Thankful Thursday {ONE HUNDRED Little Things I Am Grateful For Right This Minute Edition}

Gratitude It's the little things grateful thankful small stuffHello! I know. I know. (Honestly, I am not even sorry. I won’t apologize. I love you. You love me. We are good. I know this. We are not saying sorry for taking care of our own needs anymore. Nope. Cool? Cool.)

BUT! I said I would take action, you guys, and I totally did. (more on that later)

I am not here to talk about anything other than gratitude via a MONDO list of little things.

I think people get way too caught up in the BIG things. Life is made up of so many things. Big things, little things, annoying things, funny things, terrible things, disastrous things, joyful things. We would all be so much better off if we really appreciated more of the little things.

In space (the outer variety), you have to sweat the small stuff. (That is what Chris Hadfield says. HE would know!) I say, we need to start sweating more of the small stuff in our everyday lives. Except in this case “sweat” is less about worry and more about attention. Paying attention to the small things on the daily that make our lives better, more enjoyable, happier, fun!

Do you understand what I am (let’s face it) over-explaining to you? Cool.

No? Keep reading. It will become obvious soon enough.

Here, without further ado are ONE HUNDRED little things I am grateful for right this very minute. (Feel free to go grab a glass of water before you commit to reading the whole list. 😋 #mandatetohydrate)

  1. MY Things (Capital. Julian & Elise. My babies. These are little things that are big things now!)
  2. Tacos! (This needs no explanation, yes? If you need one, try this.)
  3. Avocados. Heavenly. (Bonus points if you find a perfect one!)
  4. Fixing broken stuff! (I had a broken kettle. I don’t anymore. Yay!)
  5. Podcasts! Holy happiness in audio form. (Need suggestions? Try these. I will add more later!)
  6. My good scissors. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Old Navy dresses. Seriously. Inexpensive and made for every body.
  8. Houseplants! (PURE JOY!)
  9. Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks. (If they bring Blackberry back you will hear my SQUEE!)
  10. Queer Eye! (Can you believe?? So good!)
  11. STRANGER THINGS! (Sorry sorry. Yelling. I know! BUT! OMG! Have you watched yet?!?)
  12. The Peadymobile. (Yes. I am so grateful for our 13 year old car.)
  13. Great Value Gluten Free Maple Leaf cookies. (I probably shouldn’t be privy to this info.)
  14. Luna the Wonder Kitty. (I mean. Can you say furry little miracle?)
  15. Flushing toilets. (Think about it.)
  16. My ability to fix a toilet. 🙂 (Oh, you knew there was more to that one! Ha!)
  17. Fans.
  18. Aging, but holding on for one more day, portable air conditioning units.
  19. Electricity!
  20. Nova Scotia Power. (Seriously. Six and a half hours without power during a heatwave is no fun!)
  21. Plantstagram! (There are so many kind & knowledgable houseplant *instapeeps.)
  22. Yellow. (the colour)
  23. Thing 2’s social media “influencer”/advertiser/inspirational character voice.
  24. Scotch Tape!
  25. Shoelaces.
  26. Bumblebees!
  27. Daisies!
  28. My favourite yellow bath sheet.
  29. A linen closet perfectly organized* and chock full of clean towels. (*Hah! This is clearly a fantasy.)
  30. Fun socks!
  31. People who wear fun socks.
  32. Grown up, adult-like people who wear fun socks to their very much professional jobs.
  33. This ARTBUCKS™️ Dad Cap from Art Pays Me.
  34. The stack of books to be read on my bedside table.
  35. JVN! (If you don’t know him, you should. He is a gift to this world.)
  36. My iThing.
  37. Cute mugs.
  38. Sassy mugs.
  39. Funny mugs.
  40. Inspirational mugs!
  41. Potting soil. (Made in Canada, no less.)
  42. The Avocado tree I grew from a pit! (Amazing!)
  43. Courage.
  44. Happiness.
  45. My *excellent* sense of humour.
  46. Tears.
  47. Safe spaces to let those tears flow.
  48. My cousin Julie’s last round of chemo!!! (Excellent. Still lots of healing to do.)
  49. Grit.
  50. Inside jokes.
  51. My siblings.
  52. People who send me photos of daisies, their daily cuppa, pretty food, and their water bottles.
  53. Being someone else’s soft place to land.
  54. Being trusted by people with their precious and private stories.
  55. My ability to listen when strangers just need to talk.
  56. Patience.
  57. My Badass button. (It’s a thing! Remind me to show you sometime.)
  58. Random self-planting Wave Petunias.
  59. Deer.
  60. Urban birds.
  61. The weird Chickadee who seems to have forgotten the rest of its song.
  62. Fiery sunsets. (Did you catch tonight’s, here, in Halifax? Gorgeous!)
  63. My Lemon Rosemary’s (that overwintered outside–not in any good way) comeback.
  64. The idea of being on a podcasts. (How will we narrow a topic down?!)
  65. The idea of being on a cooking show. (I am thinking about what I want to learn!)
  66. Remembering I need to book those things! (Whoopsiedoodle! Mom’s are tired, yo.)
  67. My friend Mary. 😊 (You can find her here.)
  68. Numbers like this -> 2:22, 11:11, 5:55, 4:44. (Do you see them, too?)
  69. Audiobooks. (Seriously. Why have I not been listening all along?)
  70. Library holds coming in.
  71. The snazzy new checkout machines at the library! So fast.
  72. Potential coffee dates.
  73. Planned coffee dates.
  74. Past coffee dates.
  75. My Hoya plant from Lori of Farm Fresh Style. (Now to learn how to make more!)
  76. How much summer is left of summer. (There is a LOT of summer left. Revel in it!)
  77. Meal plans.
  78. Simple suppers.
  79. Lunches that seems to appear as if by magic.
  80. Having good ingredients on hand at all times. (The power outage served as a reminder!)
  81. Things who seem to get that stuff does not equal love or happiness.
  82. Things who appreciate the stuff the do have.
  83. Guitar lessons.
  84. Instruments that live out in the open. (Are you a guitar keeper or a guitar player?)
  85. Violin practice in the middle of July.
  86. Memories of my Grandmother (Mama) calling my Grandfather (Papa) “Abie”.
  87. Boiling water in a pot on the stove for tea when my survival skills kicked in this week. (Ha!)
  88. Thing 2 finding and reading old school work. (Like stories from Grade 2.)
  89. My prowess at reading developmental writing. 🙂
  90. Thing 1 playing his electric guitar for us during the blackout. (with zero irony)
  91. My ability to follow through when it comes right down to it.
  92. Donating clothes that no longer fit! (Me, to be clear.)
  93. Ice cream.
  94. Chip Wagon Chips from Glace Bay!
  95. Cape Breton, generally speaking.
  96. My sincere joy at hearing dear friends’ great news.
  97. Empathy aplenty when the news is not great.
  98. Beach days!
  99. New bathing suits. (Plural!)
  100. You for reading this entire list. (Seriously. Thank you.)


I did it!



*Plantstagram accounts I love will be shared in a future post.