciate succinct things. It’s true. I do.

So if you are a podcaster or are thinking of starting a podcast, know that those little nuggets are a good idea. Definitely keep that up (or include it).

I prefer shorter podcasts, but don’t get me wrong, there are a few I enjoy that are far from short. I’m cool with people’s artistic choices. I might suggest, in the most respectful of ways, that it’s okay to spread some content out, though, to have parts or miniseries when your topic is just too darn amazing to contain to one episode.

I’m here for it. Really. I promise I will come back and listen to the second, third (and possibly, fourth, fifth, and sixth, parts.) (You know who you are.)

Without further ado, I give you a list (in no particular order) of some of my favourite podcasts to actually listen to from beginning to end on a regular basis.

Riding in Cars with Cats by OneRedCat Media

3 Books with Neil Pasricha

The Quote of the Day Show with Sean Croxton

Distraction with Dr. Ned Hallowell

WTF with Marc Maron

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Changing the Narrative

Under the Influence

I have listened to five of the podcasts listed above today (several episodes of each, actually) and will spend some time catching up on the longer ones on Sunday.

So, what do you think of my lineup? I’d love it if you took a bit of time to check these podcasts out and let me know what you think. Also, if you have the time, I’d love to hear what you are listening to these days. If you’d like to share your favourite podcasts in the comments that would be great. Go for it!

I hope you have had a spectacular Saturday. Here’s to a sunny Sunday!



Credit where credit is due: Photo by Yingchou Han on Unsplash

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11 thoughts on “Saturdays Are Best: Podcast Edition

  1. OBVI I too listen and love One Red Cat podcasts! But I also listen to a LOT of comedy podcasts. I’m guilty of just full on laughing to whatever I’ve been listening to while I’m out and about. (Usually I pretend my dog did something funny for cover…I’m smooth like that. Lol)

    • Of course. Mike just has a way with words. He’s direct without being bossy and when he is being bossy he still manages to – wait for it – temper it with kindness. He had an excellent super mini bonus episode this week and it was, as usual, spot on.

      I love the idea of listening to comedy podcasts. Feel free to pop back in and share a couple of favourites. The world needs more laughter. This week has been rough. My best laid pla has gone awry.

      (Also, your doggo is pretty funny. I bet you totally pull that off!) 😀

    • I love them, too. There are a lot of good ones. I love that I can find what I need most on any given day. I love both of the ones you mentioned. Terry O’Reilly has been here in Halifax a couple of times in the last few years and I never get to attend the events (other commitments/obligations), but I would love to see him and hear him live. I don’t know The Fridge Light, but I *love* Writers & Company. The CBC has so much excellent programming, really though, doesn’t it? I listen from the time I wake until bedtime some days.

      Thank you so much for popping in and leaving a comment. That means a lot.

    • What did you think?
      I really find it enjoyable to listen when I am puttering around, walking, or in the shower. It’s easy to listen then. 🙂

    • You know … I almost died when I read your comment. Feel free to add that to your resume. 😀 I actually went elsewhere to gush. My IRL friends heard all about it, believe me!

      Yours is officially the coolest comment in this space. Thank you. That was really kind.

      Honest to goodness! I cannot believe that you commented and that I am such a geek I am commenting back. Ha ha! Oh well, I gotta be me, right? I mean, seriously. No one else wants the job. 😉

      I sincerely love “3 Books”. Not 5 minutes ago I was recommending it (again) to another friend. Keep up the awesome work. (I don’t even care if that seems like a set-up. It wasn’t. It just fits!) Happy Monday!

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